Chapter 3

xXx Goths xXx

It wasn't long before the Goths caught up to the Vamp-fags, and surpassed them. They had a specific plan to get back the most talkative member of their group.

"Turn the car to block the road, right before that hill."

"They'll fucking hit us!"

"Trust me, I know what to do." Evan quickly jumped out the second the car was parked, and Henri dragged Georgie to the side.

xXx Vamps xXx

Ryan turned his entire body, to face the back window. "No sign of them any where. Maybe they gave up."

With his face buried in his hands, Vampir mumbled, "I doubt it."

"The others will meet us on the next exit. You can transfer, with Dylan, to Midnight's car and keep heading towards Scottsdale. Ryan and I will head back, to distract any visitors."

"Ok," Their leader sighed. It was all he could manage at the moment. The boy in the trunk of the car had stopped kicking around over an hour ago. What if he had suffered brain damage or worse? He couldn't handle the pressure. "Spike, will you pull the seat forward and see if he's alright in- ."


They had just gotten to the top of a large hill when a car ahead of them came into view. There stood the tall Goth, his trench coat flying dramatically behind him, with his arm raised in front of him.

Blood swerved the car to the side, trying to avoid hitting the teen. Spike was sent flying into one of doors with a loud crack and Mike was pressed against his own. The car had nearly tipped when it finally managed to come to a complete stop. They were only a few yards away from the standing Goth. He started towards them, taking long strides to cross the few yards.

Mike saw him and only just managed to lock the doors, though his shaky hands made it difficult.

"Get us the fuck out of here!" Ryan practically squeaked as Evan began pulling on the handles and slamming his fist against the windows.

xXx Goths xXx

Evan tried smashing in their windows, and was just about to head to the trunk (noticing a lack of Dylan in the cabin), when they pulled away.

He cussed loudly before running back to the car.

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