(Very Late) Yule '11 Part III

Cloud and his dog Dreizehn were mirror images as they both stared out the frosted window and looked across the snow-covered yard to the icy street. Sephiroth walked by, stopped for a moment to muse to himself about the 'man's best friend' saying, and went on to do his business. The blond at the window sighed, the mutt beside him giving a little huff of his own.

"Good boy." Cloud patted Dreizehn's head and lay down on the couch to turn his bored gaze to the white ceiling. When his phone vibrated in his pocket, the blond didn't even realize he had to actually put effort into reaching for it to make the buzzing stop. Right when he was just about to lazily answer the device, Sephiroth snatched it from his pants and flipped it open.

"Yes? Oh, Mrs. Villiers, how are you? Uh-huh...yes." The silverette looked down at his lover and motioned for him to sit up. He placed a hand over the mouthpiece of the phone and leaned down to peck Cloud on the cheek. "Your mother wants us to go over to her house for something." He told him, standing straight again to listen to the pinkette. "Alright, alright – give us half an hour. Alright. Goodbye." The General flipped the small phone shut and dropped it into Cloud's lap. "You ready to go?"

"Mm-hmm..." The blond mumbled, rubbing at his eye sleepily. Sephiroth had to suppress an un-Sephiroth expression from showing on his face at the cute sight.

"Uh-huh." He looked down at his lover's bare feet and sighed, smiling. "I'll get your boots. And pants."

When Sephiroth pulled into the driveway of the Villiers' home, he had no choice but to park beside Axel's car, the redhead leaning against the hood talking with Riku. He honked the horn of his Hummer and cut the engine, stepping out onto the gravel.

"Hey, it's Seph!" Axel waved, grinning at him. "Hair flowing and perfect as usual, of course." The young twenty-something made sure to enter the house quickly after his comment for the sake of self-preservation. Riku followed inside, his older brother and Cloud right behind him.

Upon entering the house, the males were pleasantly assaulted by the sweet smell of gingerbread. And of course after walking into the kitchen, there were Sora and Roxas helping themselves to hot delicious cookies complements of their mother. Sephiroth was the first to greet the mother of his partner, hugging her gently as not to break her small frame.

"Now Sephiroth, if I can handle my husband, I can surely handle a proper hug from you." The pinkette scolded, shoving a cookie into the General's mouth. Her sons made gagging sounds at the visual image of, well, their father having his way with her.

"Did I hear something about sex with my wifey-poo?" Snow asked from the kitchen entryway. He was tossed a cookie by his wife as to keep him occupied while she began a little 'family meeting'.

"Now boys, I went on an early Christmas shopping spree-" Several groans cut her off. After a glare at her children she continued. "And I bought you," Serah reached into a plastic bag, Cloud and the others waiting with baited breath, "these!"

Cloud wanted to run.

Sora was clapping and grinning like an idiot.

And Roxas...well, Roxas continued to munch on his cookie without a care in the world.

Serah Villiers, bless her heart, was holding three sets of hooded footie-pajamas. One was bright yellow and looked like a Chocobo, with big blue eyes on the hood. The one in the middle; a royal blue covered in silver hearts. And the final outfit of humiliation was white with a checkerboard pattern on the belly and feet. Axel and his fellow dominant males were smirking, each glad to be spared of such an embarrassment.

"Well go on boys, put them on." The pinkette said, flinging them at each of her children. Sora grabbed his and pulled Roxas upstairs with him to get dressed, the blond still staring off uncaringly, most likely in shock over such a terrible turn of events. Cloud quietly refused the article of clothing, his blue eyes darting to the window, the young man seriously contemplating throwing himself out into the cold. Sadly, he was no match for his mother's pitiful look, a look that so many people know. You know the one. That look that tears at your very soul, that look that quietly says, "I brought you into this world...don't you love me?" Naturally, Cloud had no choice, but to give in to his mother's silent demands.

The camera flashed as Serah took one last picture of her children in their new pajamas. Axel, Riku, and Sephiroth all stood back watching, each holding in every last comment that flew into their heads – and none of them were kind. Their submissive boyfriends simply stood and accepted their mother's doting love, the pinkette giving each of them some cookies to take home. After the goodbyes were exchanged and the pajama'd boys ordered not to take 'those adorable things' off, the young couples left to their respective homes.

