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Re:Back to the Basics

Roxas…Roxas…Roxas!" The blond shot up out of his bed, nearly knocking his head against his brother's in the process. The brunette jumped back, sighing and then handing his brother some clothes. "C'mon Roxas, we're gonna miss the bus." Sora watched him get fully out of bed before he left the room, off to make sure he had everything.

Roxas sighed, holding his clothes in his hand and glanced at the calendar above their shared desk. It was the first day of the new school year. He and his brother were both going to be in their Junior year at high school, even though he himself was supposed to already be a Senior. The blond sighed and pulled on his dark skinny jeans and a plain black T, then pulled on some Converse shoes and headed out to the kitchen.

"Good morning Oathkeeper~" Sora crooned the little white cat, setting a bowl of food down in front of it. Roxas rolled his eyes and saw Oblivion, his own black cat, practically glaring at the white ball of fluff. He went to the fridge and pulled out a sea-salt ice cream, tossing the wrapper into the trash bin and sticking the cold treat in his mouth before grabbing his bag and heading out the front door.

Sora watched his brother leave and pulled out his cell phone when he heard it beep. He flipped it open and saw a text from Riku, wishing him luck on his first day and telling him he'll see him there. The brunette smiled and tucked away his phone, grabbing his own bag and heading out behind his brother.

Both boys stepped off the ugly yellow bus at the front of the school; Sora looking excited about the new year while Roxas willed nobody to touch him as he made the dreaded walk to the front doors. Students were everywhere - shouting, chatting, skating, and it was beginning to already annoy him.

"Sora!" Sora looked up and grinned as he saw Riku running towards him, stopping to give him a quick hug and then wrap a possessive arm around his waist, smiling at Roxas. "Your twin's as excited about school as ever, I see." The silver-haired teen joked. Sora laughed and waved goodbye to his brother as the couple walked off to the school's entrance.

Roxas looked around for his own boyfriend, spotting him talking to Demyx and Zexion under a large tree. They were all wearing their trademark long black hooded coats, Roxas having left his own at home. He walked over, keeping an eye on his lover's red hair to navigate his way safely through the sea of teens.

"Roxas! We were waiting for you!" Demyx shouted, pulling the shorter blond into a hug and letting go as he got a disapproving look from his lover. Axel turned to look at him, his eyes moving up and down his body, then smirking.

"Left the coat at home, huh? Good idea, wouldn't want the school's security to recognize ya." Axel chuckled and ruffled his hair.

"And you want to be recognized for what you did last year?" The blond asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Hey, that guy deserved it. He called you a fag, I couldn't let him get away with it. Besides - I like to be recognized." Axel nodded his head at a group of passing girls, two of them giggling while the third glared. Roxas sighed and looked around, the crowd of students beginning to diminish.

"Whatever, let's go. I don't want to be late on the first day." The four walked to the front of the school, joining together with the other members of their group and entering the school at once. Axel grinned as most of the students stared in awe, some cowering away, others muttering rumors about them under their breath. Larxene held her cell in front of herself, texting away without a care in the world, while Marluxia waved airily at every love-struck girl he saw. Roxas hung his head low, hoping no one would point him out, and sighing in relief as he made it to his first class unharmed.

Roxas glanced over at Axel as the bell rang for lunch, watching him as he took his feet off his desk and locked eyes with him from across the room, waiting for everyone to leave. The blond put his books back into his bag, zipping it shut and standing up from his chair once everyone had left. The teacher was gone too, having noticed the two boys eyeing each other, and decided not to get involved in a fight between such renowned students.

Axel stood up quickly, his chair flying backwards and hitting the wall, his coat swaying behind him as he strode over to Roxas. The blond dropped his bag where he was standing and walked the few feet over to the classroom door, locking it and turning off the lights. Axel walked by, gently touching Roxas' side with a finger, breathing in the scent of the teen before walking to the other side of the room and pulling the blinds over the windows.

The room was dark, only small slivers of light from the windows' edges giving the teens just enough to see. Roxas walked slowly towards his lover, stopping when he could hear the pyro's breathing close above him, reaching a hand up to tangle in his red spikes. Axel moved his own hands to the blonds' waist, pulling him closer and hovering his lips above the younger teen's for a moment, before crashing them together fiercely. The blond whined and moaned into the kiss, missing the taste of his lover.

The red-head roughly pushed Roxas backwards onto his desk, lifting him up and setting him on it so his back wouldn't be hurt. He slid his tongue over the teen's lips and dove into his hot mouth when he was granted access. Axel began undoing his lover's pants and felt Roxas do the same for him, glad he didn't wear underwear that day and groaning as his already hard cock was granted freedom. Roxas broke the kiss to shove his own pants to around his ankles, Axel grabbing him and flipping him over onto his stomach, his ass in the air for all the world to see.

Axel stuck two fingers in his own mouth and coated them with saliva, immediately thrusting them into his blonds' tight entrance, scissoring him quickly. Roxas buried his face in his folded arms, trying to suppress his moans as Axel prodded his prostate with his fingers. The pyro grinned, applying pressure to the bundle of nerves again, groaning at the wanton sounds coming from the blond bent over in front of him.

Roxas felt the fingers leave his entrance, then gasped as they were replaced by something much bigger. He reached out with his hands and clenched the edge of the desk tightly, his knuckles going white as he held back a moan when Axel pushed into him. The red-head sheathed himself fully inside Roxas, his hands on the teen's hips as he pulled out slowly and slammed back in, smirking as his lover let out a pleasured yelp as he tried to hold in his moans.

"C'mon Roxas, moan for me." Axel whispered huskily into his ear, nibbling the lobe gently. Roxas panted and shook his head.

"N-No…some one'll he-hear us-ah!" The blond gasped loudly as the smirking pyro pulled out and slammed back in again, nailing his prostate.

"You didn't seem to mind last year when we fucked in the auditorium." Axel thrust into the blond again, eliciting another gasp from the younger teen. "In fact you begged me to fuck you there for the sole purpose," Axel thrust in again, pulling out only half-way before doing so, "of being able to hear your owns moans echo back to you." Roxas moaned in his throat, thrusting his hips back the best he could as Axel began pounding into him mercilessly, the desk beneath them screeching as it was shoved across the floor.

Roxas panted and moaned, his lover reaching a hand around his waist to pump his dripping cock in time with his thrusts. Axel's own orgasm was getting closer with each thrust into the tight heat surrounding him as he glanced up at the illuminated clock above the board. He smirked and quickened his pace, his other hand leaving Roxas' hip to rest beside his lover on the desk as he groaned at his release, waves of pure ecstasy claiming him. The blond felt Axel come inside him and he shuddered, moaning in his throat as he came all over his own desk.

Axel pulled out of his lover, tucking his softening member back into his pants and zipping them up, helping Roxas off the desk and fixing his pants as well. The two teens moved around the room, Roxas lifting the window coverings and wiping off his desk after grabbing his bag, while Axel turned on the lights and unlocked the door, hurrying to set up his chair and plop back into his seat and resting his feet on the desk.

Roxas looked up at the clock and shot back into his own chair, the door opening a second later as the students from their homeroom spilled in, their eyes flicking from one teen to the other. Roxas glanced over at Axel, blushing slightly and quickly pulling a book out of his bag to hide it. The pyro smirked and settled more comfortably in his chair, still watching his little blond lover from across the room.