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When a child is ready to be born, the mother would experience labour pains caused by...

When the child is born, it would be hit to test if the child's senses are...

When humans reach the end of their lives, their cone of their organs usually collapses or stops working causing them to feel...

What was pain..? This was one of the first tests of a baby. The bearers would have to hit the child to get it to cry. The first feeling. Pain. From pain humans are created, and pain the first test, to pain when they are exhumed. Pain from the mother to give birth to the child. Pain to the child to check if it is human. Pain for both when their lifespans are up. Daniella mused on the concept of pain. No doubt the little FilthyMissPrincess could feel pain. But what of Daniella? Could she feel pain? It would be the first test. Once she has gotten the Azoth, she would find out how pain feels like. Then she would know that she would have taken the first step to be alive. To be human. To be Woman. To be.. The Princess.

After reading the information in the study she knew how to obtain the precious Azoth that would make her a Woman and a Princess and she was eager to start. Not that she knew what she was feeling was eagerness. She just brushed it aside as another of that malfunction. She was not a perfect creature. An incomplete thing. But that would end soon enough. She would be complete soon enough. Still, she wanted to make sure that she knew she was human when she finally obtained the Azoth. As pain was the first step...

She walked her measured steps to the kitchen and started to take the knife. She made cuts in her hand. There was a sensation that she did not like. It was similar when she was hit an beaten when she was being 'unsatisfactory'. But that could not be pain. Because she did not know pain. She took note of the sensations though. 'Not like this' She said to herself in her mind. When she finally became human, she wouldn't feel like this, because this is what not humans feel when humans supposed to feel pain. She was certain. 'When I am human.. When I am a Woman.. When I am the Princess, it would be different.' And she knew that she would savour the difference. Not that she knew what savouring means, but when she was human, she would. She would know so much things. How to feel happy and sad and taste and feel pain and pleasure. Especially pleasure. It was supposed to feel good.

She tried to ingrain the feeling of how it felt to be cut into her memory, because soon, she would no feel this sensation. This sensation that she did not like. Instead she would feel pain. Not this burning, piercing and sharp sensation. No. She would feel sweet pain instead.

After she was done cutting her hands, she slowly climbed up the stairs to the MissPrincessFilth's room. Soon.. Soon.. Soon.. As measured as her steps were, her thoughts chanted the words. It was in beat, in rhythm a perfect fit. Going up a flight of stairs, her anticipation increased. It was like she could hardly control herself, but she did. Self control was ingrained in her from the start. What she needed to do and what she was supposed to do. She was taught from her creation to only do what she needed to do. Her punishments if she could not control herself were severe. From there her self control had grown. Grown so much. She knew how to lie limp when all she wanted to do was run away and leave the place. She knew how to stand up, even when she felt like she would collapse from the burning sensation. She new how to ensure her face never changed, no matter what had happened. She knew how to listen to every order perfectly. It was only due to this training that she was able to keep her measured steps up the flight of stairs. Click.. click.. Click.. Just like that.

Soon she was there. At the door. Behind it was her goal. Her target. Her aim. The one chance in the way of her becoming what she wanted to be. The one chance.. and the one obstacle. Limbs nearly trembling, she turned the knob and stepped inside. 'There!' Her mind zoomed in on the figure on the bed. The little Princess... Fiona... Sleeping there all peaceful and without a care. Without a care.. When she.. Daniella has to suffer throughout all of this. Cleaning, pleasing, cooking, scrubbing, feeding, following all that she was supposed to do.. But yet was never appreciated. Never appreciated. This Woman... All she needed to do was run.. Run around.. Run around and simply Be, and she was made the Princess.. What had she done..? What had she done throughout this time? What made her deserve the treatment?

Ugly, disgusting, filthy, wretch. Covered with sweat and grime. Never perfect. Never working. Never having to follow orders. No restrictions. Nothing at all. Nothing compared to Daniella, the Perfect Woman. But Daniella was not the Princess. Not now. Not yet.

