A/N: Affectionate China is nothing more than drabbles. Meaning there is no plot, proofreading, thought, or effort are put into any of these stories.

I was just tired of writing Russia trying to win China's affection. It can work the other way around too you know. For now it is complete, but I may add on to these drabbles indefinitely.

China scowled and undid yet another row from the dilapidated sweater. He huffed out a breath of air, momentarily blowing the bangs away from his face in frustration. Knitting was harder than he thought. China knotted his brow in concentration and tried again; this time he went very slowly, making sure a kink wouldn't appear. He was going to finish this sweater if it was going to kill him.

"What are you doing, Jao?" Russia's blew air into China's ear.

China yelped and flew from the sofa, frantically trying to hide his failed knitting effort behind his back, "N…nothing aru! I'm not hiding anything aru!"

Russia eyed China curiously before he leaned over the sofa, smiling, "I asked what you were doing, not hiding."

China mentally kicked himself for his slip of the tongue. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Russia grinned at China's reaction. His troubled expression just made the larger man that much more interested at what he was hiding. Russia rounded the sofa slowly, making his way towards China, a mischievous gleam in his eye. China kept his wary gaze on the Russian and backed away step by step.

"Jao, show me what's behind your back."

China violently shook his head, his eyes rounded in horror. Russia laughed and made a dive for the Chinese nation. China made an undignified "eep" sound as he dodged Russia's onslaught and turned tail, running as fast as he could, clutching the bundle of yarn and knitting needle to his chest. Behind him, he heard Russia chuckle and his slow, even stride catching up to him. Damn the Russian's long legs.

China saw the door to his bed room, the only room in the house with a lock. He made a dash for it. Just as the door cracked opened, it slammed shut in his face. China gulped as he saw Russia's gloved hand in front of his face. China tentatively tilted his head backward and saw Russia smile down at him.

"You were going to show me what you were hiding, da?" Russia kissed China's forehead, purposely emphasizing a loud smooching sound.

China sighed, "Can…can't I show you when I'm done aru?"

"Oh, you're making something?" Russia crept his hand towards the bundle but snatched his hand back when China slapped it away, "Just show it to me now. You know I won't let you leave alone until you show me."

Russia giggled into China's ear, "Or maybe that was the plan from the start?"

China pouted up at him. He hated it when Russia bullied him. Just because he was bigger didn't mean he could push him around. All his anger evaporated, however, when Russia stared at him so tenderly, placing a gentle but through kiss on his pouting lips. China felt his body relax in Russia's warm embrace. When they parted, Russia continued to smile down at him, one of his hands caressing the side of his face but violet eyes were still dancing with curiosity. China puffed out his cheeks in feigned anger as he leaned his back against Russia's front, tilting his head up to glare. Russia laughed at such childish antics coming out from the older nation and poked at China's cheeks to silently say, "Acting cute won't get you out of this."

China blew air out into the Russian face. The older nation heaved a big sigh, "Fine. If I show you, you promise not to laugh aru?"

"I promise."

China stared up at Russia for a moment, making sure Russia would keep his promise before turning around to face him. Russia cocked his head and waited expectantly, wanting to know what made China so flustered. China felt a blush heating up his face. Guh, those eyes! Those stupid eyes looking at him. If his eyes were any other color then maybe he would stop acting so foolishly! Without a second thought, China looked away in embarrassment, shoving the barely made sweater at Russia- knitting needle and all.

Russia stood stunned for a moment, examining what was in his hands. From what he could tell, it looked like a lopsided hat- an unfinished one at that too with a small hole at the top.

"Uh…why were you so embarrassed, Jao? Not knowing how to knit hat is fine. I can ask Ukraine to teach you."

China snatched the material back, his eyes flashing with the mixture of hurt, anger, and humiliation, "It's not a hat aru! And Ukraine would be the last person I would ask for help in knitting a sweater!"

Russia was at a lost of word at China's outburst but he instantly felt alarmed at causing his little Jao any distress. Quickly he enveloped China in another hug, smoothing the other's hair, "Of course, of course. I'm sorry. How silly of me not to notice it was a sweater. I'm sure it'll be a greater sweater when you wear it yourself."

China mumbled something against Russia's chest.

"I'm sorry?" Russia asked, looking down at the smaller nation.

China tightened his grip on Russia's coat, "I said I'm making the sweater for you, you dolt."

Russia peeled China away from him, staring at the other nation, trying to determine what China said was true. Seeing China's stubborn expression, Russia felt a warm feeling burst from his heart and radiate throughout his body. A smile, a genuine happy smile, broke out on his face, "You're making a sweater for me, Jao? Really? I…I'm happy but…but why?"

China scowled at him, "Because you keep wearing the same old scarf Ukraine gave you, aru," China looked away, his voice barely above a whisper, "I…I can make a scarf too. Just…I just thought that making a sweater would be better."

Russia's laugh came from the core of his very being, "I'm happy with anything you give me, Jao. Anything."

Russia wrapped China in a fierce hug, trying very hard to become one with the other nation. No matter how close he hugged China, it wasn't enough to satisfy his ecstatic heart.

"Then…can I stop making the sweater then?"

Russia's happy place skidded to a stop, "Eh? Why? I thought you were going to make me a sweater to go with older sister's scarf?"

China gave him a sheepish look, "Um…I wanted to…I really did…but I found out after the first 3 hours that I don't know how to knit aru…."

China lifted up what was left of the unraveled "sweater" half-heartedly. Russia laughed whole heartedly before pulling China behind him towards the sofa. There he placed his little Jao between his laps as he placed his hands over China's, guiding him with his words and motions how to knit a proper sweater.