Magnus sighed irritably when someone knocked rapidly on his door. He shoved away from the couch, standing, and made his way to the door. He didn't want visitors. Alec had made him feel as if no one would even want to look at him. Having to knock him unconscious so he didn't tell his parents about them just because Clary marked him with the Fearless rune. Magnus was truly hurt when Alec dismissed it and told his parents not to worry about it. He couldn't believe what he had been hearing when Alec told his parents that he wasn't seeing anyone, yet in the same room sat Magnus, the very warlock Alec couldn't take his hands off of whenever they were alone.

"What?" Magnus snapped as he pulled open the door.

He froze when he laid eyes on the seemingly invincible man reduced to a sniffling, teary-eyed mess.

"Alec? What's wrong? What happened?" Magnus asked him anxiously.

"I'm so sorry, Magnus. I'm really sorry," Alec cried, staring at the warlock as if he were going to hit him any second.

Magnus raised his hand to wipe away one of Alec's tears, but Alec flinched away. The warlock's eyes widened in realization, and he pulled Alec into his arms. He cradled the Shadowhunter's head in his hand, stroking his hair soothingly.

"I'm not going to hurt you, darling. Shhhh; I forgive you. I could never stay mad at you," Magnus whispered.

Alec shook roughly with his sobs, and Magnus rubbed his back, still stroking his hair.

He's so upset. I'm not even mad at him. How could someone be mad at a Shadowhunter when they were sobbing apologies to you? That's when you know who's a good person, Magnus rambled to himself.

"Come on, Alec, dear. Let's go sit on the couch, okay?" Magnus coaxed.

Alec mumbled something, but it was muffled in Magnus' T-shirt.

"What was that, Allie?" Magnus prompted.

"I said: I love you," Alec said, lifting his head to look at Magnus.

Magnus smiled, smoothing Alec's hair back. "I love you too, my Alec."

Alec smiled a shaky and miserable smile, and told Magnus, "I really am sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you at all. I said it without thinking."

The warlock smiled, amber cat's eyes forgiving, and kissed Alec's forehead. Against his skin, Magnus murmured, "I know, darling. Your parents startled you, and you had that Fearless rune on you."

Alec smiled shakily again, and let Magnus lead him to the small den and to the couch. He toed off his boots, curling up against the familiar material, and took a deep breath. It smelled like Magnus everywhere, and he loved it. He curled up against the arm rest, laying his head on it and just letting his body wilt. Magnus swept back into the room, stroking Alec's hair out of his face and offering him a cup of hot tea.

"Thank you," said Alec, accepting the hot mug.

Magnus sat next to him, and Alec curled up under his arm. They were a seemingly normal couple to any mundane eyes, but Magnus knew that tomorrow he would most likely be rejected again by Alec and have to go home with a broken heart.

As long as Alec would always come back and heal his broken heart, Magnus would gladly go home every day with one. Because he was that forgiving.

So, how'd you like it? I liked it because it's early on in their relationship, and Magnus is still confuzzled (is a word) about Alec loving him and then the next minute not being able to be in the same room as him. Come on, didn't at least some of us think it was funny when it said, "Magnus looked at him as if he were an idiot." Well, I thought it was funny! Review and get a your choice of a Magnus, Alec, or both of the smexy couple we all love cookie! Hm, come to think of it, I want one too!