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Chapter 1: Meet the boss

I was sleeping peacefully, when I felt the licking. Not again! Will this dog ever learn the words 'don't lick'? Probably not. My little, black Labrador was on my bed, on top of me, licking my face. Perfect! I remember when Alice bought him; he was so small. We put him in a bowl, poor dog. Now, of course, at 13 weeks he is more than trouble. Oh, you wonder what his name is…well, it's stupid. I miss my ex-friend, if that term even exists, but to name your dog after that person…Oh well, this beauty has two names actually. Jake or, when he is not behaving, Beast. I prefer Jake. I swear, he has an alarm clock in his head, every morning he wakes me at six sharp.

Today it's important, today I start my new job. Oh, shit! Why did I have to apply? I'll never do dares again, especially not drunk. What if he asks me why I decided to work there? I can see the conversation, "Good morning, Miss Swan!" "Good morning, handsome!" Oh shit, I already screwed it; I should correct myself. "I mean, Mr. Cullen." "And what brought you here? We work only with professionals!" "Oh, you see, my friends dared me to apply when I was drunk and I did because I have the biggest crush on you!" "Very well, then." Nuh huh! What am I going to do???

You are just my fantasy boy
I made you up, you are my toy
And I found you as a dream inside my head
Your eyes are like a mystic dream
The deepest blue I've ever seen
You're a mixture of a new man and machine

Green, not blue, I said to myself. Oh and where is that phone??

"Thanks, boy." I told Jake as he brought me my phone. Alice. Who else, so early?


"Finally! I thought you where still sleeping."

"Not a chance with this beast, here." I answered scratching Jake between his ears.

"So are you going to open the front door for me to come and dress you?" I could tell she was vibrating.

I went to open the door.

"Oh Bella, it's going to be amazing! I have the perfect things for you!" she said showing me a bag. Not again!

"Alice, why don't you let me wear my own clothes?"

"Yours? T-shirt, jeans and Chucks, that's what you want to wear???"

"Huh…I have a skirt."

Alice snorted and shooed me to my bedroom to start her makeover.

"Hey, boy." She crouched down to play with Jake. "Get dressed; I want to see how it looks."

I started unfolding the clothes and dropped the top. "NO! This screams no bra."

"It's because you don't need one. Now, be a good sport and get dressed."

I sighed; I had learned a long time ago, not to disobey her. After I was done, I must admit that I looked good. Then I saw the heels. I must have moaned, because Alice threw me a dirty look.

"I see you want me dead, we can do that any other way, a less painful way. Please, not those." I pleaded.

"Yes, those. And if you fall, your boss must catch you." She winked at me.


"Bella it will be ok, I told you. I have a feeling you will do something stupid, you panic and something bad will happen. The result of that is either horrible or very, very good."

"WHAT?? Why haven't you told me before? He will ask why I applied to this job and I will tell him the truth, because I cannot lie…SHIT! I dis-"

"SHUT UP!" Alice screamed, and Jake took a last look at me and then ducked out of the room. Coward! "You will be fine," she said finally.

Before I realized, I was in front of the building that will be my home, soon. Because honestly who accepts to be a personal assistant if they have a normal life? The letters were glaring at me, mocking me, EMC. The best fashion magazine, run by a man, that's it. The girl at the reception looked at me weird, in the elevator I tried to work on my breathing, I was hyperventilating and then, I got to the 13th floor, must be a sign, bad luck or something.

"Hello! I'm here for the personal assistant job," I told the girl that was there. She looked kind.

"Oh thank God, you made it! I'm Angela." She introduced herself.

"Bella Swan." I extended my hand.

"Good, I have to teach you as much as possible today. It's my last day," she said and rested her hand on her slightly bulging belly.


"Thanks! Mr. Cullen will be here around ten, so we have time. He has a meeting."

"Ok, what do I have to do?"

"First, put your things here and then we'll see what we'll do," she gestured to an empty desk next to hers.

