Title: To be with the one he loves.

Summary: Hp/Ss, including RW/HG, Albus Dumbledore, the marauders', Lily Evans and the ever popular Lucius Malfoy. Includes M/M relationships. All of consenting age.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, Hogwarts or the wonderful world created by the stupendous J.K. Rowling. She owns all. I simply own the idea.


Harry stared down at his lovers body, lain out grandly in the Great Hall with so many others who died during the battle of Hogwarts. He'd seen and mourned all those who'd died fighting against Voldemort, and for him, but seeing Severus Snape lain out with no other mourners besides him made Harry want to curl up and die.

He dropped to his knees and grabbed a handful of Severus's bloodied robes, "You promised! You promised you wouldn't leave me! Damn you! Damn you for leaving me…" Harry knew he was yelling. He knew he was drawing attention to himself but he couldn't care. He could only care that the only person who'd ever loved him for who he really was, was gone.

"Sevvy…You promised me you would always be here with me." He sobbed quietly, his head falling to lie on Severus's still body. He wanted to clutch at it, and to beat at it at the same time, to force some reaction out of Severus. It was usually so easy, to get Severus's black eyes focused on him in either impatience or amusement and in his favorite, when lust filled the deep black eyes.

He lifted his head and stared at those dark eyes, still open but glazed over in death. "Please, I love you…" another sob ripped out of Harry and he felt an intense pain, worse than when Sirius died, worse than Dumbledore's death and somehow worse than when most of the Weasleys had died.

A hand lightly landing on his back made Harry jump and stare around wildly, his eyes blurry with the tears that had yet to fall. Hermione stared down at him, her eyes filled with tears and her lips trembling. "Harry…I'm so sorry." Her eyes flicked to her former potions professor and as of late her newer friend, her favorite debate partner.

"He promised Hermione…He never breaks promises." Harry stuttered still clutching at Sev's robes.

"He loved you Harry, he wanted to stay with you…But Voldemort was gonna kill you, he wanted to save you." Ron's said from behind them. Harry swiveled his head and stared desperately at Ron who went to stand next to Hermione.

"What do you mean?" He asked his voice thick with wetness.

"I was with him…He performed occulemency on a death eater and saw that Voldemort was planning on tricking you and uh he was going to kill you. Severus decided to confront him and destroy him, so he couldn't hurt you. I couldn't stop him…I'm so sorry mate." Ron choked out and stared sadly down at Severus.

Harry felt a deep sadness fill him and his eyes flickered back to Severus's face, "Prat…You would go and try to save me wouldn't you? Look what you did, got yourself killed…" he sobbed and dropped his head back down on Sev's chest, feeling the cold wet blood on his face.

He heard a sob and turned his head to look back up at his best friends. Hermione was buried deep inside Ron's shoulder. He felt a deep spike of anger and jealousy at the fact that they could comfort each other, that they could hold each other in such a loving way. Because he couldn't, he couldn't reach for Severus, bury his face in his wide chest and sob at the loss of all their friends and supporters.

Sev would have rubbed his hair; whispered soft, supportive words into his ear, and shielded him from anyone who would be eagerly trying to get at the 'savior'. With another sob, Harry realized he would never feel the comfort that Severus gave him so easily.

"I can't live without you Severus…I won't." Harry said quietly, not thinking his friends could hear him over the sounds of mourning that filled the Great Hall. But he didn't notice his friends startled glances at one another, their shock and fear for his well being.

He leaned up and slowly closed Sev's eyes, knowing it would be his last time staring into those dark, loving eyes. He pressed a kiss to Sev's cold, unmoving, unfeeling lips and stood. "What…What are they going to do with him?"

"Probably bury him with the rest of the people who died during the battle." Hermione sobbed out.

"No. I want him buried in spinsters end, in the cemetery by our house. It was where he lived, where we lived. He would have wanted to be there." Harry felt another pang of pain at the thought of returning to his and Severus's house so filled with happy and love filled memories.

"Will you be returning there?" Ron asked stepping forward, raising a hand at the healer walking toward them.

"No…I think I'll go stay at Grimmauld place."

"Why don't you stay with us at The Burrow?" Hermione asked.

