Title: There is Another

Author: The Lovely Me

Pairing: umm I'm PRETTY sure it's eventually going to be Jack/Ianto/The Dr

A/N: So yeah, Normal is nor Normal is on the back burner for now. I'm still writing on it, but this fic is a bday present to myself (Sept 8th!) Ianto as a Time Lord J

Next chapter will be out tomorrow. This is a short chapter, but it seemed like a good place to leave it. The next part has me so so excited and needs a lot of detail imo


He felt strange was his only thought as he entered the tourist office that hid the secrets of the Hub from the world. It had started right before he had went to sleep the night before. He felt like he was being stretched over a great distance, but at the same time compacted and enclosed. He almost felt like there was something….buzzing at the edge of his mind. He also felt like someone was waiting for him, which really was a daft thought. Only Jack and Tosh ever waited for him, ever.

It had started the night before when he had been going through stuff his mam had boxed up for him after he'd moved out of the house. It had been nice to go through all his old things, and then he'd come across it. It had been so long since he'd laid his eyes on it it took him a moment to realize what he was holding.

It was an old pocket watch that his tad had put on a chain for him to wear around hi neck when he was around 10 years of age. He'd been told that his real mam and tad had left it for him at the hospital with a note saying it would bring him luck. He'd worn the beautiful watch around his neck religiously for 6 years, until he'd been attacked at school after a supposedly talking bad about a so-called friend. He'd ended up with 4 busted ribs and a broken ankle, as well as a concussion. After that he became even more shunned in high school hierarchy then he already was and put the watch away. Good luck, yeah right.

The beautiful hands of the watch had been stopped at precisely 7:28 on the dot. He'd smiled and very carefully wound up the clock, but when he held it to his ear… nothing. After turning it over he noticed an indentation around the back and he'd set about digging his letter opener under the edge. When the watch back had finally popped open, Ianto's mouth had fallen open. Inside were the most amazing etchings he'd ever seen in his life. Circled and swirls. As he turned the watch over he was stunned to see the very face had changed also.

Then it had happened, the watch had began glowing and he'd felt…. How could he put into words what he felt. He felt like a library, chalk full of knowledge and he KNEW things. Knew of things he shouldn't even begin to comprehend. And then it had faded, almost shut off in another part of his mind, and he'd felt something or someone, touch his mind. A very happy and worried someone. It was happy he was alive and was going to come and visit him.

He's quickly thrown up his mental shields like he'd learned at Torchwood London and promptly passed out where he stood.

Sighing he hurried through the door into the hub and smiled, he felt nice. And he heard singing, although he wasn't hearing it with his ears. It was in his hearts. He couldn't begin to comprehend what had happened to him. But he somehow knew that whoever was coming for him, well was there for him now… would know.