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His shoe was stuck in something… unpleasant. And, judging by the smell, not plant originated.

"Oh, that is revolting," Lester muttered. He'd never been the adventurous type, confused and jealous of the way that Cutter and the others had managed to blithely wander around in different eras, gaining nothing more than a few cuts.

"I must be mad," he continued. "Coming here…" he looked behind him, automatically. "On my own."

He wished Sarah and Becker hadn't quit, taking with them the last spark of originality and wonder. Still, they had been right- the ARC didn't have a good track record, and it was no place for a pregnant woman.

All the same… "anything could happen, and they wouldn't have the faintest bloody idea of where I've gone…" Lester reasoned. "They won't be able to cope without me, either. Really, this is ridiculous. Absolutely bloody ridiculous…" he stopped, and looked around uncertainly. He appeared to be in some sort of jungle; whatever era it was likely to be was beyond him, and he had no clue of what he was going to do there.

"Oh for Gods sake," he sighed. "What next?"

He was on the verge of turning back when a voice stopped him. It was confused, and wary, but instantly recognisable.

"…James?" Abby Maitland asked.

Lester turned around, and was framing a question in his mind when he slipped. Losing his balance he grabbed onto a branch for safety. Hanging onto it for dear life, his previously immaculate suit ruffled and muddy, with his hair sticking up at odd angles and a look of shock on his face, he made a more than amusing sight. Abby doubled up with helpless, uncontrollable laughter, and didn't stop even when Connor came running towards the two.

"Abby? I- what?" He turned around warily, then caught sight of Lester who, in the struggle to claw himself back up, had got his foot firmly caught in a hole. Connor gaped, lost for words, and turned back to Abby.

"I, uh… is there an anomaly… or…"

"Well, evidently, what do you think I am, some sort of ghost?" Lester asked snidely.

"Right! Um…"

"I came to… try and… find you." Lester mumbled. "Something like that, anyway. I'm sure you're not complaining?"

"No… I mean… no, not at all, but why…"

"Spit it out!" Lester snapped. "And then help me out," he added as an afterthought. "Right, are you coming back with me or what?"

"I… yes!" Connor exclaimed, still struggling for words.

"This is surreal," Abby muttered. "Next you'll be telling us it's been over a year."

There was a pause. "I'll fill you in," Lester said. "But we haven't got long until it closes. Shall we?"