"You answer the phone with 'This is Edward Cullen's office.' Then say 'He is not available, can you leave a message?' Only if Esme Cullen is on the phone you go and tell him to answer. Understand this?" she asked gravely.

"Sure. I'll let him know that he is wanted on the phone only if Esme Cullen calls."

"Great. Soon, the other girl will be here, I trained her, too. These desks are not allowed to be both empty, one of you must always be here! You are to get coffee and she stays here or vice versa. You will do everything he tells you without argument. If you don't understand something ask someone else. Emmett is always very helpful, I'll introduce you later." And she kept bombarding me with things I should do and not do or things I should know about Mr. Cullen. He liked his coffee the same way as I liked it, two sugars and one milk. "And even if he said to buy something else you buy this, his favorite, it's a test." Angela said.

"Don't EVER be so late!!!" she started screaming at a girl who seemed to be absorbed by her freshly broken nail. "She's Jessica," Angela muttered to me.

"Oh, hi!" Jessica said when she finally saw us.

"She's Bella, you'll work together. Oh, there he is." Angela said, grinning at a big man that was coming our way. Who was this guy??

"Ang bear!" The man said and hugged her so tight I thought she would suffocate.

"Hey yourself, this is the new girl, Bella. Help her around, please. You know how he can be."

"'Course!" he said and came to me to hug me.

"Can't breathe…"

"Oh, sorry, I'm Emmett."

"Nice to meet you." I said shaking his hand.

The phone started ringing and we all looked at it. Angela motioned for me to pick it up.

"This is Edward Cullen's office." My voice trembled.

"Hello, I'm Samantha from Armani. I need to know when we are bringing the suits." I looked at Angela and mouthed 'Armani suits'. "Tell her you'll call later when Mr. Cullen will be here," she said.

"I'll call you back when Mr. Cullen will be here."

"Ok. Good bye!" I hung up and exhaled. A booming laugh startled me.

"You're so funny, little one!" Emmett told me.

"Glad I can entertain you."

"I'll go, now. If you have any problems, call me. You have my number and every other number there, on the desk." Angela said. We said good-bye and then she was gone.

I decided to take the desk opposite from Jessica, not the one so close to her. Emmett came and jumped on my desk.

"So what brought you here?"

Oh shit!! Not this question…"Well, it's pretty stupid," I said blushing.

"This sounds good. Tell me. I won't laugh," he said swinging his legs like a kid.

"I was drunk, sort of, playing truth and dare and a friend dared me to apply. So I did, and here I am. And I'm happy. It's something to do. I'm conscious that I won't have a life, but it's ok."

"Wow, funny. I like your story." I poked my tongue out at him.

"That's mature and-" He cut himself jumping off the desk and straightening his clothes. Now, that I was looking, everyone was buzzing around.

"What the…?" I muttered.

"He's here," Emmett whispered.

There he was, Adonis in person, perfection on legs. His bronze hair disheveled, his emerald eyes sparkling and the Armani stayed on him like on a model. He breezed past everyone to his office. A moment later, we heard a loud bang and a curse.

I looked scared at Emmett.

"The meeting didn't go well. You should go in, present yourself and tell him about the suits. Maybe it will calm him. He has been waiting for them for a few months." Emmett told me.

What?? Me go…there? Into the lion's den? Oh well, might as well get over with it.

I knocked on the door and entered shutting the door after me. The noise startled him and he turned to look at me. His gaze met mine, his eyes were questioning and amused.

"Hello, Mr. Cullen. I am Isabella Swan. I applied for the post of personal assistant and you accepted. Samantha from Armani called and asked when she should send the suits. Can I get you anything? Coffee or a chill pill?" Oh SHIT, I said that aloud.

Mr. Cullen looked even more amused, his lips were twitching, trying not to smile.

"Isabella," he said my full name carefully. "Call Samantha and tell her Emmett will go after my suits. As for the coffee, yes, it will be nice." I realized that was all and I turned and left. Emmett was outside the office watching my face carefully.

