Title: This Shared Coldness

Author: Faker of Innocence aka goldenneko

Fandom: Anime - Bleach

Rating: G

Genre(s): Angst

Summary: Hitsugaya Toushiro wonders if he could feel it again: that shared coldness and warmth.

Warning(s): Spoilers for the current Bleach filler. And un-betaed.

A/N: First Bleach fic and it's not even 500 words. Don't kill me?

Disclaimer: Bleach belongs to Kubo Tite and people associated with its making. I'm just borrowing Hitsugaya for my own pleasure. So don't sue.


For him, it was cold.

If he ever breathed a word about that to other people, they would most probably look at him as if the coldness finally had his braincells frozen. 'It was not like you were not used to cold,' they would say.

But the truth was that he was not used to was cold cold.

Others would not be able to understand. Ever since his Zanpakutou left his icy plane, he felt so… lost. It was as if he was back at Jyurinan again. Him, alone, without anyone to share this feeling with.

Lost, confused, alone. Cold.

Most thought he was used to it; to the cold and to being called a cold person.

He was a weird child with white hair, teal-green eyes and icy attitude, or so those people at Jyurinan said.

He wielded the strongest ice-element Zanpakutou in Soul Society, or so those Shinigami said.

Combined, he was a cold captain with amazing skills, or so Matsumoto and his other subordinates said.

Maybe he used to not caring what people said about him, when he knew his Zanpakutou was always beside him, enduring everything with him.

But now with Hyourinmaru gone, he felt colder than ever. At least before he had someone to share this coldness with.

A being that could make him feel warmth even in their combined planes of harsh winds, white snow and freezing ice.

The young Shinigami wondered, deep inside his cold plane of ice; if he could, at least once more, feel that warmth again.

Hitsugaya Toushiro wondered if Hyourinmaru also felt this lost of warmth and missed it just like he did.


A/N: I prefer to use the term 'plane of ice/existence' for Hitsugaya's inner world, for some reasons.

And I also apologise in advance if there are some phrases that seemed a bit… off.

Any comment would be extremely appreciated and loved.

Thank you for reading.