Cloud was dead quite on the drive home, the blond holding his small bag of cookies in his lap as if they were a bomb that would go off is he dared move an inch. He stared out the window, eagerly waiting to tear the admittedly comfortable clothes off when he got home. No sooner had Sephiroth parked the Hummer in the garage, Cloud was out and reaching up to pull down the zipper of the pjs.

"What do you think you're doing?"

Cloud froze. He looked up to see his rather tall lover looming over him.

"I'm taking this thing off me. I'm too old for this." He made to tug on the zipper again, but his hand was grabbed firmly by one of Sephiroth's from behind. The blond was tugged backward so he was flush up against the General, the familiar feel of a hard cock confined in leather pants pressing up against his backside making him shudder involuntarily.

"I don't think so, Cloud." Sephiroth scooped the stunned male into his arms and headed into the kitchen, Dreizehn trotting up to great them and silently plead for food. The General carried Cloud toward the family room where he was plopped onto the couch and told to 'stay'. He received a glare from the blond as he walked up the stairs to their bedroom to retrieve some things before coming back down to find his lover once again attempting to free himself from the humiliating pajamas.

Cloud halted his futile efforts of escape when Sephiroth stood in front of him holding three terrifying objects in his hands. He stared up, unamused at his lover. "Not happening."

Sephiroth smirked. "It's not up to you, Cloud." The General pinned his lover against the back of the couch and swiftly opened the front of the one-piece pajamas. He hoisted Cloud's legs up so that he had the perfect view of his ass, the blond struggling to escape as a small bullet vibrator was pressed against his hole.

"You wouldn't dare." Cloud growled. He received a sexy, mischievous smirk.

"Wouldn't I?" Sephiroth pushed the small vibrator into Cloud's ass with a light pop! The blond winced and glared as his smirking lover zipped his pjs back up again and showed him a tiny lock in his hand. Before the blond could make a run for it, Sephiroth looped the lock through the zipper and forced a hole to be made in the fabric around Cloud's neck, effectively locking the pajamas shut.

"I hate you."

"No you don't." Sephiroth waved a small black remote in front of him and hit a button. Cloud moaned suddenly and instinctively ground his ass down into the couch, the vibrator in him slowly pulsing against his prostate.

"Fuck you." He groaned as Sephiroth turned the device up higher, his dick hardening from the pleasurable sensations emanating from deep inside him.

"Shush Cloud, just relax." Sephiroth picked up his quietly moaning lover and sat down on the couch, gently placing the blond in his lap as he turned on the TV and began watching the evening news. Cloud of course was not happy with this setting and promptly made to get up and out of reach of the vibrator's wireless remote. "Ah-ah, no Cloud." Sephiroth turned it up higher, watching with a pleased smirk as the blond tensed and almost looked close to cumming. "You don't want to leave in the middle of our game, do you?"

Cloud glared at him and once again made to get off his lap and run for it, but a hand at his crotch stopped him.

"Now now love," Sephiroth leaned forward and nibbled lightly at his blond's neck, "I'm just trying to pleasure you. Why won't you let me?" He smirked against that smooth, pale neck as he felt a shudder run through Cloud.

"Beca-ah-uhse I'm i-in footie-pajamas?" He managed to get out, the hand at his cock lightly rubbing him through the soft fabric. He was getting close already, and he knew Sephiroth knew this. If he could just hold on a little longer...

Sephiroth moved to a sensitive ear and breathed over it. "And why does that matter, Cloud?" He pulled another moan from the blond, the young man in his arms jerking and arching as he became so perilously close to release. The General turned the vibrator down and watched a look of relief pass over Cloud's face. He was about to happily destroy that expression.

Cloud screamed as the bullet inside him suddenly burst to life, the vibrations against his prostate traveling throughout his body. He was thrown into a violent orgasm, one that forced pleasure all through his mind and into his very being. Sephiroth just watched him arch and shake in his arms as he held him close and continued rubbing his cock through the pajamas, just to make it last a little longer. When Cloud had sufficiently soaked through the fabric around his crotch from his release, Sephiroth slowly turned the bullet off, though he did make sure to turn it up every few moments just to watch his squirm.

"Now that wasn't too bad, was it?" Cloud glared. He would've looked threatening if he wasn't panting through his nose, covered in sweat, and near passing out. "Run along now." Sephiroth set him on his feet and bopped him on the butt, the remote still in hand as he returned to watching the news.

"You're not taking it out?" Cloud asked – though he knew the answer.

"No. No I am not."

This is going to be a long, long weekend.

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