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So, this was their last day. What to do? Fortunately, House had the perfect idea.

"Let's go to the casino," he said. "I hear it's like Vegas with card dealers in fancy attire and skinny little sexy girls wearing hardly anything at all. I'm sold."

Neither of them had seen the casino in person, but have seen it through pictures and from what the events catalog for the ship had said, it's supposed to be a real jazzy joint with a fully stocked bar, nickel and quarter machines, card tables, and probably a lot more that wasn't advertised via programs.

As if he were expecting Cuddy to say yes, he wore a straight face and approached her seriously. Instead, he was laughed at.


"Seriously," he said and held up the booklet of things to do. It was opened up on one of the casino pages, showing Cuddy a rich and entertaining atmosphere. Of course, it has to look like that, otherwise no one would spend all their money. No one wants to go to a place furnished like crap. The snazzier it looks, the more business they get, even on a cruise ship. It might as well have been a picture of Vegas with some smiling dancer girls on the side, inviting any man foolish enough to be turned on by their pearly whites and inviting apparel.

"House, I'm not wasting my money in a casino. I'd rather sit and watch that…stupid cartoon channel you have going 24/7."

"Oh, look who's being a party pooper now!"

"I'm surprised you haven't suggested that foolish casino on day one."

"Come on, Cuddy, it's not like we have anything else to do. And besides, it's the last day so why not?"

"House, you steal food from the cafeteria, drive a twenty year old car, and live in a puny little apartment and you seriously want to go blow your money in a casino?"

"It's a twelve year old car and I'm not blowing anything. That's your job," he added with the wiggle of his eyebrow.

Cuddy scoffed. "Fine, House, you want to go, then go, but I refuse to join you. I'm going up to the top deck to get some sun."

"You can do that at home! It's not every day we can go to a casino."

House slipped his feet inside his sneakers without unlacing them. Cuddy watched him, as if she had never seen him do that before. However, she was focused on a very different thing.

"I suppose you'll want to go to Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun on our next vacation."

"What next vacation?" he asked, taking a hold of his cane that was hanging off one of the kitchen chairs. "You're a drag. I'm taking Wilson with me next time. At least he knows how to party."

Cuddy rolled her eyes. "I know how to party."

"Yeah? Prove it. Go grab that credit card of yours and let's go spend some money. I'd get mine, but since I already purchased all those fancy things for you, I'm afraid I've reached the limit. Yours on the other hand…"

"My credit card is staying right where it is, House."

"If you say so. Well, I'm outta here. Enjoy the sun."

Cuddy folded her arms. "I will."

However, the second that he left, something clicked. He said he couldn't spend anymore money, and yet, he was going to this casino with the full intent of doing so.

"No, he wouldn't," she muttered to herself and then walked quickly back to her room. Her purse looked undisturbed, but that doesn't mean anything. She unzipped it hastily and reached for her wallet. Upon opening it and inspecting it, she noticed right away that one of her cards was missing. It so happened to be a card that had the most available limit on it.

"That son of a bitch," she grumbled. "I'm gonna kill him. That's it. Once I get a hold of him, he'll need a power wheelchair!"

She slipped on a pair of shoes and darted out of the room, making sure she grabbed the key first. House wasn't down the long corridor that lead to the elevators. There's no way he could've walked that fast. Maybe he took a shortcut. Either way, he wasn't here and she needed to find this casino before he racked up her charge card.

"And to think I thought I knew him," she muttered, turning her head back and forth to look down connecting corridors as she stomped like a bull to the elevators. All that was missing was a cartoonish version of smoke puffing from her nose and maybe an earring through the cartilage of her nose. Either way, Lisa Cuddy wasn't happy. "He's just doing this to get me going. He's probably sitting somewhere, laughing his ass off. Oh he makes me so mad! How do I get stuck loving someone like him?"