"What did he do? Why are you so white?" I hadn't realized all my blood had gone from my face. I explained to Emmett what happened inside, only to have him looking between me and the door that had Mr. Cullen behind it.

"He must really like you. He wouldn't have accepted such behavior. I'll go after the suits. Be good, kid."

"Wait! I'm coming with you. I need to buy him coffee," I said.

Emmett drove me to the first Starbucks, and said he would wait on me to go back and then will go after the suits. It was nice of him.

I decided to buy one for me one as well, and Emmett said he wanted one, too; so I bought three coffees. I gave him the mocha and told him to hurry back.

When I got back on the 13th floor, everyone was screaming at each other and running around. Oh, my…What's going on?

Jessica, she must know. JESSICA WASN'T THERE!! All my blood drained from my face. Mr. Cullen was leaning against my desk and looking at something I couldn't see. He was writing something.

"Here is the coffee, sir," I said trying to regain composure.

"Thank you," he murmured and trusted his hand out for me to put the coffee there. I gave him the coffee and went to sit on my chair. Wrong move! Our heads were only inches apart. My heart started beating wildly. He looked down, his eyes widened and then he straightened and cleared his throat. "Come in my office for a moment," he said calmly. Bad behavior, this stupid indecent blouse. Alice you are so dead if he fires me!

After he left, I realized he had left his coffee on my desk. I took it and glared at Jessica's desk as if she would magically appear there. I entered his office and closed the door. He was already on his chair writing something furiously with a frown on his forehead. I went closer, "You left your coffee on my desk." I was next to him, he didn't see me. It happened faster than I could think, before I realized what happened. Mr. Cullen fluttered his hand impatiently as if 'fuck the coffee', but I was next to him and he touched the cup; I dropped it, on his lap. Why must Alice be right? He froze mid-sentence and glanced at his lap. I did the only thing I could think of. I took a tissue, dropped on my knees and went to clean him before it strained the beautiful fabric. His hand enclosed around my wrist and he shook his head. I realized what I had done. Not had I dropped the coffee on his lap, but I touched him THERE! Someone must really hate me. Time stopped, I was on my knees next to him with my wrist in his hand and our eyes locked. There was something in them that wasn't amusement. It scared me. He looked dangerous. His eyes were darkening. Suddenly, he snapped out of it and was on the other side of the office in less than a second, gripping the back of a chair with a hand and with the other pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Tell Miss Stanley to come in, when she decides to grace us with her presence." His voice was grave and empty.

I screwed it. He won't fire me today, because Jessica had screwed it worse than me, but soon.

Jessica came back after an hour.

"Go to his office. You knew better than to leave while I wasn't here."

"What? But you are here now!" How stupid could she be?

Needless to say that she came out after fifteen minutes crying, "I am to leave at the end of day."

The day passed uneventful. Jessica left around six. I felt bad for her. She had been working for only a month, but she should have listened.

Now it was seven o'clock and I was wondering for how long was I going to stay. I had to feed Jake.

"Isabella, come in here, please," a polite yet velvety voice said. Ok, deep breaths. I can do it.

"Yes, sir," I said when I got in his office.

"I need to know what will be in the magazine next month. Call Kate, she may know."

I took the phone numbers Angela had left, but I couldn't find any Kate. I found Emmett's. I called him.

"Emmett McCarthy speaking."

"Hey, it me, Bella."

"Oh hey!"

"Listen, do you know any Kate?"

"Sure, write down the number." I wrote as he rattled it.

"Thanks a lot. Talk to you. Bye!"

"Bye, Bella."

"Kate Birger, here."

"Hello, it's Bella Swan, Mr. Cullen's personal assistant."

"Oh my God!! He wants it?? But why? We just published the last number!"

"Er I don't know, he said-"

"Of course, you have to do what he says. I'll try to put some things up and send them over, ok?"

"Ok." She hung up muttering.

Fifteen minutes later, I got a few pages of what would be in the next magazine. Just when I was about to go to get it to Mr. Cullen, the phone rang.

"This is Edward Cullen's office."

