Authors note- So this story requires a lot of imagination, which luckily, I have. Sorry the first chapter is so short. Please read and review and let me know what you think.

Kiara's face turned pink with jealousy when she saw two lionesses draping over Kovu like he was some kind of goddess. Kovu truly felt guilty- after all, he is in love with Kiara- but the lionesses would not leave him alone.

"Wow, Kovu, your mane had really grown out" A lioness, named Misty, cooed

"It's simply dashing" The other, named Casey, added

Kiara finally couldn't take it anymore. She stormed over to them quite aggravated. I bet he could see steam coming out of her ears because she was pissed.

She approached them coolly, as if nothing were wrong. She faked a smile and cleared her throat. "If you'll excuse me, I need to talk to Kovu for a moment. Alone."

"Look. I know you're mad. But in my defense, they had me cornered."

"Hard to believe you couldn't, oh I don't know, ask them to move"

"I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to make you jealous"

"Jealous? Me? Seriously Kovu, use your head once in a while. It doesn't make me feel so hot when you're flirting with other lionesses"

He smiled her favorite smile, moving closer to her, which was his way of making her melt in his paws "Oh Kiara, You're the only lioness for me"

She sighed and was quiet for a few seconds until she couldn't help but smile "I hate it when you do that- using your hypnotizing charm on me- typical Kovu"

He chuckled as he licked her on the cheek.

* * *

The sun was shinning bright- yet another warm day in the Savanna. Kiara stretched from a rough night of sleep. She still couldn't get over what happened yesterday. As much as she hated to admit it, she was defiantly jealous.

The young queen was excited though. Kovu promised to take her hunting again and surprisingly, Simba approved.

"Come on Kovu!" She called. Kovu yawned and stretched, forcing himself to wake up

Simba chuckled "You'll never get bored with her"

"I heard that!" Kiara yelled as she began to make her way down Pride rock.

Kovu smiled. "Kiara, wait up!"

They walked a far distance until they came upon the perfect spot to continue her training. Kiara sat down while Kovu gave her more tips.

"You got to stay down low to the ground, not making a sound" he continued

You know Kiara, she got distracted as a blue bird flew around her head which made her smile.

"Kiara? Are you listening to me?" He asked

"Yeah, Yeah, I know what to do" she said, in a rather bored tone

Kovu smirked "Okay then, let's see you in action. If you can pin me down, I'll be fully convinced you know what you're doing"

"Sounds easy enough"

And with that, Kovu ran off, very far actually. A few minutes later, Kiara sniffed the air and grinned. She knew Kovu's sent like the back of her paw. When she spotted her mate, she got down real low, holding her breath. The over excited lioness forced herself to wait a moment or two before making her attack. She finally jumped on him, head first. They tumbled over each other until she pinned him down, hard.

Kiara laughed "Gotcha!"

His eyes were wide with amazement but as the shocking seconds passed, he narrowed his eyes and huffed "Beginners luck"

Kiara giggled as she got off of him. Something caught her attention and her ears perked up.

"Hey, Kovu, look at that" She said

Kovu looked in the same direction and noticed an odd looking cave. It was so bizarre. They never seen it before and they just randomly notice it now?

"Let's go check it out" Kiara said, trotting over to it

"Kiara!" Kovu called. He ran in front of her, blocking her path. "No way am I letting you in there"

Kiara narrowed her eyes, determined to get her way. She slowly paced around him and nuzzled up against his mane.

"Please Kovu?" Kiara asked softly, not at all afraid to use her puppy dog eyes

Kovu tried to hide a smile as his mate showed him great affection. He coughed, trying to focus "I hate it when you do that- using your hypnotizing charm on me- typical Kiara"

She smiled, knowing her plan had worked. She giggled once more as she entered the dark, eerie cave with Kovu right on her tail.