If You Only Knew.

Chapter 37 – Enough is Enough!

The following night;

Cameron, North Carolina;

Drea's POV;

God it felt good to be home. I liked being on the road with my friends but home was really where I felt the most comfortable. And now that I was with Jeff; it felt more like home than anytime before. I couldn't explain it but fate finally decided to give us a break and even in my wildest dreams I couldn't have wished or hoped for it to feel this right.

Shannon, Claire, Matt and Brittany had all headed home to their own places. My eyes had closed on the ride home, which was unusual for me. Usually I loved to watch the countryside slide by. However, last night, after the encounter in the elevator – it had seemed that Jeff had found his second wind and we had spent the whole night making love. My whole body felt like I had been the one who had been in the ring with CM Punk last night.

Was it possible to get high from such amazing sex?

"What's got you grinning like the joker?" Jeff asked glancing at me before he took the turn off that led to the imag-I-nation.

"I'm just thinking about last night," I smiled at him as I placed my hand over the top of his that was resting on my leg.

"Not the airplane?"

When we had been on the plane on the way home; it had been like a fuse between us had been withered away, exposing an undeniable, raw circuit of passion that had been quenched in the impossibly small toilet.

"Oh trust me – my mind if locking that one up for later consumption," I admitted.

"You know you say all the right things," he chuckled as our home came into view.

Home – mine and Jeff's home; that was somewhat weird to think about but in a completely good way. For my whole life, I knew that anywhere with Jeff was home for me. The man had been my saviour in more ways than one. Not only had he saved me from suffocating Parent's, but he had saved me from losing myself after I had lost Daniel and now we were together in the way that we had always hoped for. There was no moment when I regretted getting together with my best friend; it felt like it had only strengthened our connection.

"We're home gorgeous," my boyfriend said smiling as the car came to a stop right outside the newly built home.

"Thank the Lord,"

"Tell me about it,"

The both of us clambered out of the car; leaving our luggage in the boot of the car for the moment. In a silent agreement; all we wanted to do was sleep. It had been a long day – Jeff had photo shoots, media interviews, fan meet and greets, a WWE signing event and then the taping of the show and to have done it all with no sleep was an amazing feet on his part.

"It really does feel good to be home, don't you think?" he asked locking the front door behind me.

Moving towards me his eyes blazed with a desire that matched my own building lust. Wrapping his arm around me, he kissed me so powerfully that I felt my knees weaken and my heart racing. "Do you have any idea what you do to me?" He growled quietly in to my ear.

"Me? Are you kidding me?" I asked back as I ushered us towards the stairs that would take us towards his bedroom.

Letting my body rest against his frame, I felt all the love that I felt for him building. But tonight I wanted more than a kiss; after watching him perform I was more than ready for him. The sound of my cell phone ringing in my pocket interrupted my train of thought. Pulling my phone out, I answered without checking caller ID.

"Hello…?" No answer; silence creeped in to my ears. "Hello…? Hello?" Still nothing; I ended the connection figuring that somehow someone had gotten the wrong number.

Jeff's POV;

My God she was stunning dressed in; a black tighter than tight trouser suit that clung to her in all the right places until all I wanted to do was rip the material from her body and take her; make her feel things that she had never felt with anyone. Under the black jacket was a tight fitting t-shirt that accented everything that she had to offer. Chunky high heeled boots made her stand a little taller than she really was. The way her long hair hung down her back; seemed to be taunting me. I wanted nothing more than to bury my face in her beautiful locks. To let her amazing spicy perfume invade every inch of my being.

"What made you realize that you liked me?" I asked finally breaking the kiss.

"That first morning that I saw you with Phoebe!" She admitted quietly. "I couldn't stop the jealousy from sweeping through me when I saw her in your arms,"

"That long ago?" I was shocked. I had, had no idea! Had I known I would never have let things with Phoebe get so out of control.

"Mmhmm!" She looked down at her feet as the heat stung her beautiful features.

"Baby, I am so sorry!" Gently reaching my hand under her chin and lifted her head to look at me. "If I had known…"

"But you didn't Jeff,"


"Forget about it! All that matters is that we are together now," She said reaching her hand to my face and running her fingers lightly over my skin causing me to react by trembling uncontrollably. "You're here in my arms now and that is all that matters,"

"I know! I love you Drea, I have always loved you and I always will," I growled softly.

Drea's POV;

I couldn't believe it; he loved me! I had finally gotten the guy and I wasn't about to let him go! Not for anyone! Now that I had Daniel's blessing, now that I knew that my husband was ok with it, I could allow myself to feel everything that I had been trying to squash. Looking deep in to his beautiful, soulful eyes I could feel everything I had ever wanted flashing back at me wildly.

"Jeff…I-I…love you too!" I said softly.

