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The sun was streaming through my window, a rare sight in Forks, especially during the fall and winter. Five weeks had passed since Halloween. We were all getting together at the Cullen's for a big Thanksgiving dinner. I had volunteered -no had been volunteered by Emmett- to make the desserts, four different kinds of pies and some cookies and squares.

I groaned realizing how much work still needed to be done before Edward arrived. I popped my morning pills and downed the bottle of water from my nightstand. I had been seeing Dr. Snow two times a week since the incident in the school parking lot. Carlisle had pushed all of us to talk to her, especially me. My anxiety had been much more manageable in the last couple of weeks, either because of the new meds or the fact that James was no longer a threat, I'm not sure which.

James. Oh how we had underestimated him. Victoria had been taken into custody. Apparently he had duped her into helping him with lies and false affection. James had been shot by Deputy Mark, a clean shot through the shoulder. Unfortunately for him, it lodged in his spine. He had spent a couple of weeks in Seattle, then was transferred to a long term care facility in Phoenix, closer to his family.

I was just glad he was far away... and probably would never walk again.

I pulled on some warm socks and a sweatshirt and slowly made my way downstairs. I could hear Charlie and Emmett snoring in their rooms. They sounded like a group of lumberjacks sawing down trees.

I started the coffee maker and pulled the pie crusts I made yesterday out of the fridge.

An hour later I was sipping coffee while the four pies baked in the oven. I almost dropped my coffee when Emmett ran down the stairs, sounding more like he was falling than running.

"Please, please tell me I can have whatever smells so fuckin' good lil sis." He was in full on pout mode and even had his hands clasped in front of him.

"Coffee's there, cereal in the cupboard, touch the pies and you'll end up my punching bag Brother bear." I motioned to each item and narrowed my eyes trying to look threatening.

He just laughed and moved to pour his coffee. He turned on the oven light to peek in.

"Step away from the oven Bear." I lowered my voice again trying to sound a little menacing.

"Look little one. You don't scare me." He poured cereal and sat across from me looking really serious. "Edward talked to me."

Shit. I knew this wouldn't be dropped. Damn it.

"I'm not ready."

Edward had been at my physical therapy appointment on Monday. Henry had asked what sports I was back doing. When I answered honestly with none, he was surprised and strongly encouraged me to start a little at a time. Edward had asked a ton of questions, mostly about climbing. I had shut down and didn't even listen to most of the conversation.

He had tried talking to me about it on the way home and I blatantly ignored him by looking out the window.

"How do you even know that? You haven't even looked at your gear since we moved here." He pushed his bowl away and rested his fore-arms on the table in front of him. "I can't watch you walk away from it completely. It was so important to you."

My eyes had started to fill with tears. I even felt a little sick to my stomach. The meds helped with the anxiety but the fear was still there.

"No, no. Shit... don't cry, ok. I just said thinking... not doing... not even going to the club."

I looked up through watery eyes and watched as Emmett rubbed his hands over his face.

"I'm not crying. Teary is not the same as crying, asshole." I mumbled out quickly, rubbing my hands across my cheeks to get rid of the few tears that had escaped.

"What is going on?" Charlie came into the kitchen looking between the two of us with a concerned face.

"Nothing Dad." I smiled as best I could at him as I walked past him to get another coffee.

"Nothing? Emmett?" Dad asked in a firmer tone.

"The therapist suggested that Bella could return to some activities, specifically climbing." Emmett kept his focus on me while talking to Charlie. Guess he's a little pissed I didn't tell him.

"Have you talked to Dr. Snow about it?" He sat down and I placed a cup of coffee in front of him.

"It was just brought up a couple of days ago, Dad."

"And?" Charlie obviously wasn't going to accept that as my answer.

"And... Emmett was suggesting I think about it. And I will... think about it." I mumbled into my coffee cup before taking a huge sip.

We all looked up as the front door opened followed by Edward stepping into the foyer. My entire body relaxed. It felt like I hadn't seen him for a long time although it had actually only been a couple of days. Our schedules had been off and we hadn't had time to spend together other than school.

"Am I interrupting?" He asked, looking at the three of us sitting around the table. His smile had fallen into a concerned frown.

"Just trying to talk to Bella about what Henry said. She's being stubborn, as usual." Emmett grumbled, looking over his shoulder at Edward.

"I don't think more talking is going to do anything." He smiled gently at me and pulled out the chair beside me.

"I think a swift kick in the ass might be necessary." Charlie said into his coffee cup, only his moustache and eyes visible. He was smirking, I could tell by the moustache twitch and twinkle in his eyes.

