They were running hand-in-hand silently through the village. Suddenly the warning bells went off.

"It's too late! They know I've escaped, they'll find me!"

"No! You have to go, now! If you don't they certainly will find you."

They spoke in hurried and hushed whispers, desperately pleading with each other.

"But they will know you helped me escape."

"Alyss. You care about me and you would put everyone you care about before you and I love you for that. But right now you need to save yourself, you need to go and not worry about me. The guards will find you if you stay any longer."

"But I can't leave you Will," she looked into his deep brown eyes that even sparkled now in the middle of the night.

"Just go, I will catch up with you. Nothing will happen to me, don't worry."

He kissed her deeply.

"How will you know where to find me?"

"Meet me at the old place," he said. "I'll come as soon as I can."

They kissed once more before Alyss disappeared into the night.

Will watched her go then he turned and ran back to his cottage in the woods.