Daniella went to the bed to observe her prey more carefully. She took in the sight. Soon all that this Woman had, would be hers. Everything. Her hand reached out to stroke her cheek. Everything from her emotions... Her hand went down south.. To her milk... Further south... To her fertility... She stopped there. Her Azoth.. She patted the spot once Her essence of life. She lifted her hand higher. Essence of Woman! The force came down hard. She pressed on the abdomen until blue eyes snapped open in shock.

Blue eyes stared at her in a flurry of emotions that Daniella could hardly care less about. After all, soon this Miss wouldn't matter. Only she would. Why should she care about this Miss who was covered in sweat and grime? Who was so imperfect? This Miss that had done nothing in here, absolutely Nothing in here while Daniella, Daniella who cleaned, and cooked, and served, and obeyed orders perfectly was cast aside and gone completely out of mind? Ignored and treated as nothing? Daniella had done everything. She had done Nothing. Yet all she needed to do was run around, all covered with sweat and grime and simply Be. She was the Princess and Daniella was not. Why? Because of Azoth. Azoth and nothing more. But that would change soon enough. Soon. Daniella would be the Princess. Daniella would be the Woman. Daniella would be the one who simply needed to be to be loved and adored.

Soon Daniella would have everything. Absolutely everything. Everything that she deserved, right from the very start. Attention. Care. Appreciation. Even love.

Still she looked closer at the Miss. What was shown in those eyes.. was it confusion? Why? was it not clear to her that Daniella was not complete? Was it confusing? Why? She had spelled it out during the Dinner that was Wrong. So why? Was it that the Miss was simply an Imbecile? That thought only made her more disgusted. Why was it that this Miss had everything? What made her worth to have the Azoth in the fist place? Why her? She did Nothing. She did not even have the intelligence! The impulse to take what was there was strong, but Daniella was nothing if not controlled. What could the Miss be confused about? Perhaps Daniella had missed something? Or perhaps it was that..

The Miss was always complete. She could not understand what it meant to be incomplete. It was unfathomable to her, the state on non-completion. Yes.. That must have been it. The Miss did not know.. An explanation was not suffice.. What the Princess needed to know.. needed too see, was how exactly it was like to be incomplete. No be unable to feel anything. Yes, that was what the Miss needed to see. And that would be what Daniella was going to show her. She slowly walked to the window. Daniella would show her exactly what it was like to be incomplete. Then she would understand.

An incomplete being could not feel pain. That was what she would show the Young Miss. Her measured steps could be heard against the silence of the room, only broken by the sound of the ticking clock. Click.. Click.. Click.. Daniella walked slowly to the window. Her poise was perfect. She could hear the sound of movement behind her. The Princess was trying to escape. No. That would not do. the Princess needed to understand how it was like to not be human. Daniella turned around. Her stare seemed to bore right through the Miss as the Miss tried to flatten herself to the wall. She was pinned there, and Daniella knew that she would not leave without watching what was going to be shown. Good. She needed to needed to know how it was, to not feel pain. To not feel anything at all, but this was the easiest way. She would show the Princess how it was to be a being like her.

"I am not complete"

She put both hands on the cool glass surface. 'Incomplete beings did not feel pain.' he told herself. and she prepared for what she was going to do next. Thump. Her head smacked on the hard glass surface. She did not even wince. Her training had been complete for a long time. She ignored the sharp feeling spreading from her forehead. She lifted her head off the glass, and slammed it back down again. Hard. Merciless. But she gave no indication of feeling anything. It was easy enough to push away the sudden whirl that was going in her head. The blurring, the ache, the burn. She ignored it, just as all the other times. Practice made perfect. She slammed down again. And again. And again. . She did not stop. Thumpthumpthumpthump. Went the sound of it. She did not care. And she gave no indication of feeling anything. She didnt feel anything after all. 'Because incomplete beings did not feel pain. Master and Keeper both said the same thing.' her mind reasoned. And she believed. She did not care. because soon, she would no longer feel this thin hat she was feeling. Soon she would really experience Pain. Pain that all complete beings could feel.