Another place filled with too many happy memories, and that brought a dull sad ache to his chest. "No…I need to be alone…"

Panic filled Hermione's eyes, "Are…Are you sure Harry? We have plenty of room."

"I'm sure. I just need to be alone. I need to…mourn." His voice broke at the word and he looked away, only for his gaze to land back on Severus.

He swallowed uncomfortably and spun around. He stared at Sev's feet and whispered, "I love you…" before hurrying away.

Ron and Hermione watched him rush up away before conjuring a white sheet and laying it gently over Severus's body. Hermione watched him, her face wet with tears, "What're we going to do Ron?"

"What can we do Hermione? His lover just died…It's not like we could bring him back."

"No…we couldn't. " But Hermione had a deep contemplative look on her face, her eyes still tearful.

Ron knew that look well and wondered what his girlfriend could be thinking. He just pushed it aside and worried about his best friend. He hoped harry wasn't going to do anything while he was too desperate.


It wasn't more than a week later when Ron sat straight up in bed and stared down at Hermione in shock, "You cannot be serious Hermione!?"

Hermione sat up too, her curly hair a mess, and her sheer nighty sliding down a few tantalizing inches. "What's so wrong with my plan Ronald? You saw him today! Harry isn't getting any better! He's getting worse! We have to do something soon, or he'll make good on what he said. He'll go and off himself so that he can be with Severus!"

"But what if he's angry or upset…Or never forgives us?" Ron asked his voice lowering and hurrying up.

"What does he honestly have to lose Ron? He's got nothing but us…and we're with him every step of the way!"

Ron stared at her, trying to find something else that he could argue with her about her plan and failed. He grumbled and threw himself back on the bed, "I don't think…it's a good idea. But I love you and you always seem to be right, so fine. I'll go along with your plan."

Hermione smiled and snuggled up to him, her nighty sliding down a bit more, just revealing the edges of her breasts, instantly drawing Ron's attention. "Thank you love."

Ron rolled on top of her and growled impatiently, "You just remember that I said it was a bad idea, if it blows up!"

Hermione rolled her eyes, but a smile pulled at the edge of her lips and her hands ran down his back, pulling up his shirt, "It won't blow up. You just watch. It'll be perfect. We should do it day after tomorrow."

With a growl Ron stilled, "What!?"

After a moment of confusion, Hermione laughed, "No, we should do it tonight. I'm talking about my plan. We should do that day after tomorrow. Do me now."

"Mm, thank you."


Harry stared at his friends wondering why they looked so nervous. He had just barely gotten used to the worried looks they'd been giving him over the past week; at least he could understand those. They probably thought he was going to go and off himself, (not that he hadn't thought about It.), but these looks slightly scared him. He wondered if they were scared for his sanity or something like that.

He took a drink of the tea Hermione had set in front of him, "Mm thanks Hermione. Peppermint's my favorite. Sev used to make it for me…" He felt his body quivered and drained the tea, enjoying the burn as the scalding tea flooded his throat.

A look flashed between Ron and Hermione and Harry barely caught it. "Wh-what's going on?"

Hermione immediately looked guilty, "Hm? Nothing. Nothing's going on Harry!"

She put on such a fake smile, that even Ron snorted at how easy it was to see through it. Harry raised his eyebrow, feeling slightly tired. "You're planning something. Tell me, Hermione, Ron?" he appealed his other best friend.

Ron looked away, "Harry mate…" he stood slowly, and "You know…I think I have to visit the loo. Be right back!" He stumbled away, offering an apologetic look to Hermione's desperate glare.

Harry stood to stop him and stumbled, woozily. He put a hand on the side of his head and groaned, "Wh-What's wrong…" He opened his eyes and they immediately landed on the now empty cup of tea, then up to Hermione and a now frozen Ron, "My tea…What did you put in my tea?" His voice now sounded panicked and slightly disbelieving. But his eyes rolled back when he finished his sentence and he felt himself falling back wards onto the couch, "Fuck…"

Ron shook his head anxiously as he stared at Harry sprawled out on the couch, "He's going to kill us!"

