Title: Of Men and War
Author: Becka
Pairing: None.
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing does not belong to Becka; characters are used without permission for a non-profit purpose. No infringement is intended.

Note: This is just a tiny little drabble dealing with the aftermath of the war that I wrote ages ago and never bothered to post. Perhaps, when I've finished any number of other stories, I might write a continuation of this.


The war was over.

That's what all the televisions and radio stations broadcasted. That's why the people of the newly freed world and colonies partied. That's why the Gundams were no longer needed.

And for a while, that's what Duo Maxwell believed.

Duo had spent his life fighting in the war. He'd given up his childhood so that others wouldn't have to. He'd given up his innocence so that other would be free. He'd made more blood sacrifices on the altar of Shinigami than he could count.

The war was over.

And things were supposed to get better.

Duo had stayed on Earth for a while, in the shadows, watching as politicians played their little games. The politicians were necessary. The games were not.

He'd hoped time would change that.

He'd given up too much to not see peace through until the end.

Earth stabilized. The politicians played their games, but the people there got the help they needed. Money was raised to institute programs of reform. Clinics were built. Shelters were stocked. Peace looked to be a reality.

Duo had felt hope.

He'd gone to L1 with Heero for a short time. He'd seen the change there. He'd seen the people smiling. He'd stood next to his partner and smiled because peace was reality.

He'd visited L3 with Trowa. He'd seen children playing. He'd seen houses rebuilt. He'd seen people smiling, and he'd smiled too, because peace was truth.

He'd stopped by L4 to check up on Quatre and Wufei. He'd seen business blossoming. He'd seen their dreams realized. He'd watched from a balcony, listening to the laughter, and he'd smiled. Peace was theirs.

He'd gone to his home. He'd gone to his roots. He'd gone to L2.

And he saw bodies in the street.

Peace, it seemed, was not for everyone.

There were no shelters. There were no clinics. There were only armed peacekeepers, bullying delinquent children in the streets.

The peace he'd seen on the other colonies seemed like mocking laughter. The peace he'd seen on Earth was a bitter smile.

He'd hoped, perhaps, that there had been some mistake. So he'd gone back to Earth, studying the reforms, and found a tiny, little clause regarding L2.

L2 was not scheduled for reform.

L2, it seemed, wasn't important enough for Earth.

L2 was safe haven for crooks and criminals, after all. L2 was the dregs of society. L2 did not matter to politicians who played games.

And it was then that Duo realized, the war had just begun.