"Dad!" I chastised. "I do not need a kick of any kind."

Edward put his arm around me and pulled me into a sideways hug. I took a moment to enjoy the feeling of having the three most important guys in my life sitting at the table with me. Even if they were giving me a hard time, I could still feel how much they all loved me.

Love. I was still getting used to the fact that Edward had admitted to being in love. Yes, it was first said in the middle of the chaos following James' attack. But he repeated it frequently during the night I spent in the hospital, and I returned the words as soon as I had calmed down. Every look, every touch seemed to mean more now.

"You haven't had a panic attack in awhile. Maybe it's time to push yourself a bit?" He whispered loud enough for the other two to hear.

"Maybe. I said I'd think about it and I will." I stood taking all the mugs with me.

I tidied the kitchen while the guys talked football. I moved the pies to carriers to take to the Cullen's house, and then excused myself to go get dressed. I had been lazing in my PJ's while I baked, preferring to only change once.

As promised, I was thinking about climbing. Obsessing would actually be more accurate. I could feel the dryness on my palms that the chalk always left; the slight burn when I stretched my muscles as I reached and bent to get a hold. Rather than feeling the panic I had become used to, I realized I was feeling excited; eager to put on my climbing shoes and harness.

Maybe I was as ready as everyone else thought?

Maybe with Emmett, Edward, and my friends, the people I trust, I could be ready.

I pulled the brush through my hair leaving it loose down my back. I was wearing a long black skirt, a long sleeve grey t-shirt, and a dark blue, short-sleeve, button down shirt over top. It was really the dressiest thing I was willing to wear. I added my usual accessories, some lip gloss and mascara and was ready to go.

Edward was standing at the bottom of the stairs, a pie carrier in each hand grinning like a fool. His eyes trailed my body from head to toe as I walked down the last couple of steps. He licked his lips and I felt the not uncommon tightening of my girlie parts. What this boy could do to me with one look was incredible.

"Ready?" He asked still checking me out.

"Yeah." I stretched up and kissed his cheek not sure where Charlie was at the moment. Pulling back, I smiled at him and he smirked at me.

The house was quiet when we got there. I was surprised because there were a lot of people coming for the meal.

"Where is everyone?" I asked him as I put the pies on the counter. I could smell the turkey in the oven and there were covered casserole dishes on the stove-top, but his Mom wasn't around.

"They should all be arriving over the next hour or so. My parents are around, probably enjoying a few minutes of quiet."

He pulled me into him as he leaned against the counter. Our lips met in a gentle kiss. It wouldn't get heated with the strong possibility of being interrupted, but it was enough to get me feeling warm and tingly all over.

"I have something to show you." He mumbled against my neck as he caressed me with his lips.

"Yeah I'm sure you do." I giggled and smirked when he pulled away from me looking shocked by my suggestive comment.

I just laughed and used my hand around the back of his neck to pull him in for a kiss.

"Dirty girl. I was being serious." He smiled though and returned my kiss.

"Ok, ok. What is it you wanted to show me?" I asked stepping out of his arms.

"Come on."

He led me through the living room and down the stairs. I hadn't spent much time down here; we tended to hang out in his room. But I knew there was a family room with a TV, pool table and other stuff. Also there was a workout room and storage space.

All the doors off the hall were closed so I wasn't sure where we were going. Actually I had no clue what Edward was up to, but he looked nervous, really nervous.

"Ok, close your eyes." He stopped in front of the family room door and stepped behind me. His hands were shaking as he placed them over my already closed eyes.

"Why are you so nervous? You're worrying me." I had to ask. What was he surprising me with if it made him so nervous his hands shook?

"It's nothing bad. I'm just not sure how you'll react." He kissed my shoulder and I heard him take a deep breath before one of his hands left my face and I heard the door open in front of us. His hand moved back in place before he spoke again. "Well here goes nothing."

We took a few awkward steps into the room. I could smell fresh paint and saw dust. What the hell had he been doing? We moved around the couch and an end table. I couldn't picture this end of the room very well.

Another couple of deep breaths and Edward lowered his hands, moving them to my waist to hug me from behind. His chin rested on my shoulder and he whispered in my ear. "Open your eyes Bella."

I blinked a few times to clear my vision. Holy shit! Edward had built a practice wall! In his frickin' basement!

"E-e-edward...I..." I took a deep breath and licked my suddenly very dry lips. "How did you do this?" I whispered to him. I turned in his arms and hugged him as tight as I could. I used both hands to pull him down and kiss him. His body relaxed in to it as he realized I wasn't panicking or crying hysterically.