"Hello, dear. It's Esme." Esme, right. I have to tell him. When I turned to go to his office, he was right there, in front of me with a hand extended.

"Hello, Esme," he greeted. He frowned, "I am always formal. Fine for you, I will not," he looked at the pages in front of me and grinned. "Esme, Rosalie looks perfect. You were right!" he grimaced. "Sure, always right, mother's instinct." There was a pause; I could tell he didn't like what she was telling him. Mother's instinct…so Esme was his mother. But who was Rosalie? I heard him whisper, "Yes, tell her I love her, too." Then he hung up.

"Beautiful, don't you think?" he said gesturing to the pictures. There was a blonde woman in lingerie with a little monkey on her shoulder.

"I love for them to pose next to animals. It's more fascinating. Abnormal. It attracts many people," he murmured to himself. "Tomorrow night, I want you dressed formal at seven, here. We'll go to my mother's charity exposition. And there we will meet the other assistant. You will stay my first and personal assistant. That means if I call you at three in the morning, you will do what I need you to do. Am I clear?"

"Of course, sir." Personal assistant! Why didn't I think how personal is personal?

"Wear something dark blue," he said absorbed by the picture.


"You may go."

"Good bye." And with that, I left. I drove home faster than normal. I loved my car, a blue Audi S6. Alice said it was too big for her. Of course, everything it's too big for the little pixie.

I called Alice to help me with the dress, after I fed Jake.

We went shopping. Argh! I found a dress, beautiful; dark blue as he requested. It was very pricey, of course! It was a Versace, but Alice insisted that it looked good. I liked it, too. Alice had big discounts for Versace; she was their designer. Bless her; I wouldn't have paid that much for this dress.

Next day I dressed again as Alice requested and I didn't put up a fight. I decided to make the coffee and then I made my way to the office.

Emmett was there playing Solitaire, of all things, on my computer.

"Emmett!" He jumped frightened and shut the game, looking sheepishly up at me, "I got bored."

"Sure," I put my coffee on the desk and went to Mr. Cullen's office. He was typing something so fast that his fingers blurred on the keyboard.

"Good morning, Mr. Cullen." He jumped exactly like Emmett had done. I saw he started hitting Backspace and when I got closer, he simply closed the window. Hmm… interesting. Something I shouldn't see.

"Good morning, Ms Swan." So today, I was Ms Swan; yesterday I had been Isabella.

"Have you bought the dress?"

"Yes, my friend will bring it later."

"Very well. We shall leave around eight," he said taking a sip of the coffee. His eyes widened and looked at me with big, wide green eyes. "This isn't Starbucks!"

"No, it isn't," I whispered, not knowing how he would react if I said that I made it.

"Where did you get this?" He asked, still looking dazzled.

"I made it…I'm sorry if I –"

"Don't apologize! It's the best coffee I've had in my life!"

"Oh. I'm happy you like it," I said stupidly.

Eventually he regained composure and sent me to get some clothes for him to see. I went to Emmett and we both chose the clothes. "I'll go after the models, you go ahead."

I looked at the watch; we had been down there for three hours. It was fun to talk with Emmett.

When I got into his office, Mr. Cullen looked like a kid that had taken a cookie from the jar. I put the rack in the corner of the room and turned to go. He came to me and caught my hands. Electricity sparkled through me, I'm sure he felt it, too, because he dropped my hands.

"I must admit, I am ashamed of me, but I couldn't stop myself," he said in a pained voice. What had happened while I was gone?

"Err what happened?"

"I took your coffee and it was the same way I drink it, I couldn't stop myself."

I couldn't stop the laughter that came out. Soon he joined me, but regained composure faster. "So am I forgiven?"

"Of course, Emmett should be back soon, he went after the models."

"I'm here, don't panic. I made it! Hi, Edward! You know how siblings can be, even worse if they are twins!" Emmett said as he made his way in.

"I heard you, you big baboon!" The beautiful blonde girl, Rosalie, from the pictures, said as she danced inside, followed by a blond guy who looked like he wanted to strangle someone.

