A new story I've been wanting to finish the first chapter of. Now that I have my laptop back, I finally was able to tweak it properly. Hope you like it!

It's in Chelsea's POV by the way.

Harvest Moon (c) Natsume

Chapter 1

I had never expected to be living on an island at any point in my life. But here I was, out in a field, staring into the spring sun, wiping sweat off of my forehead and doing actual hard work. I had boarded a passenger boat to escape…well, let's just say to escape. A long story has no need to be extended with minor details. Well anyway, the captain sailed us straight into a storm and we shipwrecked. When I say 'we' and 'us', I mean me and a family of four: Taro, his daughter Felicia and her two kids, Elliot and Natalie. We'd been on the island; Felicia called it Sunny Island; for just over a week. A few people had actually moved in on the island, starting businesses. There was Chen and his son Charlie; they ran a supply shop down by the beach; then there was Gannon; the giant carpenter; and last but not least, my favorite two people on the island, Mirabelle and her daughter Julia. The two ran the animal shop in town next to Taro's house.

I grinned and picked up the pace a little. I hadn't gone to see Julia or her mom yet that morning and I was looking forward to it. Julia was one of my close friends, though she had only been here a few days. Her, Natalie and I often hung out on rainy days in the shop. We called it the barn. But seeing as it wasn't raining, I had to do actual hard work before I could go see Julia.

"Hey Chelsea!" a voice called.

I turned and my grin widened. Julia and some guy I didn't know were walking up the hill to my ranch. I slammed the axe in my hands down on the stump I was relentlessly trying to chop up.

"Hey Jules," I said as I walked over. "Sorry I hadn't gotten down to the barn yet. That stump is being stubborn."

The guy who was with her scoffed, turned away and crossed his arms. He was wearing almost all black, except for his brown vest that covered a button up shirt, and a white bandanna tied around his neck. He was wearing a black Stetson that covered up his white hair and I began wondering how old he was.

"Oh stop being rude, Vaughn," Julia said rolling her eyes. She then turned back to me and rolled her eyes. "Sorry Chels. The downer is my cousin Vaughn. Momma told me to bring him along so you could meet him."

Even though his attitude irritated me to no end, I still smiled at him and stuck my hand out.

"Well then, Mr. Cowboy, it's nice to meet you," I said.

He looked down at my hand and turned around, walking back down the hill. "I'm outta here."

"Vaughn!" Julia called.

"Wow, he really is a downer," I said crossing my arms.

She sighed and turned back to me. "Well, you called him cowboy. He kinda doesn't like it."

I shrugged and wiped my hands on my pants. "Well too bad. Till he lightens up a bit, I'm gonna keep calling him cowboy. He'll come around."

I walked back over to the stump and pulled my axe out of it. Julia sighed and sat down on a make-shift fence I had made out of stone.

"Chels, he's a bit different than anyone you've probably ever met."

I shook my hand at her. "Minor details, Jules. I don't need to know any gory family stories you may have or any of that. I'll get under his skin and he'll either punch me or lighten up."

With another sigh, Julia stood up and placed her hand on my shoulder, eyeing the axe carefully. I smiled and shook my head.

"Good luck then, Chelsea. If you manage to change him, I will be grateful. I think momma will be too."

I grinned and flicked my nose. "Leave it to me then."

She chuckled and started towards the hill. "Well, I'd best be getting back. Momma's gonna wonder where I ran off to."

"I'll be down after lunch," I called as she got further away.

We waved to each other and she disappeared down the hill. I turned back to my stump and chopped at it again.

So I've got an anti-social cowboy to pick at now. I smirked. What fun!

I opened the animal shop door and jumped when I heard a loud cow bell overhead. Julia must've seen because she began giggling.

"Vaughn installed that this morning," she said.

I rolled my eyes and shut the door. "How very cowboy of him."

Someone cleared their throat and I looked over in the direction of the counter. Vaughn was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. I smirked and rolled my eyes as I made my way to the kitchen where Julia was sitting.

"So, whatcha wanna do today?" I asked as I took a seat across from her.