"Shoosh Ronald! He's not going to kill us! You hurry and go pack his things. He only had a bag that he brought over, bring it all. Bring anything and everything." She was pulling out the largest time turner Ron had ever seen and placing it gingerly on the table in front of her. He watched in frozen fascination before Hermione looked up and caught him. "Ron! Go! We don't know how long that potion will work."

He jumped and hurried out of the room. Hermione went over to the fireplace and picked up the photo album Hagrid had started for Harry and that he had continued. She flipped through it, smiling at the pictures of harry as a baby, his parents, rare pictures of the three of them together and lastly one of the two picture Severus had allowed Harry to take of him. In the first Harry was making silly faces at the camera, while Severus stared down at him in sardonic amusement that he was clearly trying to hide.

In the second picture, Harry had surprised Severus by kissing him and holding him with one arm, the other holding the camera up. Harry's mouth was moving excitedly across Sev's, while Severus eyes were opened filled with shock and amusement, his mouth moving slowly across Harry's. Harry always pulled back and smiled at Sev, while Sev reluctantly smirked down at him, his eyes clearly twinkling.

Hermione sighed sadly down at the picture and ran her finger across the picture causing the picture Severus to stare up at her, "He misses you so much…" she whispered quietly.

She jumped when Ron hurried back into the room, carrying Harry's full bag, "got it!" He smiled and held it up.

"Oh good." She said curtly, snapping the photo album shut. She reached into her cloak pocket and pulled out her shrunken bag, filled with their belongings. Ron handed her Harry's bag and she pushed it into her jeweled bag, she also shoved in the photo album.

Once she was sure everything was in her bag, Hermione looked up, "Got everything?"

"Yes. You?" Ron asked pulling Harry into an awkward sitting position. He pushed Harry's black hair back from his face in such a tender way that Hermione smiled and motioned for him to come over to him.

He walked slowly over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, "Ron tell me now if you don't want to do this…I would understand. Your home is here."

"No love, my home is with you. I have nothing but you…" Ron said softly, his face flashing over with pain for a short moment at the loss of his family.

Hermione sighed sadly, "Ron I love you so much." She leaned in and kissed him softly, her lips gentle.

"I love you too love. Let's take care of Harry now, okay." Ron smiled and pulled her to the couch.

She smiled back and wrapped the very long golden chain attached to the time turner around her and Ron's neck, she handed it too Ron's that he could pull it over Harry's neck too. She made sure it was completely over his neck before pulling looking back at the time table. She took a deep breath and put her hands on the time turner, "Ready Ron? No going back now…"

"Yeah let's do it." He took a deep breath and smiled nervously at Hermione.

"Alright…" She lifted the heavy vial and she tapped it with her wand and turned it quickly, three times.


Harry blinked rapidly, feeling fazed and glared when he realized he was on the floor, "Hermione? Ron? I'm going to kill you."

He heard two nervous chuckles and sat up. Seeking the big brown eyes, and light blue eyes of his best friends he growled, "What the bloody hell did you do to me?"

Hermione let out a nervous chuckle again and Ron just bit his lip, looking pale. Harry heard an unidentified snicker that sounded very familiar and looked around his surroundings for the first time. He gasped when he recognized the room he was in. Small silver and gold trinkets, that he definitely remembered smashing in his fifth year, lay ticking and chiming on wooden tables. He looked around and saw a big, broad wooden desk and peeked up over it.

He gasped again when his eyes landed on startling blue eyes. Harry stood shakily and stared at the shocking white hair, long white beard and old wise face of Albus Dumbledore. "You're dead!" He said loudly and clearly shocked.

Albus to his credit, just chuckled and waved airily like what Harry said was no big deal, "Ah yes, I've seen that," he motioned to the deep pensieve sitting on the desk in front of him, silver liquid shining inside it, "what a pity. I'd always hoped my death would be much grander. Mm ah well…What can you do?" His eyes twinkled over his half moon glasses, "Sorry, where ever are my manners, please have a seat!"

He waved his wand and two poufy chairs appeared next to the chair that was already sitting across from Albus. Hermione nudged the still shocked Harry into the seat closest into him before her and Ron sat down too.

"What the…bloody hell is going on?" Harry whispered, still itching to reach across the desk and touch Albus to make sure he was real.