"Calling me names, princess?"

"Emmett, for the love of God, stop it!" The blond guy said.

Mr. Cullen didn't look frazzled by the exchange.

"Jasper, please dress first," Mr. Cullen said.

We spent the rest of the day like that. Around six, Alice came with my dress and I excused myself.

After she worked miracles on me, I didn't look anymore like plain Bella. We walked together to my desk where Mr. Cullen was talking with Jasper. He stopped talking and his mouth hung open when he saw me. Jasper turned to see what the commotion was, his eyes buggered out. However, he wasn't looking at me. Alice was looking at him with the same gooey eyes.

"Isabella, you look beautiful," Mr. Cullen murmured to me.

"Thank you," I said blushing.

"Shall we go?"

I nodded and told Alice I'd call her in the morning. I'm sure she didn't hear me.

The elevator ride was full of electricity. We walked to the garage.

"I'll drive. And I will bring you back here to get your car."

"Alright." We were going towards a big car. And when I say big, I mean BIG. Why would he need such a car? It looked like a family car.

He opened the door for me and helped me inside.

"It's so big and wide," I murmured as I took in the inside of the car. Mr. Cullen chuckled and looked at me seriously.

"It's a Volvo XC70. Let's make a deal?"

Huh? Where did that come from? "Sure."

"You call me Edward and I call you Isabella, for tonight."

"Bella." I said.

"Bella, then." My name sounded so good on his lips.

"So, why such a big car? I imagined you would have a little sports car or something," I said before I could stop myself.

"Oh I have one of those, too. This is practical when I'm not working," he said evasively.

"What other car?" I asked curiously.

"The sport one is a '69 Chevrolet Camaro SS 350 and the other normal one is a Jaguar XF," he said casually.

Camaro and Jaguar XF?? That Jaguar was my obsession. I loved the advertising to it.

"Hush!" I blurred out pretty loud.

Edward looked curiously at me and then grinned.

"I got a certain little girl, she's on my mind

No doubt about it, she looks so fine

The best girl that I ever had

She's gonna make me feel so bad

Yeah, make me feel so bad"

He sang the first strophe, all the while looking at me.

"Wow. I love the song," I said.

"Best car, best band and now best girl." He started his car and then stopped and he turned to me. "I apologize, I shouldn't have said that."

"It's alright, really," I assured him. Best girl, he said. Should I be scared of that, that it made delicious things happen to my heart?

We got to the charity at eight thirty.

"Edward, darling! You made it!" A caramel haired woman came to hug him. "You must be Isabella, his new assistant," she said.

"Bella." Edward said.

"Oh how rude of me, I'm Esme, his mother of sorts." I knew that he was adopted, but I never thought that she would say it like that. She looked at Edward strangely as if she didn't know him when he corrected her, telling her to call me Bella.

"Go and see the paintings," she told us and turned to the next guests.

Edward hooked an arm around mine and escorted me around the paintings. We talked and shared opinions about them. We had champagne, me a bit too much. I was feeling rather cheerful and I was clinging to his arm pointing at things I liked.

"It's time to meet your future colleague," he told me after some time.

We went to a back room, where there was a very good-looking blond man.


"Edward, nice to see you, son." So he is his father.

"She's Bella, my personal assistant. He's my father, Carlisle."

I shook his hand and we talked a bit until the door opened again and a very beautiful strawberry blond woman came in. She's not my future colleague, I kept saying in my head.

"Bella, Edward, this is Tanya Denali. She is your secretary or assistant as you call them." Carlisle said kindly.

"She will be the secretary, I have Bella for everything else," he said proudly looking at me. Tanya didn't look pleased with this.

"Now that we have met we will be going. I have to get Bella home, she drank a lot. Tomorrow, seven o'clock, be there. Bella will explain everything. Good night, father." And with that Edward led me back to his car.

"What do you mean, you will drive me home? What about my car?"

"I will make it my responsibility to come tomorrow, first thing in the morning and drive you to work," Edward told me in a passive voice.