She entered the elevator and suddenly had no idea where she was going. Where was this casino anyway? Upper or lower deck? Probably upper. All the fancy dos are up there. She pushed the button to the top floor. When the doors opened, House was still nowhere in sight. There's no way he had gotten this far, unless he somehow managed to start being able to run. Or maybe he learned of some sort of shortcut. Cuddy suddenly felt like she was placed in a movie, and a suspense one at that, trying to find the villain before it was too late. Everywhere she looked, everything felt fast paced and her time was running out. The other people didn't care about her dilemma and continued to mind their own business and go about their day. And as we all know in the movies, the villain suddenly pops out of the most unsuspecting places and gives the heroine a good scare. This caused Cuddy to look over her shoulder as she walked briskly down one of the corridors that would lead her to the upper deck. She's not one to have watched many movies, or had time to, but she did catch herself acting as if she did by this action and shook the thoughts away. House was really getting to her.

She had to ask a cruise director where the casino was. She wasn't too far off. It was just a floor beneath her. Cuddy thanked him and went to find House. Since the ship was still in motion and not docked anywhere, all two thousand passengers had to be doing something on board that didn't involve them relaxing in their rooms and it seemed like all of them were at the casino and all taller than Cuddy. Cuddy found herself having to stand on her tiptoes to see anyone that slightly resembled House. With all these people, there's no way she could find him. He could be anywhere in this large place.

Still pressing on, hearing cheers of winning and slot machine dings, she was determined to find him. He wouldn't use her credit card; he just wanted to find a way to get her to follow him. She was sure of that. House was vindictive, but not to the point where he would use her credit card to gamble. That's another thing she would reprimand him for-luring her here by deception.

Shoulder to shoulder action wasn't exactly Cuddy's cup of tea. Getting caught in the middle of crowds wasn't her thing. Surely there were other things to be doing on this ship other than gamble. As soon as she got a hold of House, she was determined to do those other things and not stay in here. She hated gambling, almost as much as she hated House right about now.

A sound caused her to look over her shoulder. If it weren't for that sound by some random guy dropping something, she wouldn't have seen House standing next to a roulette table with a bunch of other people cheering and throwing clenched fists in the air with victory. House was one of those people at one point. Looks like he won something, but Cuddy didn't care to ask him, whenever it was she could fight through these people and get over to him.

"Come on, House, let's go," she said, taking him by the arm. "You had enough excitement for one day."

Just then, he looked over at her with a large frown. It wasn't House, but it was his cane.

"Excuse me?" the man asked, taking his arm back.

Cuddy apologized, feeling very foolish. She couldn't help but ask him where he got the cane that was leaning up against the table.

"It was already there," he told her.

Cuddy grabbed the cane and couldn't help but think this was a setup to humiliate her. Of course, this made her extra mad at him. When she found him, it would take every ounce of willpower not to beat him into a pulp with his own cane in front of all these witnesses.

She continued to look, and just when she was about to give up and go back to the room to wait for him, she knew for sure she saw him sitting on a stool at one of the many slot machines up at the front left side of the casino. She then remembered what he wore when he left. If she remembered five minutes ago what he wore and not what his cane looked like, she could've avoided looking like an idiot by grabbing a hold of the other guy.

She sat herself in the stool beside him, looking hot, disheveled, and annoyed. It was House this time, although he didn't bother to look at her. Instead, he popped another quarter into the machine and pulled the lever.

"Do I know you?" he asked, being a smart ass.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't hurt you," she said, struggling not to yell.

"Because you love me," he said cockily and gave her a Gregory House sarcastic smile.

"Guess again," she said venomously and exposed his cane. "Look familiar?"

He looked surprised to have seen it. "Little, little Greg, where did you wander off to? I missed you so much. Thank you, mommy." He took his cane back, but leaned it up against the slot machine before dropping in another quarter.

"Don't mention it. Where's my credit card?"

House gave her a look of shock. "God woman, is that all you can think of is money? You gold digger, you."

