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Chapter 15

It was over. Finally.

Lt. Bernadette Lawerence was dead, shot in self-defense by NCIS when she turned her weapon on them during a sting. Both JAG and Vance had accepted the video, which had been carefully scrutinized by Tim and Abby. They had not been able to determine what exactly it was that Lt. Lawrence had seen or heard, only that she had and she had fired her weapon as a result. The official conclusion was that the fog had been playing games with Lt. Lawrence's rage-filled mind. The photos and files Gibbs and his team had found at Lt. Lawrence's apartment had confirmed she had been bitterly jealous of Lt. Suddth to the point she had methodically planned and executed the lieutenant's murder.

Bobby Soto was being charged with murder and possession of a stolen weapon. The ADA had assured NCIS that Bobby would not be seeing the outside of a prison wall for quite some time.

Seaman Lindstrom was being charged with possession of a stolen weapon but Commander Roberts had promised Julie and Gibbs that JAG would be going easy on her due to her cooperation with NCIS.

Fornell had spoken to the FBI director on Julie's behalf in regards to the assault of Adam McIver. The upshot of it was Julie would be put on suspension but it was also being treated as bereavement leave and she would have full access to a counselor over the next several weeks. The assault would have to go on her record but so would a note about the circumstances surrounding the assault and her sister's death. During her time off, she would bury her sister and try to come to grips with things. She would also work on her relationship with John Burnham, see where things went.

Lt. Debra Suddth wouldn't be buried in Arlington Cemetery; instead, she would be laid to rest beside their mother, Anna Suddth, who had died when the girls had been eighteen as a result of a vehicle accident on a slippery road, and their father, Don, who had passed away after a heart attack five years ago.

"One thing I don't understand," Gibbs said later to Julie as they left the cemetery. "Why did you call your sister Lizzy?" Out of respect for both Debra and Julie, he had attended the service.

Julie, who was walking arm in arm with John, admitted, "It was a nick-name. There used to be a series called Sweet Valley High, about two blonde twins, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield."

"Okay," Gibbs said.

"In the series, Jessica was the boy-crazy, fashion-conscious twin who was on the cheerleading squad in high school," Julie explained. "She'd rather be partying than studying and it was guaranteed she'd have a new boyfriend every week and a new crush every other week. Elizabeth was the exact opposite, preferring jeans and a tee, on the school newspaper, and had one steady boyfriend through much of high school."

"Who was who?" Gibbs asked. Then he thought about what Julie had just said. "Never mind. Debra was Lizzy and you must've been Jess," he said.

She nodded. "I was pretty boy-crazy in high school but that eased off over the years," she admitted. "Mind you, the reason why I chose the FBI instead of Navy or JAG was because I enjoyed the thrill of the chase, except I wasn't chasing after boys but after bad guys. Decided that was more fun."

"What are you going to do now?" he asked.

She sighed heavily. "Take my time. See what happens." She bumped her head against John's shoulder and said, "See how things go with him and me."

"Good place to start," Gibbs said. "Ever think about joining NCIS?"

Julie laughed. "Normally I'd seriously consider it, especially after working with you guys, but I'm not so sure that would be a good idea. For starters, I'd probably slug DiNozzo within a week, two at the latest, and you'd probably try and head slap me, only to find yourself on the floor and me in front of Director Vance explaining why I belted my supervisor."

She would, Gibbs thought, seeing the gleam in Julie's eyes. He chuckled and said, "Offer's always open. I wouldn't mind seeing you deck DiNozzo, though."

"Someone's going to one day," Julie said.

"I think that honor belongs to either Ziva, McGee, or Abby," Gibbs said.

"What about you, sir?" John asked.

"I'm afraid if I do he'll lose what little brain he has left," Gibbs confessed. "He's a pain in the ass but he's my pain in the ass."

Julie and John chuckled. "I think Tobias feels the same way about me," she admitted.

