I sat down with my knees against my chest. Watching the television screen with Gadget. Tara walked in and saw us,she knelt down and saw that the Television wasn't even on.
"What are you two doing? The television isn't even on!" She said examining our faces. Just as Gadget was about to answer the doorbell's "Ding-Dong' was heard. Tara walked up to the door and opened the door just enough for her too see who it was. On the porch,She saw a fifteen-year old teenage girl,with Puppy-dog brown eyes and not so short brown hair.
"Oh hi,Nellie!"Exclaimed Tara,she widened the door gesturing for Nellie to come in.
"Hi and Thank you."Nellie said while smiling than she walked in holding her sleeping bag under her right arm.
I jumped up from my seat putting a black stray hair lock back in place.
"Hey! Okay everyone.."I said looking at the four teenage girls in front of me."You know this is going to be an amazing sleepover because.."My voice trailed off as I turned around and snatched a DVD box off the Television set,turned back with a grin like that cat from Alice in wonderland as I pointed to the DVD cover.
Gadget just stared at it,Ellie nodded,Tara smirked with a look on her face that said "I-Knew-You-Would-Choose-That',and Nellie didn't even know the movie.
"It's the most amazing movie yet!" I shouted with excitment in my voice.
"Than what are you waiting for?Put it in!!"Tara said smirking again.I put the Dvd in and hit the play button.
"Hey anybody want snacks?" Everybody raised their hand exept for Ellie.
'YES!I'm ALWAYS hungrey!!"She said pulling me and the others to the kitchen.
Once we got upstaires,We werent in my house..Our mouthes hung open ,our eyes were wide and Ellie dropped her soda and cheesy nachoes right on the floor.

A/N:My first story and chapter..I know this is short but the next one will be longer! :D