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Chapter 4

"Silence is Indicative of Further Complications"

"In Which The Readers Wonder What the Author Has Been Doing For Months"

"In Which Much Begins But Barely Anything is Concluded"

Jail felt many things. Mostly shades of greed. Ambition, desire, a need to own every episode of "As the Lyrical Turns" on DVD. He felt the basics, happy when his plans succeeded, sad when they fell through. Right now, however, he felt none of his familiar emotions, instead his stomach felt like Wendi was doing somersaults throughout it. There was a name for this feeling. Jail was nervous.

He was also making everyone within a five foot radius nervous. The seating hostess wasn't sure what she was supposed to do about the tall suspicious man standing outside the door, looking up and down from his watch five times a minute.

The bouquet in Jail's hand was completely crumpled around the middle, a result of the death grip he had on it. His clenched shook, threatening to send the flowers flying. Where was she? No, she wasn't late, rather... Jail was ten minutes early. Not a good thing for his nerves.

"Mr. Pralastiper you're here already?"

How lucky, she was the early type too.

"Ah! Maria!" Jail's face erupted into his goofy smile. "I didn't think you'd get here so early."

She chuckled a little embarrassedly, "I thought you wouldn't be here yet so I came early rid of my nerves..."

There was a pause in the conversation where both parties blushed and focused on the ground. If only Fate could see the terrifying criminal she'd spent years chasing now.

"Ah right! These are for you," Jail forced the begonias forward and into Maria's hand.

"Begonias! My favorite," she bent down to sniff them then started giggling. "Though you know," She looked up at him through the flowers, "In the language of flowers Begonias mean 'beware'. Are you trying to tell me something?

There's a language of flowers?!? Why hadn't anyone Jail that? "What? Of course not! There's nothing dangerous about me, nothing at all, absolutely not nothing close I've certainly never plotted to take over the world or anything like that. No way, no how, not me. Ah ha ha ha ha ha."

Had Jail's brain worked better he would have come back with a line like, 'Oh? Well since begonias are your favorite do you like a little danger?' or 'Well I suppose you better be wary of my good looks." Then again if he had said one of those things she would have left him right then and there for sounding so stupid.

"You're so silly Mr. Jail," she began to shake with her own laughter, "you're way too nice to ever do anything evil like that."

"Right, that's me, Mr. Nice Guy," he joined her with an odd sort of forced laughter but he couldn't stop the voice in the back of his head from telling him "what a load of crap."

She headed to the door. "Well since we're both here we might as well go in."

Ah. This was it, what Sein had talked about. The entrance. He was supposed to open the door? Or was he not supposed to? He couldn't remember. She was approaching the door, it was now or never did he go for it or not?

"Allow me madam."

It didn't matter, the restaurant had an official door opener by the door.

Was this a good or bad start to the date?

"Oh doctor."

Across the street from the roof of the opposite building a person was lying on the rooftop watching, through a pair of binoculars, the scene unfurling.

"Oh stupid, stupid doctor," Quattro sighed, kicked the ground. "If you wanted love you could have just told me." The bespectacled number tossed the binoculars to the side. She sighed dramatically.

It was no secret that Quattro harbored love for the Doctor (he was her second favorite person, right after Due, pity Due was always off doing things and forgetting Quattro existed). But more then her unrequited love, (which she'd just program out of herself when it got annoying) the problem was the Doctor's blatant disregard for his mission.

The Doctor Quattro loved was insane, greedy and cackled at the pain and misery of others. This new guy was soft and kind, he didn't deserve to bear the same name. So Quattro was going to fix the problem.

She reached into her jacket, taking out the tiniest of bombs, one of the Doctor's own creations. It seemed she was going to have to kill the hypotenuse to get the old doctor back.

It was a quiet evening. That was always a good thing. With 12 teenageish girls living under a single roof quiet was rare indeed. But here it was. A night where Cinque could calmly lie on the couch and read her book, 'Your Eyepatch and You: 10,000 Ways to Look Badass With a Only One Eye'.


And like that the peace darted out of the room like a cat in a water park.

Sein backed into the room, hands raised to defend herself, "I was just trying to help out."

She was being pushed back by Wendi and Nove, both with faces as red as their hair and fists raised. Wendi was the one who spoke as Nove looked too taken aback to manage to form words, "I appreciate the sentiments but what are you trying to do by putting rose petals all over our beds and lighting candles everywhere!"

"I'm just trying to facilitate the rounding of the bases!" Sein ducked a right hook from Wendi. "You two obviously aren't going to get there without my help."

Cinque chuckled and flipped a page in her book, the younger sisters were so lively.

"Ahem." A cough stopped the potential murder of Sein.

They all turned to find Dieci standing in the door way flanked by Otto and Deed. A taciturn trio.

Dieci started talking, "We've checked all the rooms, Quattro isn't here."

"When did you three become friends?" Wendi pointed to the trio with suspicion. She completely ignored, or simply didn't care about, what Dieci had said.

"We have similar hobbies but will you please pay attention to what I'm saying."

"Similar hobbies? Like what?" Sein, relieved that Wendi had forgotten to keep strangling her, continued the line of questioning.

"Will you please keep on topic Sein?" Deed spoke up from behind Dieci.

Sein acted hurt, "oww so informal with your own big sister..."

Cinque put her book to the side, "Even if Quattro isn't here, that doesn't mean anything's wrong."

"Glasses-nee is harmless," Wendi insisted, "Just a little nuts."

Dieci frowned, "I can't believe that. She might smile on the outside but I know Quattro-nee. She was upset."

The other sisters exchanged looks.

Otto spoke up, "We think she has gone to ruin the Doctor's date."

Cinque furrowed her brow, deep in thought, "If that's the case then we have no choice."

Nove ran a hand through her short red locks, "It can't be helped I guess..."

"It might not be the case but it can't hurt to check it out now can it?" Cinque smiled at her younger sisters.

The tactiturn trio looked at each other with something like happy expressions and nodded.

Wendi grinned. She pointed to the ceiling and declared, "Team Scaglietti's Love Protectors! MOVE OUT!"

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