"Y-You do?"

"Y-Yes I love you very much. I am just sorry that it has taken me so long to see it and admit it,"

"You don't have anything to be sorry about baby, you came round that is all that matters," Placing his lips tenderly to my forehead I felt all the love he had for me flowing through the kiss.

"Thank you Jeff," I replied bringing my arms around his neck, I pressed my lips to his hungrily. Melting in to me he kissed me with a passion that rendered me completely powerless.

Running his hands over every curve on my body as he led the way down the hallway; kicking the door to his room open, as he never gave up his assault on my mouth or body. We stumbled in to his room, kicking the door behind him we started tearing at each other's cloths until we heard;


Jeff's POV;

Stopping mid kiss at the sudden sound of a female clearing her throat. My eyes locked firmly on Drea; had that been her? No it wasn't she looked as surprised as I did.

Slowly we turned to see Phoebe lying on the bed; naked and obviously waiting for me! What the hell was this girl trying to do? Did she really want me? Or was she intent just on keeping Drea and I apart.

"Phoebe?" I asked looking at her and feeling absolutely nothing for her. My hard on wasn't from the sight of her naked on my bed; it was from the way that Drea had been kissing me, the feel of her hands running over my flesh, tugging desperately on my cloths as we had backed in to my room.

"Yes! Do you mind telling me what the hell is going on?" she asked making no attempt to cover herself up; making no attempt to regain her composure.

"What do you mean…? What the hell is going on?"

"Well I have been sitting at home here all this time waiting to see my man and I find him kissing some other woman and not just any woman but the tart who you said you weren't interested in…"

"You don't get to talk about Drea like that!" I growled warningly. Drea gently placed her hand to my arm and offered a supportive squeeze.

"It's ok Nero!" She smiled at me softly. God why did Phoebe have to show up now? "It's obvious to me that we have made a mistake," she said looking me in the eye.

"What? No we haven't…" I whirled to look at Phoebe. "You…? I told you that it was over,"

"You told me that you didn't think we should see each other…and it is obvious to me now that you only did that because you were being manipulated by this bitch!" Phoebe finally started to get up.

"You're right Phoebe! I am sorry…I should never have tried to take Jeff away from you,"

What was she doing? Did she really mean that? Looking at her, I could see her jaw was tense and I suddenly realized that she didn't mean it, she was just trying to keep the situation calm and in a controlled manner. "No you shouldn't have Drea! Jeff I told you that she was a manipulator but you didn't listen to me,"

"I'm sorry Phoebe!" Drea said softly as she moved further in to the room.

"Why do you hate me so much Drea?" Phoebe asked.

"Can't you see?"

"See what?" she asked softening towards Drea as I hung back unprepared to pretend that I wanted nothing to do with Drea; I couldn't pretend; she meant more to me than I had ever thought was possible.

My eyes fell on Drea's hands that were placed behind her back, in a crossed position she took a deep breath. "I thought that if I could split you and Jeff up that you would see that you are meant to be with me," She said reaching the bed and sitting down.

"Y-You…You d-don't mean t-that," Phoebe said watching Drea closely as I started to back out of the room. I knew what Drea was trying to do, I knew that she needed me to go and get help. I didn't want to leave her alone in the room with this psycho but I knew better than anyone that Drea could look after herself.

"Yes Phoebe, I do…I have tried to hide the way I feel about you but I-I just…I can't! I want you to be with me baby," Drea soothed softly as I gently and silently closed the door behind me.

Racing along the corridor that moments earlier held nothing but passion and the promise of being with the girl that I loved and now it seemed to go on forever and forever as I tried to get to the stairs as quickly as possible.

Tearing a path from the stairs to the front door, my eyes fell on my car where my phone was still hiding in the glove compartment. Dialing my brother's number, I desperately waited for him to answer "Matt!" I gasped.

"What? What's wrong? Has something happened to Drea?" He asked instantly as he answered sensing that something was wrong, which wasn't unusual for my brother.

"Phoebe…she…in…my…when-we-got…up-there…waiting-for-us!" I panted out of control.

"WHAT?" Matt yelled moving for the elevator. "And you left her there alone with that psycho?"

"She is handling it Matt! Do you really think that I would leave her there alone if I thought there was a chance of her being in danger?" I snapped.

"I don't know Jeff…" he said, "what do you want me to do?"

"Call the cops for me, I have to get back to check on them,"

"No – you wait outside until we get there, we're on the way!"

Wait for them – was he crazy? How could I just sit back here and wait for them to get here? 'Cos if you go back up there you might cause Phoebe to snap and do something stupid. I knew that but it didn't make waiting any easier so I started pacing as quickly as I could until I was afraid that I was digging a trench in the ground in front of my front door. Finally they appeared with Shannon and Claire pulling in behind my brother and Brittany.