Albus's eyes twinkled and he reached across the table, his palm outstretched, "I'm afraid we haven't been properly introduced…Well here anyways." Harry pondered that statement for a long moment before taking Albus's hands and shaking it, "nice to meet you, I'm Albus Dumbledore."

Harry felt very odd introducing himself to a man he'd known most of his life, but he stuttered out, "er yes, Harry potter."

"Now that, that's done, I believe your darling friends have a very entertaining explanation for you. I'm sure you're quite eager for it." Albus settled back into his chair, his hand stroking his very long beard.

"Yes. Quite eager." Harry muttered, his eyes narrowing on his friends, who were squirming in their seats again.

Ron rubbed the back of his head, "Er…Harry. Well…Hermione kind of thought…Er we thought. "Ron changed his statement quickly after Hermione glared at him. "Let's see, how to say this. Hermione? Why don't you explain this?"

This earned him another glare from Hermione but she quickly turned it into a smile at Harry, "Look Harry, we know you can't live without Severus." She winced at the pained look that filled Harry's face and she continued quickly, "You know it's true Harry. And so we decided that we would bring you back to him. Give you and him another chance."

"What? What do you mean Hermione, give us another chance?" Harry asked his heart thumping wildly.

"Well um…We sort of took you…backintime! Ha-ha." She said so quickly that Harry couldn't really understand her.

"Come again?"

"We took you back in time." She said slower, her hand tight on the arm of her chair.

Harry stared at her closely, then at Ron, and then at Albus who's eyes were still twinkling over his clasped hands. "You took me back in time?" When she and Ron nodded, he paled, "How far back in time exactly?"

"Well, right now it's um…1979."

Harry closed his eyes, feeling slightly faint. "1979? Voldemorts still alive then? What have you done?" He whispered harshly, feeling like his stomach was dropping away from him.

"I believe that someone else as equally important as Tom Riddle is alive, Mr. Potter." Albus said quietly, his lips twitching.

With a jolt Harry looked up, his heart beating rapidly again. Dark, piercing eyes flashed in front of his eyes and he shivered with realization, "Severus…"

"Indeed. Mr. Snape is returning tomorrow for his seventh year. Alive and well."

Harry swallowed deeply, his palms sweating. He itched to get up and go find his much younger lover. Albus seemed to sense this and held up his hand, motioning for Harry to wait. "However, it would probably frighten him too have an unknown young man approach him and pronounce to him that you are his lover from the future." He let out a low chuckle.

"From what I've seen from Mr. Weasley and Ms. Grangers memories, you all should be in your seventh year in your time correct?" When the trio nodded together he continued, "Well then I think it only fair that you should return to finish your year. Would that interest you?"

"Finish our seventh year?" Ron said that the same time that Hermione enthusiastically said, "Do our newts?"

Albus chuckled, "Yes."

Ron and Hermione looked at Harry, who was still staring at Dumbledore eagerly, "We'd love too!"

"Excellent! Now I know that all of you were sorted in your own time, but I think it only fair that we give our dear sorting hat his turn to sort you, if you don't mind?" Dumbledore stood and gently lifted the still ratty wizarding hat off the shelf above the portraits of wide awake ex-Headmasters and Headmistress's.

The trio shrugged and let Dumbledore place the sorting hat on their heads individually. Ron and Hermione's took no time in calling out, "Gryffindor!" But when Dumbledore dropped it onto Harry's head the ancient sounding voice said in his mind, "Ah Harry Potter, a time traveler! That is interesting. Let's see, let's see. You're a brave, yet damaged. Determined to prove yourself, to the world and to your lover. You would do well in Slytherin, but better in Gryffindor. Have any qualms going back into the Gryffindor house?"

Harry snorted at the hat's overly wise voice, and thought, "No problem at all."

"Excellent, I'd probably still stick you into Gryffindor, even if you did have a problem with it. So Gryffindor!" the hat shouted out the last word and Dumbledore pulled off the hat, his eyes as always sparkling.