"It wasn't that hard, really. I thought, maybe you'd be more comfortable outside of a club environment. And, maybe with no harness system..." He looked down with concern in his eyes and I just smiled and trying to look encouraging. "Maybe taking the harness out of the equation would help you get back on a wall."

I nodded and squeezed him once more before turning and moving to get a closer look.

It was separated from the room by a door and a half wall. I walked through the door and had to step up on to a covered six inch foam mat. He was right; with no harness, it would be like falling onto a giant pillow. He had fastened Plywood sheets to the wall and painted them light grey, holds were placed in a beginner pattern all over the wall. The ten foot ceilings allowed space for a decent number of holds and good practice.

I ran my hand across the wall gently. The rough texture of the holds contrasting against the smooth painted wood gave me butterflies in my stomach.

Those drugs they have me on must be magic; not a single anxious feeling hit me. It wasn't hard to breathe, my heart wasn't racing. I wasn't running away or collapsing.

I wasn't rushing to actually get on the wall either. But it was something. It was more than just thinking.

"Thank you." I managed just above a whisper. I hadn't turned away from the wall but I knew Edward wouldn't be far in case I did start to freak out.

"You are so incredibly welcome, baby." His arms came around me, pulling me to him. "I'm so fucking proud of you."

"Lil sis? Edward?" Emmett's booming voice and heavy footsteps were coming fast towards us.

"In here Emmett!" Edward called back before turning back to me with a giant grin.

He leaned in and I was consumed by the emotion he put into kissing me. Love, pride, excitement. The kiss set my body on fire, my toes curling as I gripped the back of his shirt.

A few fake coughs and some giggling brought us out of our bubble. I turned my head, but didn't move away from Edward, to look at my brother and friends.

Emmett was standing with one arm around Rose. His hand was covering his eyes and he looked incredibly uncomfortable. Alice and Jasper were beside them, both smiling happily and Alice had unshed tears in her eyes.

"Are they done yet?" Emmett asked no one in particular.

"For now." Edward mumbled smirking down at me.


Bella loves him, can't hit him. She would kill me if I messed up his pretty face.

I closed my eyes for a moment, trying to push the protective brother feeling away. When I opened them, I was able to see the room clearly for the first time.

Sure we'd been in here before, but what Edward had done was kick ass. He had told me about it but the final product was so much better.

"Isn't it awesome bear!" Bella was standing right in front of me, reaching to put her arms around my waist. I swallowed her up in a hug, always a little surprised at how small she felt.

"It really is lil sis." I whispered back kissing the top of her head.

The smile on her face as she pulled away from me was something I hadn't seen in a very long time. Sure she laughed or smiled around all of us but it was always a little guarded. There was always a hint of sadness in her eyes. This, right now, was pure happiness on her face.

We all took closer looks at Edward's handy work; the non-climbers in the group asking lots of questions. Surprisingly Bella looked calm and collected as she talked about the different grips with Alice. There was no anxiety, no nervousness showing on her at all.

Esme eventually called us upstairs for dinner. Charlie and a few other friends of the Cullen's had joined the group.

Conversation was comfortable, general questions going around with each person having a turn in the hot seat. Nothing too serious was ever broached and everyone was relaxed and happy.

We all helped clear the dinner plates before dessert. Bella's pies were warming in the oven and the smell was driving me insane. I can't believe she pie-blocked me earlier. She knows how much I love her pies.

I wiped my chin as we took our seats again, making sure there wasn't any actual drool running down it. Rose leaned into me and bumped shoulders. I turned and gave her a kiss on her nose. The returning smile went straight into my heart. Her deep blue eyes were so happy and seemed to twinkle.

I placed my hand on her knee and started rubbing back and forth, inching my way up her leg. I was almost to her hip when she reached down and gave me a quick smack. Damn, that stung. I looked at her but she was focused on Bella and Esme carrying in the dessert.

I pulled my hand back into my lap and rubbed at the still stinging back of it. Ok, no funny business at the table. I'll remember that.

"Emmett, what would you like?" Esme asked from the end of the table. She had all four pies and a stack of plates in front of her. I noticed a few people around the table already had a piece in front of them.

"A little of all of them, please." I gave her the best puppy dog eyes I could muster. Just as she was about to give in, my sister interrupted.

