One Thing for Himself

A Doctor Who General/Romance Fanfic

It's only when he knows he's the only who'll remember that the Doctor finally does something for himself.

Rated K+ for all the crap I imply.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this is mine, except the Marulian Manipulator, which I only make a side reference to, anyway.

A/N: I wrote this in the middle of writing the last few chapters of MT. It doesn't exactly follow it to the letter, as I didn't really know where the story was going fully then, but it's close enough. It's a conversation between Rose and the Doctor. Italics are stage directions (even though it's not really a script). Enjoy a bit of Rose/Nine shipping.

(203 words)


Rose! You're alright!

Oh, Doctor, I thought you were...

Thought I was...?

whispered Dead.

laughs Oh, Rose, it would take quite a lot to kill me.

So I think I'm learning.

But you, Rose, you're alright!

Why wouldn't I be?

I heard a shot...

That was Jack.

shakes head Jack. He's a real bother, isn't he?

I like him!

Well, of course you do, Rose.

What's that's supposed to mean?

Oh, nothing.



You were really worried about me there, weren't you?

quietly You have no idea.

I think I might have some idea.

a beat of silence



I love you.

And then, really, he had no choice. He leant in and kissed her, and wasn't she stunned for it. And on the one hand, he hated himself for doing it, but what else was he supposed to do? Marulian Manipulators usually worked so that everyone who had any memory of what was supposed to happen died; they took too long to discover. He had to get the memory out of her, and he had no choice then, so why not steal it that way?

Why not do one thing for himself, once in a hundred years or so?