Without saying anything; Matt, Shannon and I came to a silent agreement that we were going in there to see what we could do so the 3 of us raced back into the house and up the stair and then along the corridor and burst in to the room to see Phoebe sat on the floor bloody nose and Drea pacing angrily.

"Drea baby!" I whispered moving to her and wrapping her up in my arms. "What happened?"

"She tried to…" Drea couldn't get it out as I watched Shannon and Matt pulling the girl to her feet. "Get her fucking dressed and out of this house," Drea said snapping. Who did as she requested. Matt stood watching as I held my girl close to me, as she clung to me tightly. "And this never gets mentioned again," She snapped.

"Drea?" Shannon questioned softly.


"Don't you think that maybe this girl needs help…?"

"Yeah the help of my fist on her fucking face!" Drea snapped as she shuddered at what ever had caused her to knock Drea out.

"No I mean professional help Drea…"

"Well it isn't like we can do anything now Matt," I said looking at him in disbelief.

"Well I was thinking I could take her to Raleigh and get her in to see a shrink or something?" Shannon offered obviously feeling bad for the girl who was now dressed and being held away from Drea who looked from Shannon to the girl.
"Drea I love you!" Phoebe said trying in vain to get out of the burly men's grip. I could feel Drea tense at the girl's admission.

"Yeah I think that is maybe a good idea," Drea finally relented looking at the girl.

"Please Drea we could be so good together," Phoebe pleaded.

"No Phoebe we couldn't! I am not…I don't…I like men!" She finally got out what she wanted to say.

"But we are meant to be…"

"I SAID NO!" Drea yelled angrily. "Go Shannon before I do more damage than I should,"

"You got it," Shannon slowly reached for the woman and led her out of the room with Matt right behind them.

Finally giving in Drea collapsed against my frame.

Drea's POV;

I wanted to shower; I wanted to scrub until I bled. I wasn't in to women never had been; I had never questioned my sexual orientation. Holding on to Jeff tightly as the thoughts and memories of Phoebe trying to kiss me, trying to pull at my cloths invaded my every sense until I felt sick.

The feel of Jeff's hand running up and down my back supportively left my body slowly starting to calm down. "You ok princess?" He asked softly.

Pulling back from his chest where I had buried my head, I looked in to his eyes and could feel everything slipping away.

"I just…I want to…help me forget?" I asked as I brushed my lips over his tenderly. Caving against me he slowly and gently deepened the kiss until our tongues were caressing each other, tasting each other, exploring each other's mouths.

"Drea…I-I…are you sure you are ready for this?" Jeff panted breaking the kiss.

"Jeff I have never been more ready than right now," I admitted hungrily as I pulled him in to another hot, long desperate kiss. "Mmm!" I purred softly as his hands slowly began to roam over my curves. Reaching the front of my jacket he pulled it from my frame and threw it to the floor.

"Oh God Drea you're so beautiful," He growled hungrily as he reached to the bottom of my white t-shirt and began to pull it up over my curves letting his hands graze lightly over my flesh until I was shivering uncontrollably.

"Jeff oh God!" I panted out of control. Following his lead I pulled his cloths from his frame until we were both naked and panting out of control.

The feel of his soft, smooth hands over my flesh was enough to almost send me crazy with desire and want. Lightly tracing the tips of my finger tips up over his abs until I reached his nipples…leaving him shivering desperately as his hands grabbed for my ass and pulled me hard against his frame.

"Drea oh…God baby…I want you so much," He growled his desperation. Moving until I had led him out on to the balcony; the feel of the cool southern air wrapped around us tightly; holding us firmly in its tight grip. Every inch of my body, every nerve inside me was heightened from his amazingly soft smooth touch causing my breath to race away from me.

Jeff's POV;

Guiding me backwards until I was lying back on the balcony recliner. Standing over me; legs spread to either side of the chair I let my eyes feast on her amazing frame.

Sliding my hands up the outside of her amazing toned, tanned legs that seemed to go on forever.

I had imagined how soft her amazing skin would feel; I hadn't for one minute expected her to feel so silky, satin smooth and soft. I was about ready to burst from the desire that watching her from this angle, stirred inside me.

My eyes feasted on every inch of her naked frame; over her pussy, her toned abs, her soft breasts, in to her amazing dark hair and finally in to her desire filled; beautiful dark eyes that held my stare.

"Touch me Jeff?" She pleaded softly as the sound of the river next to the house reached the balcony.

"Where?" I growled as my fingers traced a light steady line over her pelvis; causing her to shiver desperately.

"Anywhere…everywhere!" She panted.

Seeing her stood over me, naked ready for the taking I couldn't want her more, I couldn't be more ready for her as my cock throbbed madly desperately begging for attention.