"You'll have to excuse my pig of a brother. Just give him a piece of pumpkin. There are more of the others at home for him." She smiled sweetly at Esme and I knew that I was only getting one piece. Damn it. I'm a growing boy. Wait, did she say more for me at home?

I dug into my one piece of pie, eager to get home and see what Bella had hidden away for me. Rose patted my hand and I caught Bella smirking at me.

Everyone raved about lil sis's desserts. She was an awesome cook and I was glad everyone took the time to tell her so.

Charlie had to go into work and everyone seemed to go their own ways after dinner. Edward and Bella disappeared; don't really want to think about that one after the eyeful I got in the basement. I watched some football with Dr. Cullen and Jasper while Rose and Alice helped in the kitchen.

Soft hands wrapped around me from behind the couch I was sitting on. The subtle smell of her perfume told me it was her.

"Are you ready to go?" Her lips brushed my ear as she spoke and suddenly my boy parts were paying very close attention.

"Thanks for the satellite usage Dr. C. Have a good rest of the weekend." I rushed out what I hoped was a polite good bye and scrambled off the couch.

Rose laughed a little at my frantic pace, but little did she know what she had inadvertently started. I watched impatiently from the door as she said goodbye and thanked everyone, managing a polite nod or man wave when someone acknowledged me.

I grabbed her hand as soon as there was a break for us to leave. She was moving way to slow for my liking, and I almost dragged her down the driveway to the car.

"In a hurry Em?" She mumbled as I had trouble unlocking the jeep.

"Yes, now get in." No need to try and fudge the truth. It was pretty damn obvious I was in a hurry to get her alone.

The drive to my house was short. I gripped the steering wheel tightly knowing if I tried to hold her hand, I would end up pulling over on the side of the road. I wanted to take full advantage of an empty house something that hadn't happened in the almost three months we had been together. Sure the backseat fumbling and stealthy make out sessions in an occupied house had been amazing, but this would be the first time where we could be as loud as we wanted. Things could get interesting.

I don't remember getting to the door or unlocking it for that matter. I do remember grabbing Rosalie and pressing her against the door.

We were all hands and mouths, touching and kissing everywhere. I reached under her ass and lifted her up to my height while pressing her into the wall to keep her secure. She moaned into my mouth as my hard shaft pressed into her girl parts through our pants.

I almost came right there. In the hallway. Fully clothed.

"Bedroom, now." I mumbled, dropping her gently back to the ground and grabbing her hand to drag her up the stairs.

Her giggles followed me until we got to the door. I pulled her forward past me allowing the momentum to land her on the bed. She giggled and leaned back on her elbows. I felt a growl escape from deep in my chest. Her jeans were tight, hiding very little of her toned legs. The white sweater she wore was low cut and showed just enough of her boobs to tempt me. She was smirking and looking incredibly sexy and confident.

God did I love this girl or what.

I ripped the sweater I was wearing over my head leaving behind my undershirt, then unbuttoned my jeans but I didn't pull them down. Really I was only trying to make more room for my growing issues.

I walked slowly toward Rose as she looked me carefully from head to toe. When her eyes finally came back to my face, I lifted one knee to the mattress between her legs and leaned over her until our lips almost touched.

"See something you like?" I leaned a little more until she dropped back onto the bed.

"I'd like to see more." She whispered reaching her hands around my back and brushing her finger tips up and down my back.

"So would I." I leaned back and tugged her up so I could take off her sweater. She was wearing a pale purple lace bra that left a lot of her hanging over the top.

Before I could lean forward to dig into her cleavage, she was blocking me with my own shirt. Her fingernails felt amazing dragging lightly up and down my torso.

"You're so fucking hot." She whispered before biting her bottom lip.

I was still kneeling between her legs so when she sat straight up and wrapped her arms around my back my abs were at her mouth height.

She licked around every ridge of muscle on my toned stomach. I shivered and had to think about not collapsing on top of her. Every inch of me was tingling from the sensation of her mouth on my skin. Not to mention her fingers were again running up and down my back, dipping lower and lower until they were pushing my jeans down. Bit by bit my pants lowered, passing the edge of my boxers. I looked down just as she was looking up and licking her lips.

Yeah, almost came in my pants... for the second time tonight.

She went back to her licking and I used the opportunity to undo her bra. Then I pushed myself forward so she would lay back down.

I growled and tucked my nose into her neck, nipping and sucking all along her throat. I made a path up to her ear and sucked on the spot behind it a bit. I was rewarded with a moan and her knees coming up around my legs squeezing around me.