"Excellent. Now there is only one more matter that we must discuss before I release the three of you too the Gryffindor towers." Albus put the sorting hat back onto the shelf and sat back in his chair. "It might be a little suspicious to some of students that you have the same last names as them, Mr. Weasley, and Mr. Potter." Harry and Ron blinked in shock as they realized their parents were at Hogwarts.

"So if you don't mind, we must change your last names." Harry and Ron shook their heads dazedly and Dumbledore clapped his hands excellent. Then you shall be Mr. Wiley and you Mr. Potter shall be Mr. Pierson."

"Your parents Mr. Wiley have already graduated but there are a fair few that still know and associate with Molly and Arthur." Ron frowned in disappointment and squeezed Hermione's hand lightly when she looked at him sympathetically.

"And your parents Mr. Pierson are going to be returning for their seventh year, as well. They will be in your dormitory. So be prepared." Albus said carefully. "I don't think it's wise for you to tell them who you are. And that's why I must insist that we change your appearance just a bit. You look remarkably like James but you have…"

"My mother's eyes." Harry said with an exasperated sigh.

Dumbledore laughed once, "You probably heard that millions of times." Harry nodded, "Anyways, any qualms with changing your looks?"

"No not at all." Harry shrugged.

"Excellent." Dumbledore stood and walked over to stand in front of Harry. He pointed his wand at Harry, who felt his face tingle for a long moment.

Suddenly his eyes were fuzzy and he narrowed his eyes to see through his glasses. "Oh you can take those off." Dumbledore advised, rocking back and forth on his heels, conjuring a mirror.

Harry pulled off his glasses and smiled in amazement at the fact that he could see without them. He took the mirror from Dumbledore and stared at his changed face. His black hair was longer, curlier, but still as stubbornly as messy. His trademark green eyes were a darker green, his face not completely different but his cheeks had a sharper edge to them and his lips slightly fuller, his nose straighter and not with the crooked edge from it being broken.

He looked up and looked at Hermione and Ron questioningly; Ron shrugged and nodded, while Hermione grinned, "Oh Harry you look so dashing!"

"Thanks Hermione." Harry chuckled and handed the mirror back to Dumbledore.

"Now we need a back story for you three. How about three exchange students from America? We haven't had many Americans visit Hogwarts in a long while." Dumbledore sounded positively excited.

"But sir, we don't sound like Americans." Hermione choked out, sounding slightly desperate.

"Ah but that's no problem." Dumbledore shrugged, pointing his wand at the three of them.

Harry felt his throat squeeze for a moment and grimaced at the motion, noticing Ron and Hermione do the same. Dumbledore rocked faster on his heels and clapped, "Well go on, say something!"

"I'm Ronald Wiley." Ron said, gasping as he spoke. He sounded very decidedly American.

"Oh Ron that's so charming!" Hermione giggled, her voice also using a different accent.

Harry rolled his eyes and chuckled, "Well okay, this is will take getting used to." He noticed that his voice was less smooth and much huskier.

"Perfect." Dumbledore clapped. "Now tomorrow night at the sorting feast I will introduce the three of you as American exchange students, you will rejoin you're the Gryffindor houses and will receive your schedules the next day. Any problems with that?" When they all shook their heads, he nodded noting Harry's eager look, "Mr. Pierson, I know that Severus Snape was your lover in your time, but in 1979 he's just a 17 year old boy, who's not quite as…mature or open to others as he may have been in your time. He's not the man you knew, he'd probably curse you if you tried to flirt with him."

"I know…Isn't he great?" Harry said in his new husky voice, a big grin on his lips.

Dumbledore laughed and shook his head, "If anyone is capable of winning over Mr. Snape, I believe that you have a great chance Mr. Pierson. Now I don't believe that I have to show you the way to the Gryffindor common room?"

The three shook their heads and stood. "I'll see you tomorrow then! This shall be such an adventure! I'm just so excited!" Dumbledore's eyes twinkled as he opened door and they all walked out, chuckles all pouring out of them at his quirky personality. It was something they'd all missed.

As they walked together admiring the wonderful school that they called home for so many years, they were peacefully silent. Harry soaked in the familiar smell and sights of the only other place he'd seen as his home besides his and Severus's house and felt calm for the first time in a long time. He was home, and he was going to see his beautiful Severus again. He was practically dizzy with the thought of seeing at Severus again.