Watching her as she slowly ran her hands through her long seductive hair sliding down her neck until she reached her breasts. Looking in to my eye, she whispered softly; "Do you want me to touch myself?" The purr was enough to leave me gasping for air.

"Yes! Oh God yes!" I growled as hunger and desire rose in me like a tidal wave ready to erupt.

"Mmm! I am glad you said that," She purred her eyes staying locked on mine her hands tenderly began to glide over her nipples as my own hands seemed unable to move as I watched in suspended arousal at my girl as she touched herself with a tenderness that only a woman could achieve. "Jeff touch me please?" She begged her eyes pleading with me as she continued to touch herself.

As if that was all I needed my hands began to glide over her amazing frame again. My eyes feasted on every inch of her; the way her hips slowly swayed as she continued to touch herself, I tried everything I could not to focus on that but damn it she was turning me on like no woman had ever turned me on.

"Drea baby?" I growled as my hand slowly and lightly rubbed over her warm, wet pussy.

"Mmm!" She purred rocking her hips against my hand as I slowly slipped my fingers in to her wet pussy. "Yes oh God yes!" She purred looking deep in to my eyes as my fingers claimed her insides and my eyes watched as her own hands claimed her own breasts.

"I want you Drea, I want more than this, I need to feel your insides swirling around my cock," I begged desperately.

"Mmm!" She tilted her head to the side and smiled at me. Pulling her hips away from fingers causing me to withdraw from her warm, wet, amazingly soft chamber.

"W-What are you d-doing?" I panted out of control.

"You'll see," She purred softly as she lifted one leg from the side of the recliner and slowly turned so that her back was facing me; lowering herself down on to my rock hard thick cock.

"Drea oh God! You feel so good," I growled as my hunger reached new levels. The feel of her soft, wet, warm insides molding around the entire length of my shaft as she pushed herself until she had devoured my entire cock.

Sitting up, my chest pressed hard against her back as my hands slowly traced light feather lines around her body until I was gliding my fingers over her erect nipples.

"Mmm Jeff that feels…you feel so good," She purred as she slid her pussy up and down the entire length of my cock as my fingers grazed roughly and then gently over her nipples.

Resting my chin on her shoulder, I let my eyes devour her from this angle. She really had the most amazingly beautiful body that I had ever seen.

"Drea oh God, I love you!" I growled as desire and hunger and lust and love became one entity.

"I-I love y-you too," She purred running her hand around my neck holding my face close to hers. The feel of her fingers running through my long hair, had me loose my rhythm for a mere second. "Jeff!" She panted softly as she reached her free hand to one of my hands that were on her breasts. Pulling me away from the soft, smooth flesh and gliding me down the centre of her body. "I want to feel…your fingers inside me," She panted as she helped guide my fingers to inside her wet, warm chamber.

"OH GOD DREA!" I growled hungrily as the feel of her clit lapping around our fingers as we both stroked her towards climax; the feel of her entire pussy eating me up felt better than I had allowed myself to remember.

Biting on her exposed neck left her crashing over and over. Slamming down hard on my cock as her release took her higher and higher caused my own eruption to come exploding out of me in long, debilitating spurts of passion. Sensing that I was momentarily out of commission Drea; continued to slam down on to my shaft drawing both of our releases out of us until I thought it was never going to end.

Nibbling hungrily on her exposed flesh as she removed her arm from around my neck; seemingly satisfied that I wasn't removing my face from her neck, she reached the now free hand to my hand that was over her breasts; guiding me until I was nipping forcefully on the swelling bud.

"YES OH GOD YES!" She screamed out and it seemed to echo around the area of the house, bouncing back in on us as we rode the wave to pleasure together.

As it slowly began to pass our movements reacted in kind until we weren't moving no more but we stayed connected. Panting breathlessly our heads resting together as we stared out over the country side that surrounded the house.

"That…was…Jeff…you-are…amazing!" She panted out of control.

"Oh God Drea; it's all down to you! What you do to me," I growled placing my lips to her neck as her upper body collapsed against me. Sweat beaded our bodies as we both fell back against the recliner. Staying connected until Drea slowly got to her feet. Leaving me lying on the recliner she disappeared in to the room.

"Where are you going?" I growled after her.

With no reply she eventually moved back out on to the balcony carrying the duvet from my bed, she climbed on to the recliner next to me and wrapped the blanket over our naked bodies. Snuggling down in to my embrace I couldn't have felt more content had I tried.

Slowly we drifted to sleep with the knowledge that Phoebe was gone from our lives now and we could just get on with our newly entwined lives and that was something that we had both wanted for the longest time. If Drea had only known sooner how I felt about her; then we wouldn't have had to go through all this Hell to get us to this point.

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