Our mouths met and we spent awhile fighting with our tongues, sucking and biting at each other in a frenzy. I managed to get her bra off while we played tonsil hockey. I don't think she even noticed until I pulled away and dropped my head down to her now exposed nipples.

She made the sexiest noises while I played and tasted her boobs. God, they were so perfect; just the right size for my hands, perky and soft.

I slid one hand down her stomach while I had her focused on what I was doing to her chest. I easily popped the button on her jeans and lowered the zipper pulling the two sides apart to give me access to a part of her I had never seen before.

She gasped when my fingers ran back and forth along the edge of her underwear. I pulled my mouth away from her boobs and looked in her eyes.

"Is this okay?" I whispered not moving my hands.

"Yeah, uh, more than okay." She nodded frantically before swallowing loudly.

I moved so I was laying beside her, one leg resting over one of hers; her chest within easy reach of my mouth. I lifted the edge of her underwear with my fingertips then slowly descended into them. I watched her face for any signs that she wasn't enjoying what I was doing.

As much as my dick was twitching and throbbing, I really wanted to see her come before I focused on my own issues.

Lower and lower I pushed my hand. I expected to feel hair, but I was so excited by what wasn't there, I almost giggled like a 12 year old girl. My head jerked up to meet her curious, nervous gaze.

"Could you be more perfect?" I whispered craning my neck to meet her descending lips. I felt her smile against my mouth before she pulled away a bit.

"I'm glad you like it."

I let my fingers explore her wet girl parts. My God she was bare, it was so hot.

Again with the almost jizzing my shorts.

I watched her boobs start to rise and fall faster as I traced her clit with my fingers. She had her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth was open, allowing little sounds of pleasure out. I leaned forward and took the closest nipple into my mouth. She started to squirm but my leg and hand kept her almost pinned to the bed.

"Em, god... so good... love, you." She panted out before arching her back off the bed and tensing. I gently pulled my hand out of her pants knowing she would be super sensitive after all the attention. Her head lolled toward me and she smiled a little before closing her eyes. She looked completely blissed out.

I rested beside her, drawing mindless patterns on her stomach for a while. I was completely focused on my fingers against her milky skin that when she moved, it surprised me.

Her hands went to my shoulders and next I knew, I was on my back and she was sitting over me smirking.

"My turn." was all she said. Stepping down off the edge of the bed, she yanked on my jeans until they fell to the floor.

Her beauty and confidence as she stood looking down at me was amazing. She was on a mission and who was I to try and stop her.

She leaned forward returning her tongue to my abs. I rested my arm across my eyes trying to focus on not blowing my load right there in my boxers. Obviously Rose had much more interesting plans for me than just needing a clean pair of boxers.

I was so distracted by what her tongue was doing, I almost missed her fingers lightly running up the insides of my thighs. I was worried it would tickle and I would do something fucked up like start laughing. But her touch was heavy enough that it just felt amazing. She pushed my boxers up when they got in the way. Stretching her fingers until they reached the point where my thigh met my hips, she brushed beside my balls before lifting my boxers up with the backs of her hands and over my now seriously painful hard-on.

She blew a cool breath up the length of me and I heard her giggle when I let out a loud groan.

Then her tongue went back to its magic licking, up the length of my cock before circling the head.

Holy shit.

"Rose, fuck... feels so good baby." I was rambling all kinds of shit but really didn't care, way too focused on what she was doing to worry about my verbal filter.

When she took me in her mouth and wrapped her hand around my base, I almost lost it. I'm not a minute man but fuck did it feel good.

She seriously had some skill. I knew I wasn't going to last very long. I could feel the tension building and then she grabbed my balls in her other hand. I took a deep breath, trying to hang on a few seconds.

"Rose, gonna come. Don't... have'ta." She squeezed, sucked, and tugged at the same time and I was done for.

Pretty sure the whole street heard my grunt of satisfaction as my cock let go.

I wouldn't have judged her for letting me come all over myself. I wouldn't have said anything if my girl ran for the bathroom to spit it out. But she lifted her head, swallowed, then smiled before reaching for the water bottle I had left on my night stand.

Total win. She smiled at me over the bottle before chucking almost half of it. I finished it off and tossed it into the garbage bin.

We snuggled together on the bed just enjoying cuddling in our post orgasm bliss. We seriously need to work on having more time alone.

I must have dozed off at some point because a quiet knock on the door woke me from the best dream. I looked down in my arms where my girl was stirring awake and remembered it wasn't a dream.

"Charlie just pulled up; put some clothes on and get downstairs, now!" Bella's voice whisper yelled through the door.