A/N: Affectionate China is nothing more than drabbles. Meaning there is no plot, proofreading, thought, or effort are put into any of these stories.

I was just tired of writing Russia trying to win China's affection. It can work the other way around too you know. For now it is complete, but I may add on to these drabbles indefinitely.

Russia reflexively grabbed onto the item China suddenly shoved into his chest. For a moment he stared at China quizzically, noticing the other nation's blush and angry pout. When China continued to avoid his gaze, Russia sighed and looked down at what he was forced to hold...it was a pair of hand warmers.

Russia opened his mouth to speak but China spoke first, stuttering, "It's…it's cold at your place. I thought they might come in handy aru."

Russia smiled innocently, placing a hand on the Chinese's shoulder, "I'll cherish them."

China lifted his eyes to meet Russia's for a second before again looking away, his pout back in place, "It was nothing aru. It…it's not like I went out of my way to just buy it for you…."

"Spasibo, Yao," Russia chuckled, giving the small shoulder in his hand a gentle squeeze.

Russia titled his head slightly, asking, "How do you say thank you in Chinese, Yao?"

At that question, China looked up surprised. He blinked a couple of times, staring into curious violet eyes before finally mumbling in a quiet voice, "Wo Xihuan Ni."

China hid a small smile as he heard Russia repeat after him hesitantly, "Wo Xihuan Ni."

His bubble was burst, however, when Russia asked in confusion, "I thought 'thank you' in Chinese was 'xie xie'. There was another way of saying 'thank you'?"

"If you already knew how to say 'thank you' why did you ask aru," China scowled.

Russia's eyes widened at the sudden outburst, "Oh I just wanted to make sure I had the tones right…what did you make me say, Yao?"

China's cheeks grew a bright red, "N…nothing aru! I didn't make you say anything!"

Russia's smile grew into a grin. China was hiding something.

"Tell me what you said!" Russia whined, pulling China into a hug, "It's not fair~ What did you make me say?"

China struggled, whacking this way and that, telling Russia to let him go and of course Russia refused him. Knowing that he didn't have the strength to break away, China resorted to yelling out profanities. Russia just laughed, enjoying the feel of the smaller man in his arms, leaning down just as China took a deep breath for another bout of ranting.

In the end, Russia forgot all about asking China what Wo Xihuan Ni meant as he kissed away China's protests.

A/N: Based this off of Fanniemay's fanart on DA called "Hand Warmers."

Wo Xihuan Ni means "I like you"

Spasibo mean "Thank You"