AN: Okay so it's been a while since I've updated anything. Sorry bout that. I'm working on it... but Braxton Hick can be a bitch sometimes... that and I'm a week away from my due date... so the Crazy Nesting Pregnant Lady mood swings tend to get in the way of things. Back to Puck's POV for this once since I seem to have trouble thinking like Rachel.

She did a damn good job of avoiding (and annoying) the hell out of him at school. He didn't stop to think about how if she could avoid seeing him in the hallways now... why hadn't she done that when he had been a jerk and thrown all those slushies in her face. Shut up so maybe he thought about it for a second... or five. Or a lunch period... or two (okay the whole fucking week he couldn't get her out of his head shut the hell up)... but that was only because he bought a grape slushie that day... and it was her favorite. Or he was pretty sure it was. She wouldn't have licked her lips if she didn't at least like that flavor right? She's been wearing some kind of fruity lip gloss on Saturday night... tasted good... Shit there he went thinking about Berry's lips again. She should not have been that good at kissing. Fucking short skirts with lethal legs (yeah so her skin was as soft as it looked and it was really sweet when she'd wrapped one of those legs around him) and lips that tasted like heaven and a mango bumped uglies and had a kid... not fucking fair.

Fuck it all anyway. If she was going to ignore the fact that they'd had a really hot make out session in Finn's closet over the weekend (second base with her shirt open but not the bra... which was okay cause it was white with pink lace anyway... that shit was hot) he wasn't going to think about it either. Except that thing where it kept popping into his head... yeah that kept happening. Which was annoying as fuck (he couldn't exactly get up and take care of business in the middle of Glee practice... or he could but it was still annoying... God why did she have to wear the stupid skirts?) because now he was having a repeating dream/daydream (damn if it didn't pop into his head in the locker room this time) where Berry had apparently found that Puck just happened to be her favorite flavor of man-lollipop if you caught his meaning. Rachel really shouldn't have let it slip that she didn't have a gag reflex (fuck! There it went again). You just didn't tell someone like Noah Puckerman something like that.

And now he hated Mr. Shue... sure he was an okay teacher, but making Puck dance with Rachel for that stupid song they'd practiced just because they "seemed to fit well"? Fucking lame... all though he really couldn't blame the guy... they were a couple of good looking Jews.

So now he was stuck with her in his arms again... trying really hard to think of baseball stats and explosions and not fuck up the dancing or his notes(and not tiny little noises she made when he actually had nibbled at her collar bone... fuck that was hot). She didn't call him on it when he messed up this time though... just rolled her eyes and glared at him. Which he did not, repeat DID NOT think was hot... or cute... k'so maybe it was a little bit cute. Seriously who would be threatened by that glare? Berry was a midget... with freakishly long legs (fuck he needed to stop thinking about her legs!). Right, he was thinking about not messing up and baseball season was starting and Rachel gasped a little.

Wait... what? Okay so maybe he'd been holding her a little closer than he though he had been... Shit.