Bonus Chapter- AfterMath

A red haired girl was sitting in a table. She was Eating with her friends. Takato And Henry. Takato had a real disaster 5 years ago. But now he was back and fine! A 23 year old red-head girl Brought a tray of food out for sat down and As usual, Takato was the first one to eat. Be fore The girl could eat, 2 noises were heard.

" Mommy!!!! He Took my Teddy!!!"

" NO!! sHE IS Lying!!!! "

2 children came running in. Both of them had Dark blue hair and Blue eyes.

" Kids, Come on get along" The red head said as she patted their heads. THen her eyes drifted of to a photo in the middle of the table. She looked at it dreamily. In the picture was a red head with a spiky ponytail, She was in an embrace with a tall guy. He had warm red eyes and long dark blue hair. Both of them looked so happy. That red head girl was actually her. Rika.

She was known as Rika Nonaka Then. But now her name was Rika Sakuragi. She was a happy 23 year old mother. 4 years ago, She and her lover had the night of their lives.

********* Flash back***********

The 2 lovers Snuggled with each other under the blankets.

They looked at each other with love in their eyes

" I love you Kyo..."

" I also Love you Ruki... And I will never stop.."


She smiled as her memory went farther back. 5 Years ago, when The evil demon, Kyo, returned as a Caring, loving guy. She really missed him.

Then her memory went even farther, 8 years ago. When the dreaded massacre happened, and she was the only survivor who wasn't revived. She still was in love with the cold-hearted killer, But her feelings were hidden with the anger of her friends being slauthered.

And now He was gone. But Now she has 2 replicas!! Her 2 kids, Her older son, Ryuu Sakuragi , Exactly like his father. And her younger daughter , Saori Sakuragi , Also Like her father, but she cried a lot. Mainly because She was the younger of the twins. She and Ryuu were twins. Both of them were 4 years old. She really missed her husband. She walked over to her treasure box. Under some jewellery, she brought out a black feather. She looked at it with tears in her eyes. She put it back in and went back to the table. The food was already finished. She showed her death glare at Takato.

" Goggle-head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Takato's face was as pale as paper. " ... YOu are just as scary as Kyo"

Rika's face expression changed.

"oh.. I- I am sorry Rika..."

Henry cut in the conversation. " You still miss him."

Rika noded. " I know he is still looking after me. Protecting me as he promised."

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