"He's fond of you in his own way," Gibbs admitted. "After all, he did stick up for you in regards to the assault on Adam McIver."

"True," Julie said.

"How's it going with Erica McIver?" Gibbs asked.

"We did a massive Girls Day Out shopping trip on Saturday. She seems to be doing okay but time will tell," Julie said. "Her mom wasn't too happy to see me but she's undergoing counseling and Adam is currently sitting in a jail cell awaiting trial."

They were at their respective vehicles and Gibbs studied Julie for a moment then said, "C'mere." He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a tight hug. "You take care of yourself, okay?"

"You too," she said. "If you ever need a contact inside the FBI, other than Tobias, call me. I'll make no promises but I'll do what I can to help."

"Appreciate that."

"Oh, and Gibbs?" Julie called, a mischievous grin on her face, as he headed for his car.


"Tony may kill me yet but he's got to catch me first," she said.

"What did you do?" Gibbs asked.

Julie just smiled and ducked in to her car.

The next day at NCIS things returned to normal, more or less. When Gibbs came in with his customary mug of coffee, his team was at their desk, working on either their computer or paperwork.

"Hey boss, parcel came in for you," Tony said, indicating a package on Gibbs' desk. He was working on a parcel of his own.

Gibbs nodded and was about to open it when the box Tony was opening suddenly exploded in a shower of confetti, streamers, rubber snakes, and rubber spiders, causing Tony to yell in surprise. Gibbs just looked at him and said, "Well, she did say you might kill her yet."

"Julie Suddth," Tony muttered, brushing the streamers and confetti off of him. "Har, har, har." His phone rang and he answered it, tossing the box in the garbage. "Special Agent Tony DiNozzo."

Gibbs was opening the parcel, which turned out to be a large white coffee mug with a Garfield comic strip on the mug. The first panel showed Odie sniffing then taking a sip of coffee. The third and final panel, which had Gibbs chuckling, showed a very wired Odie and Garfield, who was grinning, saying, "Good stuff, ain't it?" Realizing who it was from, he decided the mug was going on his desk, possibly for his pens and pencils.

Tony, who was on the phone, picked up a pen from his desk, clicked it, and suddenly yelled, nearly coming out of his chair in the process. Gibbs who had been taking a mouthful of his coffee, nearly choked on it. Both Tim and Ziva jumped and several agents snapped their heads towards Tony, staring.

"Now what?" Gibbs snapped impatiently.

"My pen just zapped me!" Tony yelped indignantly, shaking a now stinging hand.

Tim grinned at him and said, "Gee, what a shock."

"Julie strikes again," Ziva said, laughing.

Tony glared and swore, "I am going to get her!"

"Good luck with that," Ziva said, grinning widely.

"Why didn't she do that to you?" Tony demanded.

"Maybe because we were nice to her," Tim said, smiling. Then he grinned at Ziva and asked innocently, "I wonder if he knows about the shaving gel?"

"Shaving gel?" Tony asked suspiciously.

"Well, Julie told us you could freeze shaving gel and remove the bottom from the can and put it somewhere," Ziva said innocently.

"Oh god," Gibbs groaned, seeing where this was going.

"It seems the last time she did something like that, she put it in someone's car," Ziva continued. "When the gel melts, apparently it gets quite messy."

"She wouldn't," Tony said, eyes going wide.

"I don't know," Tim said, but I did hear her asking Abby about where you park your car...."

"Not my car!" Tony yelped, suddenly taking off for the elevator.

"When was that?" Gibbs asked, curious.

"An hour ago... and his car is parked in the sun," Tim said, grinning widely.

"He's going to kill her," was all Gibbs said.

A minute later, Tim's phone rang. Seeing the number, he hit the speaker button and said, "McGee."

"Julie Suddth is dead!" Tony shouted loud enough for Gibbs and Ziva to hear.

Tim just grinned and hit the off button. "He found it."

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