But when they got to the Fat Lady's portrait Harry listened to Hermione say the password and climb into the common room before saying seriously, "Don't think that I've forgotten that you drugged me, knocked me out, and transported me unconscious to 1979!"

Ron and Hermione winced and turned together to stare guiltily at Harry. Ron rubbed the back of his head, "Sorry mate. We just um… thought that it would help, that you would be happy to be back with him."

"I am. But I'm still upset that you didn't think to consult me about kidnapping me and dragging me back to 1979." He raised an eyebrow at them expectantly.

The both ducked their heads and whispered, "Sorry…"

His lips twitched and he nodded, "Okay, thank you for apologizing." He hugged them both quickly before hurrying up to the seventh year dormitories. He saw two new beds added to the room and climbed on the one closest to the window.

He stared outside happily and listened to Ron climb the steps slowly. He opened the door and entered the room, caring what Harry recognized as his large black bag. The one he'd packed everything he'd wanted from his and Severus's house. Ron walked over and placed it on the end of his bed, "here you go mate, I grabbed this, thought you'd want it. All your money is in their too. Hermione kind of cleaned out you're vault at Gringotts for you." He shrugged apologetically again, before dropping onto the bed next to Harry's.

Harry smiled, and opened the bag almost immediately assaulted by the smell of Severus that wafted out of the bag. He pulled out the source of the smell, Severus's thin, black, amazingly soft cloak. His favorite, he had worn it for as long as Harry had remembered, it was even charred and the sleeves stained from his potion making.

At first Harry hated the cloak, it was all that Severus had seemed to wear, but the first time Severus had let Harry wear it, Harry had fallen in love with it. It was soft, warm and smelled just like his lover. He had started wearing it constantly, with Severus finally and grudgingly giving it to Harry. With an amused kiss and expressed wishes that Harry somehow find a way to pay him back.

Harry ran his hand across the cloak in a loving way and laid it across his pillow, putting an anti aging spell on it, to keep the smell from fading. He looked through the rest of the bag and smiled as all his most treasured items were in there, including a feather weight bag that clinked as he picked it up, telling him that it was the bag that contained his money.

"So how weird do you think it's going to be that we'll be going to school with your dad, Remus, and Sirius?" Ron asked sounding perplexed and excited.

"Don't forget Peter." Harry muttered darkly, exchanging a dark look with Ron.

"We could always beat him bloody." Ron winked, making Harry chuckle loudly.

"It'll be odd though, seeing everyone. You know…our age, Sirius, Remus, my dad, my mum and Severus!" Harry blinked realizing that Sev wouldn't be the same man he'd known. He'd be a seventeen year old, young man, in his mind and body.

"Yeah it will be really weird…" Ron shook his head and lay back on the bed. "Hermione's very excited that she gets to take her newts. You should see her! She's practically bouncing with excitement!" Ron chuckled in amusement and rolled his eyes.

"That's our Hermione." Harry laughed lying back on the bed too. "I'm going to order our school things tomorrow. I'll just get everything since we don't know what our classes will be."

"Harry you can't pay for all our school things!" Ron sat up looking horrified.

"And you can't kidnap your best friend and drag him back in time…But you did that didn't you!?" Harry smirked when Ron flushed and shut his mouth quickly. "Exactly. So I don't think we should bring up what we can or can't do. "

"Oh alright…" Ron grumbled flopping back onto his bed.

"Alright then. G'night Ron."

"Night Harry."

Harry closed his eyes and fell back into his familiar dreams, featuring dark, laughing eyes, tall, graceful bodies and a deep, trembles inducing voice whispering, "Harry…I love you. I'll always be with you. I love you…" Thin, soft lips gliding across his skin, up his side, across his chest, littering up his neck and landing on his mouth in its firm and dominating way. The way he always had kissed Harry, like he was branding the inside of Harry's mouth, claiming him as his own, showing Harry that he would never need anyone but him.

Burying himself into his cloak covered pillow, Harry whimpered and breathed in the warm, musky scent of Severus. Slow, silent tears covered his sleeping face and he whimpered out Severus's name, reaching across the bed for the warm body that wasn't there.