His platinum blond hair glistened under the moonlight. His grey eyes looked at her with lust and she felt like she was under a spell. Only this hour of the day they could be together. Only in darkness. The light was his enemy and had become hers as well. He was ice cold, she was fierce fire. Two opposites melting under the lights of the moon and stars as one.

She stood in front of the window frozen, watching him approach her ,slowly, like a predator does during the hunt. His irises almost black, his nostrils flared like he could smell her fear and excitement in the air. With every step he took, she knew she was sinking deeper in his world of darkness.

She was everything he hated, he was everything she was against. But still the passion between them was too great. Sometimes the intense of her feelings made her feel like she had no control. Sometimes his desire for her made him realize that he wanted her too much for both their good. Their union was forbidden. She was human, he was not. She was alive, he was undead. But still when he was with her it was like his heart could beat again. Like his blood flowed through his veins warm. When she was with him, her blood stopped moving through her body. The rosiness on her cheeks left her face and a shadow circled her very existence.

He would never say he loved her, she would never have believed him even if he did. There was no love between them. No warmth during their union. No sweet talking, no hugs afterwards. Only long hard kisses, ripping of clothes, drops of blood; a constant battle between them, where no one could win. The fire melted the ice and the water undid the flames turning them into ashes.

She never wanted a relationship like this. She was always a fairytale lover. She wanted a happy ending, someone prince-like who would hold her hand, kiss her goodbye, make her feel like a queen. Not someone who would take her innocence, drink her blood and trap her in a place of shadows and sins. But still as he drew near, she felt her heart beat faster with excitement. His mysterious figure, his magical eyes had her trembling. When she was with him she felt courageous, exhilarated. Like breaking all the rules and never getting caught.

He was a creature of the night. He could never become the prince she always wanted him to be. He could never change, even for her. He lived like this for years. Decades. There was nothing else between the iciness and the cruelty. Nothing human. And he knew he would destroy her. From the first moment he saw her he knew he would have her. And he knew this would be her destruction. Because eventually she would lose every drop of her humanity and innocence and there would be no place for her in her world, in the light. Only in his world she could exist and she would never accept this. It would kill her.

She could never take someone else's life. He couldn't live without someone else's blood. Any blood. Her blood. It was like a drug to him. When he first tasted her he felt like he drank nectar. He felt like he was in a twisted heaven. And he became addicted. Every time he fought hard not to take her life. And as the days past it became harder because she never complained. She gave her blood to him freely. Her pulse increased every time he brought his mouth to her neck. Her sharp intake of breath every time he bit her, the sensual moan she produced as he drank from her, betrayed her desire. And it was like music to his ear. He always loved it when his victims were scared. Their screams of fear excited him. But not her screams. He would never make her do something she didn't want to do. He would never hurt her on purpose. And this scared him. Scared him to death, because he knew that he was letting her become his weakness. This twisted, fucked up relationship would be their death. It would destroy them. Both of them knew, neither of them cared.