The sound changed from thumps to cracks as the glass split and shattered under the force of her skull, bashing into it. Complete humans could have been groaning in pain and hurt. Daniella kept her face straight. Not a sound was heard from her. It was nothing after all. But did the Miss get it? Did she understand that Daniella was incomplete and could not feel pain? Or did it need to be clearer? Perhaps it would be best if it was clearer after all, just in case. precautions were always best. Humans definitely felt pain.. when they were cut. She reached out her hand and grabbed a shard still attached to the window. The gripped it hard. She could feel the edges cut into her skin, and again, the feeling of sharp burning discomfort. But it did not matter. She applied more pressure. And more. She jerked it around until the force broke it off the window completely. She could feel the blood run, but she did not care. her face was a mask. Surely now the Miss could see that she was incomplete?

She could feel the eyes of the Miss still watching her. Did she understand now then? Or was she just as confused? She shouldn't be. The explanation and the example was clear enough. Daniella looked at the shard in her hand. She smiled and gave it a quick kiss. That was to show that she was happy and pleased right? The complete human way at least. Showing a smile when happy and giving kisses to show pleased contentment. Daniella had been reading up to know how to act as a complete human after all. She was eager and impatient to be one. In this situation, she should he happy and pleased right? After all, now the Miss should know exactly how it was like to be incomplete. She should know exactly why Daniella wanted to be complete. She should know how determined Daniella was to have her Azoth. She should know why she was going to do what she was going to do and how important it was to her. She should know that soon, Daniella was the one who would be known as the Princess. Yes, in this cases she should be happy.

Daniella turned to Fiona. The Miss should now know that she had been properly warned. the miss should understand her plight. The miss should understand her suffering. The miss should understand how unjust the situation was. The miss should understand that nothing could save her now. The Azoth belonged to Daniella. She would take what she deserved. And how she was so much more deserving than a useless wretch that only know hoe to run and make trouble. Make trouble and get attention. Precious little Princess..

Soon. Soon soon soon so so soon so soon soon soon so soon so so soon soon.. Soon Daniella would be complete. Soon Daniella would be Woman. Soon Daniella would be loved and adored just by being. Soon, Daniella would be the Princess. All she needed to do, was complete the obstacle in front of her. There could only be one Princess. And Daniella was determined to be it. She started to advance, shard in hand, with her measured steps. With each step, a word chanted in her head.

Click.. Click.. Click.. went the sound of her shoes on the floor as she advanced.

Soon.. Soon.. Soon.. went the sound of mind as she advanced.

It was in sync and perfect.

Just as she would be.


Oh! And before I forget. The Azoth is not the thing that allows woman to give birth. No, because if that was the case, then Lorenzo should not have been able to suck out the Azoth from Riccardo because Riccardo is no woman. Instead, what I believe the Azoth to be, is a life force. A life force that allows for the people to be alive. The energy that everyone possesses. Even Daniella. But the only difference is, that people with alot of this life force become increasingly fertile. They have so much of this force, that it would be easy to create more life by melding their forces with another person with enough of this energy to make another life be born. The higher the amount of energy, the more fertile the person.

In his case, both Danielly and Fiona have Azoth, but Daniella cannot adsorb enough life force to make her fertile. Fiona on the other hand, has a lot and very excess amount of Azoth as given to her by her parents and especially her father who had alot of Azoth, or so I believe if I remember correctly. The thing is, Daniella has been fed the information that she does not have the Azoth needed. In this case it is actually, that she does not have enough Azoth in order to fulfill Lorenzo's plans and thus to him would be as if she possessed none in the first place. Thus she believes that she has no Azoth. As seen in the previous chapters, Lorenzo associates Azoth with circle of life and essence of woman, thus Daniella believes so to be true.

Why would he say such things? Because A, he hates Daniella, her being worthless to him and therefor wants to make her feel tormented, and B, because that guy is so intent on his plans and what he needs the Azoth for that to him, it may as well be the exact equivalent.

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