Title: The Lesser Twin

Author: Thano

Disclaimer: This fan fiction is not written for profit and no infringement of copyright is intended.

Warning: None…maybe occasion violent.

Rating: T

Paring: no parings, this is mainly a friendship/family fanfiction

Summary: AU. X-over Harry Potter & Stargate. Harry Potter has become a Goa'uld. It's time for him to lead his life as he chooses or not…

AN: This is a repost of the story (minor changes on the first few chapters). First, briefly touch on why I have wrote the story. We all know that Queen Egeria, the Tok'ra's Mother is the first renounce Goa'uld heritage/philosophy. Why not another one? A Goa'uld, who decided not to take host, I think Baal is the coolest evil Goa'uld so I research a bit about him, the mythical god and I found Anath. Anath/Anat Rohmaya is Baal's sister in Canaanite mythology, though I've made her as his twin for my story.

Goa'uld is asexual, taken on the gender by the host. However, they sexuality often most influences by their first host. A Queen is special. How? I still have yet found the answer in Cannon. SuperiorShortness'd suggested Goa'uld could force to be a "Queen" because female path allowed Goa'uld to survived and have more security and stability than male path. It is interesting concept that I would like to explore but hard to write than simply have the Goa'uld structure similar to the Wraith Empire that only few Queens were born. Either ways, thanks SuperiorShortness.

I would like to super thanks, Riddle Master 101 for reedited the chapter and hobbitdoitbetter who is previously beta-ed the chapter.

Thanks for reviews and supports.

This may help with the confusion.

"…speech…" speeches

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Well, let get on with the story.


Anath Rohmaya, 'The Merciful' watched the typhoon trying to wrack havoc on her city. The storm was having little success, due to the layer of shields which had protected the city for thousands of years. Although the city was safe to be venture outside, the streets were empty: the citizens were all inside their houses. They had gathered together with immediate family, a traditional 'human' celebration that had been practiced since they first arrived on this planet. The storm always lasted for a week; the final day was always the worse. Today was the last day.

Anath stood firm upon the earth, outside the city and out of the protected dome. She was letting the storm pours over her, cleansing and renewal her spiritually. The storms had always brought peace to her soul and it was no exception this year. Strangely, many thousands of years of such storms had passed and yet none have completely quenched the fire raging within her. The anger of being an exile was a deep scar in her heart. The water soaked her clothes; the winds would have swept her away like those trees, uprooted her, if not for her inhuman strength. The typhoon occurred every year and, like the populace, she has made it a traditional occasion to be alone outside the city and make peace with herself.

Anath after all was known as an insane goddess, though no one would dare call her that to her face. The humans had even gone as far as to give her the title "The Merciful" in the hope of appeasing her, and to keep her from harming them. Suddenly, Anath felt a strong force reaching out to her. Immediately she felt herself dim out of existence. The feelings shook her. She opened her eyes and the sapphire colours flashed with a shimmering golden glow.


The SG1 watched the extraction of Baal's last symbiote without incident. They left the Tok'ra temple, content that this last clone had been taken care of. Jack O'Neill walked cheerfully to the Stargate with Samantha Carter, talking to her about the new Lunar Base (a human outpost) and then with the others on SGC business. They were not concerned when one member paced behind: Daniel was always deep in thoughts.

Daniel was still wondering what Baal meant by his "failsafe" plan, and whether this was truly over. Because something told him it was not.


Everyone who had attended was dispersing after the ceremony, while one of the Tok'ra guards carefully placed the jar on an isolated shelf. It sat surrounding by others, a collection of the System Lord's symbiotes. The Tok'ra guard gives a final glare at the jar before walking out of the room and turning on the shield.

Not surprisingly, the symbiote inside the jar was searching for a way to escape. Baal was amongst the oldest and most cunning of the Goa'uld and he knew his life was coming to the end despite his many fail-safes. He could feel the jar's poisonous liquid working through his system and soon he would lose consciousness altogether. In desperation, Baal reached out his consciousness—if he could beg he would, but silence greeted him. His mind snapped back to the past; it was a backup plan that he had conceived when he had first rose to power and it was still in place. He still had a chance for survival.

Though he wondered if his twin, Anath, would help him, given to their past…Give into their past.


The hall of Ughar was empty. Anath sat upon her throne, watching wearily as the well-known figure approached—her twin, the Almighty Baal. Baal stopped over a meter before her, knowing better than to enter into what she regarded as personal space. She was known for her freckle nature.

"You've chosen." He spoke sadly, indicated the empty court with a wave of his hand.

"And so have you, dear brother." Anath glared, eyeing his new human form. Even though it looked much like his old body, she knew the difference. The twin could always tell.

'We are no longer one.' She shook her head bitterly. They were special, twins not just in symbiote but also in human form.

"I'm not here to mock you, Anath. This new body is finer than the old one. That is all." Baal could see that she wasn't listening, and he sighed dramatically. She was always so stubborn, his sister. "Everyone has done the same, Anath: why not us?" He walked around the dais, forcing her to twist her neck if she wanted to keep him within her sight. Anath knew he was toying with her but she could not stop herself from playing his game. It always had been like this between them.

When she met his eyes, he stopped. He smiled at her as if they were still friends. Only her twin would have mocked her like this and she knew it. "You're too sentimental, sister," Baal purred. "I do not want to end it here but your stupidity has forced my hand. You just had to issue that duel challenge…" He looked straight at her, his anger breaking through the surface for once. "I'll not look a fool in Father's Court." He eyes glowed and sneered, "Little sister."

Anath sighed. She had always hoped that they would never become rivals, and yet here they were. "I have always revered you, brother, because WE ARE ONE. Or at least, we were." She stood gracefully, inclining her head as she did so.

"Now that is of the past." She made her way to him, always ensures her eyes were on him.

"Let it be marked that we have agreed to battle today. Agreed that whoever loses the battle shall be separated from the System Lord Courts. Until the day when they admit their wrong-doing." Just for a moment she felt her face slip, tears almost showing, but she fought them back. He would not cry for her, she knew. "So mote it be!" she intoned instead.

"So mote it be." Baal echoed her words.

And instantly, Anath's hand went to his neck, trying to snap it in half like any other enemy's.

He blocked it easily, smirked. He was stronger than her and faster. "You've forgot I've always able to read your moves, little sister." He danced out the way, spinning behind her to retaliate. A blade slid out from his glove, the metal tearing her skin and opening a deep hole. The agony of screams echoed through the empty hall, blending with manic laughter. Brother against sister, twin against twin.

Baal laughed. "It would not do well for our people to hear their goddess screaming like a Tau'ri, little sister." Another blade appeared, this time from his cuff. He drove it deeply into her side, twisting it as he did so. Anath gave another scream and her eyes flashing golden, for the symbiote started to feel the pain.

"And here I thought you were prepared, dearest," he snickered, his grin feral. His hand went across her throat, cutting off her air and she swayed on her feet. "This is why you're known as the Lesser Twin," he muttered. "You've never been my equal, little girl." And then he drove the knife in again. And again. And again.

And all the while his little sister continued to scream…

End of Flashback...

Baal's symbiote twisted at the memory, his last thought on Anath, his little sister, his last and best-kept failsafe. For one miraculous second he was there with her, wherever she was. Their bond had reached across the universe and with it his only hope for another chance.


Publish Date: 02/09/09

Update Date: 22/09/10