To all that have enjoyed the ride on the way, thank you for reading. This will be my last fanfic while I build up another backlog of chapters for posting. I'll probably have some more randoms thrown up. So please don't forget about me.

In parting, I just wanna say... keep on laughing.

Naruto and Hinata walked out of the reception for their wedding. Their friends all stood at the entranceway, throwing petals and confetti. The group were laughing and talking quietly as the pair walked out to their carriage to drive them off.

"I can't believe that Naruto wore the 'kiss-me' sign throughout the entire wedding," Sakura whispered as she held Ino around the waist, holding her close. "Or that Hinata let us sew in the sequins on the back of her dress."

"Especially with it saying 'I'm with Baka' and that arrow..." Ino added with a laugh. "She even kept posing so that the arrow points to Naruto."

"I just wish we could get pictures of their honeymoon trip..." Shino mused quietly from the back of the group. "I mean what with Shion being the tour guide in the Land of Demons, Lady Haruna in the Land of Vegetables, and Queen Koyuki in the Land of Spring... it should make for an interesting trip..."

Neji sipped his glass of wine while he smiled evilly at Naruto's back. After a moment he spoke up, "I have arranged for pictures to find their way back to us..."

"You're just lucky that Kakashi and I kept in contact with people we've met thanks to Naruto's insistence," Sakura grumbled as the couple got into the carriage and everyone let out a cheer as it began pulling away. The cheer turned into laughter when they saw the sign on the back, reading "If the carriage is a rocking, don't bother knocking!"in neon orange with pink hearts and Icha Icha novels flanking the words.

"Who did that?" the group asked, looking at each other curiously. After a moment, they couldn't figure out which was the most likely culprit, until they heard Iruka chuckling lightly.

"I told you that it'd be a good prank," Iruka proclaimed proudly as he nudged Kakashi with his elbow while Anko bust a gut laughing. "And you said that no one would get it."

Kurenai cleared her throat, stifling some of her laughter. "I do hope that he will survive his honeymoon... Hinata would be very upset should he die."

The Konoha 11 members that were still in Konoha looked at each other nervously, a silent agreement to that concern passing through them knowing that Hinata being upset would be almost as bad as an pissed off Naruto. That was when Tsunade reminded them of the other dangerous possibility of their prank.

"If Hinata gets hurt... or angry about the honeymoon... I don't want to be around when Naruto comes to 'talk' about it..."

The others all decided that they'd be out on mission the day he returned. Maybe somewhere nice and safe... like Iwa or Kumo.