Cuddy groaned. "House, it's my credit card and I want it back, and then we're getting out of this place."

"Greedy, greedy, greedy," he chanted to himself.

She slapped his arm. Just after she did, House got all sevens on the machine and a sound lit up the area that sounded similar to a police siren. A red light at the top of the machine also lit the area, letting everyone know that there was a winner here. Everyone seemed to flock around House and Cuddy as quarters suddenly started pouring from the coin dispenser like an angry payphone. No one knew how many came out, but it was a hell of a lot. Cuddy's mouth was dropped the entire time. She had no idea people actually won on these things! Looking and trying to count with her eyes, coming up with a rough estimate, there had to be at least three hundred dollars spilt all around the machine, and it wasn't stopping here! They continued to pour out. Cuddy felt like she was breaking into an ATM that had coins and did something wrong to cause this.

Dozens and dozens of cups were used to gather these quarters and eventually large plastic shopping bags were used as a last resort. House was having a grand time picking up quarters from the floor and putting them into bags. He didn't even care about his leg. Cuddy stayed up at the bin and shoveled them into cups and bags, wondering if this was ever going to end.

Twenty minutes later, the machine finally stopped going off and the coins stopped coming. People still gathered around, as if they had never seen someone win money before, and gawked at the concept. Cuddy found it amazing that House won this money when it first happened, but somewhere in that twenty minutes, she lost interest and wanted to get away from this place even more.

"Okay everyone, break it up, you act like you've never seen this before," Cuddy said when people started talking amongst themselves with wide eyes.

Technically, they haven't seen something like this. Fifty-six extra large cups were filled to the top with quarters, and many bags were filled as well when the cups ran out.

"Time to go cash them in!" House said, getting to his feet.

"Seriously?" Cuddy asked, looking surprised.

"Duh, Cuddy, unless you need bus fare for the next hundred years."

Sometime during the commotion, they were given a cart to put the cups on. The staff also came and helped them load it. They knew how much they won, for three pairs of sevens always shot out the same amount.

"You should have it so hundred dollar bills come out instead. Would make for a much easier cleanup," House said when they went into the back room to do the exchange.

Cuddy just gave him a look, silently telling him to shut up.

"You're a very lucky man, Mr. House."

"Doctor," House corrected.

"Doctor," he corrected and handed him some forms to sign. Of course, the IRS needs a cut of this money when it comes time to file, the greedy bastards.

House saw this and frowned. "I didn't win THAT much."

"Five thousand, sir. Twenty thousand quarters. Something like this happens once every two years. You're very lucky."

Cuddy's eyes widened.

"And you said I wouldn't amount to anything," House murmured over to Cuddy. He then reached into his pocket and gave her back her credit card. "Thanks for the ten dollars. I'll pay you back with interest."

Cuddy's mouth dropped. "House, you did not use my credit card." They kept their voices between them, but still furrowed the brows of the staff in the room.

"No. I couldn't get a cash advance. Stupidly I forgot to ask for a pin." He looked back up at the employee. "Cash me out, my good man. I think my slave driver here wants to go someplace else."

"More like slave driven," Cuddy muttered, speaking for herself.

House filled out the papers fast and collected his winnings. They left the casino ten minutes later after finally getting away from being encouraged to spend some of his winnings in the casino to try for higher. House thought the idea was tempting, seeing as though they offered him a five percent increase on his winnings if he spent at least half, but Cuddy didn't even let him think about it. She wanted to get him out of there.

"Are you sure you didn't use my card?" she asked.

"Yes," he said, feeling his pockets to be sure his money didn't fall out through an imaginary hole or something. "See, aren't you glad you came down to watch me win all this money?"

"Something I could've done without, but I'm glad you're happy. Now you have to do what I want to do the entire rest of the day."

House groaned loudly. "But mooooom."

She held up a finger to silence him. He wasn't getting away with this one.

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