Great, he is mad because I got drunk. I'm not drunk! It's called dizzy.

"How do you know where I live?" I asked when I realized he had parked in front of my house.

"I'm your boss, have you forgotten that I know everything?"

He got out of the car and I thought he would leave, but he led me to the door, opened it for me and pushed me inside. Jake jumped on me, making me sway.

"Easy," Edward murmured. "Are you sure you can take care of yourself? I intended to make sure you got in bed, but this beast won't shut up." He said pointing at Jake who was barring his fangs at Edward and growling. It was the first time when I saw him aggressive toward a stranger or even towards anyone. He always loved everyone.

"I'll be fine. Jake!!! Stop it, please. He won't hurt me, I'm not in danger," I screamed over his barks, trying to calm him.

Edward turned to leave and I swear I heard him mutter, "Jake, what a stupid name for a dog." "Good night, Isabella. Have the best dreams." He said in that alluring voice of his and then he left, before I could say something back.

Jake was still barking. Damn dog! My head was pounding. I just shrugged out of the dress and got in bed.

I awoke what felt like minutes later to my phone ringing. I answered without looking who was calling; probably Alice, again!

"I swear I can kill you right now! I had an awful night and you just woke me from the best dream I had. And yes, before you ask it was about my boss. If you don't have anything important to say then just hang up, before I come over there and kill you!" I growled in the phone.

"I just wanted to tell you that I'd like a coffee á la Bella and that I am about to leave to come over there. If it is a bad time, I can wait." Edward's velvety, amused voice rang loudly in my ears. SHIT! What had I said? My face was burning.

"I just woke…I'll make the coffee."

"It's obvious you just awoke," he said even more amused.

I hung up, not knowing what else to say. I put a nice top and the same skirt from the first day and went to make coffee. I remembered to lock Jake in my bedroom so he wouldn't go berserk again. The doorbell rang and I run to open the door. Clumsy Bella got tangled in the carpet and as I opened the door I started falling. A pair of big, strong arms caught me.

"Alright?" Edward asked lowly and looking around scared as if something would come and attack him. "So no beast this morning?" he seemed to sigh in relief.

"I'm ok. He's locked in my bedroom. Let's get the coffee."

We went to the kitchen and waited for the coffee maker to finish. A sudden bang startled both of us. Jake came in the kitchen and he slid in front of me as he tried to stop from running, but his paws slipped on the whetstone. He took a protective stance in front of me and started growling at Edward. Not again! His eyes looked angry, if a dog could be expressive.

"JAKE!!!" I screamed at him.

Edward crouched and looked in his eyes trying to tell him that he won't hurt me. Well, that is what I thought. Soon I heard a sort of rambling coming from Edward's chest. Then I realized it. Edward was growling back! No, this can't be happening…the calm, cool, collected editor of EMC was growling like an animal, back at my dog. I side stepped Jake who looked at me as if I was crazy and put a hand on Edward's chest. "He won't hurt you, please. I don't know why he is acting like this," Edward calmed down and looked shameful at the floor.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what got into me. I acted like him," he gestured to Jake that was still growling and barking. Edward took the coffees "I'll wait in the car."

With that, he was gone. "What's wrong with you, Jake???" I put some food in his bowl and then left.

The ride was uneventful, luckily. I can't say the same about the elevator ride. We kept glancing at each other, but not talking. When we got to our floor, he let me get out first. Emmett was on my desk again and Tanya was at hers looking intensely at her desktop, trying to ignore Emmett. Edward left my coffee on my desk, greeted Emmett and turned to me.

"I have suits at the washhouse. Nine, I think. Then you have to call Newton from Levi's and ask when I have the photo shoot. Oh, and I'm really sorry about this morning. I couldn't help it," he said the last thing laughing quietly.

"Ok, I will go after the suits and call Newton from Levi's. And you should know that nothing scares him, besides thunderstorms and Alice."

Emmett look bewildered between Edward and me as we laughed, sharing an inside joke he wasn't in on.

