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A/N: I warn you before you all begin reading, this story will eventually be very, very sexual, very morally unappealing, and will generally take the ideas of murder, prostitution, and rape in a very offensive manner that I'm sure most of you won't like. It's not for the faint of heart and I'm sure most of you won't be able to even stomach it. So quit now, Don't say I didn't warn you. This is a presentation of one heartless person's insanity and ego in a area where the worst of crimes can go unpunished due to lawlessness. Again, don't say I didn't warn you.

"P-pain in the ass?" said Yosuke, staring up in shock where Saki's hollowed voice was coming from. Her words continued unrelentingly.

Souji stared around the area bored,

'God, what a fucking emo.' Souji thought, 'And all for some bitch who caused her own problems by working at Junes'

Souji himself could care less about Yosuke's mental breakdown right in front of him. He had only come here to explore TV land as he liked to call it. The time before when he had looked into Mayumi Yamano's mind with Chie and Yosuke had been interesting, while they had been exploring the inside of it, he had been confronted by a doppelganger of himself that spoke of his inner most feelings. Fortunately, the meeting had gone on undetected, both Yosuke and Chie had gone in first and had been too shocked with horror at what they saw inside to notice in time, Souji had readily admit to his problems of hating his dumbass parents who threw him away for their careers and how he hated the boondocks' called Inaba so far.

Then again, Souji had admitted to himself, he basically hated everything, nothing really ever mattered in the past because he didn't stay long enough to really care about anything. And people always treated him wrongly just for being new. He was rather reserved most of the time, spent time working a lot to keep his mind off and to set himself up as a good family member and Samaritan. He knew better than to go against his Detective for an uncle but his uncle could never stop him in a TV land….a place bound by no laws or rules, nobody to tell him what to do or what not to do…., the perfect place to commit a crime and get away with it.

He could throw anybody he didn't like here, kill them (now that he had his new powers after confessing to his alternate self), and wait until their corpses were found on some telephone poll somewhere. It really didn't matter. If Souji was perfectly honest with himself, and he was ever since he gained his Persona. He didn't find things in Inaba too bad so far.

He had formed a familial bond with Nanako, his Uncle's daughter and thus his younger cousin. He found a sort of kinship with her, unusual since he never cared about anybody or anything before. But Nanako was different, Nanako albeit reminded him of his own days as a young child, stuck alone in empty hotels with parents that were never around and never cared enough to be their when he was scared or lonely, when he cried at night due to fear of monsters lurking in new places, no one to talk to when being bullied or having any sort of fears or problems. Just treated like second-rate trash FOR NO FUCKING REASON.

Indeed, Nanako was like him when he was younger, shy, quiet, not wanting to cause any trouble but still wanting to fit in and to gain attention. Souji hated the world, he had lived so many different lives, it was easy when moving around, living the life of a fool. In the end, his pain never really mattered because he would eventually become history to people. But back to the original subject of Nanako, he cared for Nanako, and he sincerely wanted to make sure that no harm came to her. He did despise Ryotaro Dojima but was smart enough to understand that police work was difficult to deal with and the current hotline news of a well-known reporter's death and a further copy cat killing didn't help matters.

It was actually the reason for him being here, if he at least found out whom the killer of the reporter, Mayumi Yamano, was then he could perhaps tip Ryotaro off somehow and get the killer arrested. It wasn't the perfect plan but even knowing who was responsible would somehow help him keep himself and his new family, particularly Nanako, out of any unforeseen danger. The evidence before him albeit confirmed the killer was using TV land and who knew what other unpredictability's may arise? Particularly with Ryotaro being the chief investigator of the case. It was a miracle Nanako hadn't been used as a hostage already considering her living conditions alone before Souji had come into their lives.

He also knew that Ryotaro, unlike his parents, did care for Nanako and so was willing to dissuade Nanako from thinking her father didn't care for her. He wished she were older so he could explain his own problems and how his parents treated him but knew she probably wouldn't believe him anyway and it would put a wedge in his and Ryotaro's current newfound relationship as uncle and nephew.

Had he been able to spend time at home with just Nanako or Ryotaro then perhaps he wouldn't have mind Inaba so much. Unfortunately, this was not the case thanks to the shithole who invented school. Souji thought not just once but many times, if he were ever able to get his hands on the jackass who invented the prison called school he would choke the fucker to death as slowly and painfully as possible. He HATED his classmates; they were all just like the rest, ego-set into thinking they were right about everything. Such was the failure of freedom of speech; people could act like pricks to you just for being new. He had initially been happy with meeting Chie and Yosuke but he soon realized Yosuke was a complete dumbass and Chie was terrible with keeping friendships if her friendship with that rich bitch Yukiko Amagi was any indication.

Chie had said that Yukiko was just shy but Souji knew better, all these fuckers were the same, so much money shoved up their asses thinking they were superior to everybody else. Especially rich women, Souji knew women were bitches to each other because they sexistly thought that other women should somehow "know better" than a man about certain things and so treated men as if they were slower in thought process by being more forgiving of things before being complete bitches like their usual selves. He hated stupid women who thought like that, as far as Souji was concerned, women had no right to think such idiocy when a majority of the people who screw-up are usually women. They were just as dumb as men and they should damn well know it.

He really hated his current predicament, being stuck with an idiot emoing over some dead girl's thoughts about him. Yes, the loss had been recent but to be so self-conscious over her true thoughts of him? In Souji's opinion, the idiot shouldn't be complaining, unlike his experiences with people in schools past, at least Saki was nice enough to not outright tell the fool that she hated him or show any sort of annoyance. The fact the woman had been nice enough to put up with him and not make complaints more than proved she liked him…or she just didn't want to get fired.

'She was a heartless bitch if any of what this voice is saying is true, a dumb bitch at that, but this moron still has nothing to complain about.'

Yosuke was now babbling to himself about some nonsense or something. Souji wasn't really paying attention, he was reminiscing about his life so far, the perks of being reserved for so long, you can tune out and ignore everything….

"Actually, I'm the one who thinks everything's a pain in the ass. Hahaha…."

'Or not…'

Souji turned to his right slightly after Yosuke did to stare at…..another Yosuke….

'Fuck, I'm not special anymore..'

Souji was slightly put out due to that.

'Oh well…so much for going in here alone…, I suppose it would be fun to just go exploring even if I have to put up with this dipshit.'

Souji just waited for the shadow to finish spewing Yosuke's true feelings so they could just leave after Yosuke accepted it. There really wasn't much to do here and they hadn't got any clues on the killer so it was sort of a waste…, well moreso for himself since Yosuke would be gaining something.

"What are you!?" shouted Yosuke, "Who are you!?"

"I already told ya." The doppelganger laughed, "I'm you… Your shadow… There's nothing I don't know about you!"

"Wait-" Souji suddenly had a feeling of foreboding, he just KNEW something detrimental would happen if Yosuke didn't accept himself for what he was like Souji had done already. "Yosuke! Don't-"

"Screw that!" said Yosuke, "I don't know you!"

"You can't be me, you son of a bitch!!"

Souji's voice died at his throat as the sudden feeling of foreboding flooded to all out danger. Souji considered his options and waited as the shadow merely went on chuckling before full blown laughter could be heard echoing off the corridors…

The insanity in the shadow's eyes, the look of pure malevolence overtook its features.

"That's right," said the shadow with a look of pure ecstasy. "Say it again!"

"You're not me!" Yosuke shouted, "You're nothing like me!"

'Fuck..!' thought Souji, 'Too damn fucking late…'