How It Could Have Been

Chapter One

"How could you do it Father and why haven't you destroyed the whelp? Mother must be mortified, you have disgraced her and me; I can't believe you."

"Are you quite finished Sesshoumaru? I tolerate your impertinence only because you are upset and shocked by this news. Now you will listen to your father and your alpha in silence or face the consequences." Inu no Taishou looked gravely at his son and heir, noting that the boy had paled even more at his rebuke, he was satisfied.

Sesshoumaru rarely these days had to be reminded of his position and certainly not with the threat of punishment if he disobeyed. His father was his idol and the Prince was a much loved son, but that would not spare Sesshoumaru a beating if he continued to show his disrespect after he had been warned. He tipped his head to the side and looked down showing his submission to his alpha and his father smiled in relief.

It was perfectly natural for his son to question his decisions; the boy was almost mid adolescent and beginning to stretch his boundaries, seeing how far he could go without halt. Of course children did this all the time but with Sesshoumaru he had never had to be so stern, the boy was always respectful and quick to learn. However adolescence was known to be a time when a male pup's instincts started to push them to assert themselves; pit themselves against their alpha.

One day the father knew that his son would not back down from the fight; but that day was as yet a long way off. Meanwhile Sesshoumaru was still standing, waiting for his father's acknowledgement which came with a familiar hand pulling his head up gently but very firmly by his hair. Sesshoumaru was not at all hurt by this and in fact leaned back into the caress and let his father tousle the hair on top.

Inu no Taishou sighed sadly knowing that it wouldn't be long before his son started to fight these childish affections; sometimes the boy was on the verge of tears if his father was stern and other times he would glare back defiantly. Once again it was natural, but the father regretted it nonetheless. He remembered his own father saying the same thing when he rebelled once, and had stood his ground; only to receive a harsh tongue lashing that he pretended had washed over him but had him weeping in his bedroom ten minutes later.

"Sesshoumaru, you are not yet old enough to understand the ways between male and female; oh I know you have been taught the facts, but that is not all there is to a relationship. This is none of your business either, but neither you nor your mother is disgraced."

"I don't understand, how you can make that human pregnant while you are mated to mother. Do you put her aside?"

"Be careful of your tone my son; I will never put your mother aside, I love her and always shall; your mother is My Lady. She understands what happened and it is time you too know the ways in which a Lord sometimes has to act. In order to placate and come to a diplomatic solution to a problem I had to accept the hospitality of my host. But I was careless and given drugged food with too much sake, and the girl was offered to me. I do not offer any excuse but that is what happened, the man made his own daughter my whore in order to gain my favour.

"She is not to blame and when I found that she had become pregnant I had to offer her my protection. I have become fond of her, and besides the pup she carries is my son just as much as you are even though he is hanyou. Your mother has been very understanding and even though the situation is not one of our choosing, she respects the life that has been created."

"That shall never happen to me." Sesshoumaru said pompously, in the tone of one who had never made a mistake in his short life. His certainty though made his father smile ruefully, his son would need to learn a lot before he was ready to become Lord in his father's place, but his assertiveness was a quality that a Lord would need.

"I hope it does not my pup, but in so much as it has happened to your sire, I must now do what is honourable and that involves making sure Izayoi is safe and well and can deliver my new son healthily."

"Very well Father, I understand, but I shall make sure that Mother agrees before I am to consider him my brother." Sesshoumaru carried his head proudly and his father was pleased by the display of loyalty to his mother, and nodded his head in affirmation.

"I shall have a special request for you when your brother is born Sesshoumaru and I want you to think on it now so that you are prepared. He will not have an easy time if you do not help to protect him. Many will not approve of a hanyou prince; but as my son even though he is not legitimate, he will be a prince.

"You as my heir will be responsible for a lot of his happiness; you will be his older brother and he will undoubtedly follow your example. I require that you watch over him, I hope that you will be motivated to do this because he is your brother, but I know how easy it is to be persuaded to do otherwise."

"You need have no concerns about that Father. If you deem the hanyou my brother, then of course I shall look after him."

"Earlier you were saying I should destroy him, have you changed your mind?"

"The circumstances of his birth are unfortunate but you wish to keep him, therefore I shall do all I can to see your wishes are carried out."

"Will you extend this care to his mother also; she will have no friends here and already has none of her own kind?"

"I will ask Mother to make her, her ward, will that suffice."

"I am sure your mother will do all you ask Sesshoumaru; you are a model son and greatly loved."Inu no Taishou watched as he dismissed his son with a kiss to his brow. The boy was so proper but eager for his praise. Of course the father and mother had already discussed what to do about the human girl and her offspring, his lady was the first to be considered and she as always understood even though not liking it. She would have got rid of the babe, but because of her mate's love of any life apart from the fact the pup was his son, she conceded to allow the girl protection in the Palace.

As for Sesshoumaru it would do him good to have some responsibility given him and the boy would learn how to share and be compassionate while looking after his baby brother.

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