Edward turned on his heels and went into his office, still laughing quietly and still not acknowledging Tanya who was seething.

"What was that?" Emmett finally asked.

"That is for me to know and for you to never find out!"

"Bella, you must have heard of his reputation, right?"

"If you want to know, I'm not sleeping with my boss. It was just a little incident with Jake," I said smiling at the memory.

"Who's Jake?" he asked eagerly.

"Are you some old lady? Waiting for the fresh gossip. Jake is my dog. And that's all I'm saying, I'm busy. I have to tell Tanya what to do or better not do and to make those calls. So shoo!"

"Already gave her the speech, I'm sure she heard, although she didn't nod or anything."

"I heard you," she sneered.

"I have to go get his suits. You do not get out of here, not even if the office is on fire. You get it?"

"I'm not mentally incapacitated. I got it," Tanya said.

Emmett boomed a laugh and wished me luck at the washhouse. "Don't fall in a machine."

If he only knew I was literally capable of that…

"Tina," Edward called out.

"He means you," I told Tanya as I gathered my purse.

"Bella!" he called after me, now.

I turned to see what it was, but didn't anticipate that he will be behind me, so I bumped into his chest. He put a hand on my shoulder.

"Here, did you think I'd let you pay for my clothes?" He gave me the money and I left.

It was nice to be back in my car. I took his suits, without falling in the machine as Emmett so nicely put it. When I got back, Edward was screaming at someone I couldn't see. I went to his office to put the suits there when I saw he was screaming at Esme.

"Where were you??? You had to be careful and don't tell me to take care of her for myself because we both know I can't."

"I went inside to get a drink. She was safe, I swear."

"Apparently not, what hospital?" he asked her as he struggled to put the jacket on.

"At Carlisle's. The only place I thought of." Esme was crying. Who was hurt?

"At least you got her to someone I trust!" Edward seethed. He said it as if he didn't trust Esme.

"Hello, Bella!" she said to me, but I could hear the pain in her voice.

Edward whirled around.

"Newton called, so you don't have to call," he told me trying to put an arm through his jacket hole and missing completely. I went to help him. Esme sat there frozen, watching us. Edward went to leave and then turned. "Come with me, I can't do this alone." I thought he talked to Esme so I tried to busy myself with the suits and Esme, thinking the same thing went next to him.

"Not you, you did enough damage for today! Bella, please."

"Oh alright." And we left, leaving a stunned Esme behind us.

Only when we got in the car did Edward let his emotions get the best of him. I didn't know what was happening, he was crouched over the steering wheel, hugging it, his shoulders shaking. When I heard a sniff, I realized Edward was crying. I felt helpless. I extended my arm to rub his back; he stiffened and then relaxed.

He came back in a sitting position, seeking blindly in the glove compartment for tissues.

"I would like it if you drove, I can't." He murmured and blew his nose. I nodded and we switched places. He told me where to go.

When we got to the hospital, he had gotten a grip on himself. The nurse asked where we were going. That's what I was wondering, too. Who was here? It was a she as Edward said, but who?

"Carlisle, Dr. Carlisle Cullen," I answered the nurse. She told us to wait.

Edward was calm, but gripping the tissue as if he wanted to destroy it.

Carlisle came and Edward jumped up and gripped the front of Carlisle's coat.

"Where is she? Tell me she is ok!" Edward said while shaking Carlisle.

"She's ok, asking for you as always," he answered calmly. Then his eyes widened when he saw me. "Bella."

"Hello! I drove him here; he couldn't, not in this state."

"Is Bella coming inside?" Carlisle asked in a grave voice.

"Yes, of course," Edward answered shocked.

We started walking and stopped in front of room 315.

"I can't come in; I have other patients to attend. Bella, be strong for him, please. He will explain to you everything, when he will be able to do so," Carlisle told me.

Edward opened the door and stepped inside; I followed and stopped abruptly when I saw who was on the bed. How could I be stupid enough to think he will like me, when she was here?


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