"I wanted to show Vaughn around the island, but he isn't up to it," she said sticking her tongue out at her cousin.

He took a seat next to us and rolled his eyes. "There's no need to wander around the island when the only place I'm needed is right here."

"Yeah Jules. Minor details are annoying," I said waving my hand at her.

They both gave me weird looks.

"What are you talking about?" she asked me, obviously trying not to giggle.

"Well, walking around the island would take all day, plus with Mr. Downer here, it'd be so boring. And he might scare away the fluffy bunnies that run around in the meadow."

He stood up and scoffed, walking back to his corner. "You're so annoying."

I turned to him. "So? You got a problem with that, cowboy?"

He turned in a flash and had the scariest glare plastered on his face. I had been glared at before, so I was used to the chill that ran up my spine and I kept my composure.

"Stop calling me that!" he barked. He then walked into the back room of the barn.

After the door was slammed shut, I burst into laughter. I banged my fist on the table a few times. Julia sighed.

"That was kind of mean, Chels."

"Hey, he called me annoying. When he does something that irritates me, I'm gonna irritate him back. He'll learn; it's psychology."

She rolled her eyes and shook her head. "I dunno, Chelsea. He doesn't seem like the type to be like other people."

I leaned across the table. "Look, all people are the same. If you try being nice to a mean person, you're just gonna get your ass whooped."

"Oh? And what if you're nice to a nice person?"

I scowled at her. "Vaughn isn't nice though…"

She blushed and I rolled my eyes. She was talking about Elliot, Felicia's nerdy son. Julia had developed a sickening crush on the poor kid.

"Elliot has a very intimidating sister. You can't expect him to notice your feelings."

"But he's so cute and he blushes when I'm around him!"

I rolled my eyes. "Well yeah, look at your chest."

She rolled her eyes as well. "Oh big deal, I can't help my genetics."

I laughed slightly and leaned back in my chair. I heard something smash in the back room and both Julia and I jumped to our feet. We ran into the back and saw Vaughn staring at a broken window with his arms crossed.

"Vaughn? What happened?"

He turned and looked at us. He then pointed to the window. "Broken window."

I crossed my arms. "Thank you Sherlock Holmes."

He glared at me.

"You guys! Stop it! Vaughn, how did the window break?"

"Dunno, heard it break and I came runnin."

I rolled my eyes and stepped forward. In front of the window was a rock with a note tied to it. Curiously, I picked it up. Julia walked over to me and looked over my shoulder.

"What's that Chels?"

Vaughn stepped over and also looked over my shoulder. I opened the note and read it aloud.

"'Come to the Diner at six tonight.' Who the heck wrote this?"

Vaughn took it from me. "It's a girl's handwriting."

I scoffed and took it back. "Yeah, no guy I know can write this neat."

He glared down at me and went to take it again. I dodged and hid behind Julia, sticking my tongue out at him childishly. Julia snatched the note away from me, causing me to scowl at her.

"This note is obviously meant for you, Vaughn," she said as she read it over again.

I snatched it back and folded it up. "Minor details, Julia. Most importantly, who could've written it? The only women on the island are you, me, Nat, Felicia and your mom. If it were Nat, I think she'd just come barging in and drag him off. If it were one of us…well, it wasn't. Felicia would ask and your mom would sooner cook to fatten him up than let him eat at the diner."

Julia looked at me wide-eyed.

"I'm not done yet. Now, the only other explanation is that someone moved to the island at some point and never had the nerve to introduce themselves to me. So, unless there is some higher power at work here, we have a new resident to the island that saw Vaughn and is stalking him."

Both Julia and Vaughn gawked at me. I smirked and placed the folded piece of paper in my pocket. "Yes, I know I'm awesome."

Vaughn scoffed. "I was gonna say you're ten tons of crazy."

Julia punched his arm and looked at me puzzled. "But why would someone break our window? Why wouldn't they just walk through the door?"

I rolled my eyes and grabbed her wrist. "What did I say about minor details? They are irritating. Now c'mon, let's go find our new resident and make them pay for a new window."