Authors note- Unfortunately, this is the last chapter. Sorry if I disappointed anyone. I really didn't plan on making this a 24 chapter story like my previous fanatic. More Ice Age and Lion King stories are on the way so don't worry!

That night, Kovu found Kiara gazing at the stars all by herself. He smiled and laid down next to her.

"I look back and the cave was gone... It just vanished." Kiara muttered in a daze.

"I know." Kovu paused "Then again, this whole day seemed to be a brain teaser so I sorta expected something like that to happen. But there is an up side to this. Now I don't have to worry about you sneaking off into winter wonder land"

She chuckled a little "I tried telling my father about the Ice age…"


She sighed "He looked at me like I was crazy. He told me to 'grow up' and to 'stop fooling around'. No body ever takes me seriously in this kingdom"

"I take you seriously."

"I know you do. He would of believed me if I had proof. I should of persuaded Diego to come with us. He would have been perfect proof"

"How could you possibly want him here? He really ticks me off and you know it."

"Kovu, he saved your life. And mine."

"I still don't like him" He pouted

She smirked "I know why he ticks you off. You get extremely jealous when you see us together."

"Jealous of what?"

"That night when Diego and I where stargazing... Your face was pink with jealousy."

"Yeah okay" He said sarcastically

"Well that's good. If your not jealous, than I guess you won't mind that I gave him a farewell lick on the cheek."

"Wait. What!?"

She playfully giggled and ran off towards pride rock.

"Kiara? Kiara! KIARA!"

Maybe if she ran quick enough Kovu would never catch up to her and forget about that last remark- THUD! Kovu aggressively yet gently pinned her to the ground.

"You LICKED him?!" He demanded an answer

She giggled "Yup. And wanna know a secret?" She moved in closer to his ear "I still love you. Only you."

Kovu grinned and nuzzled up against her. The hypnotized love birds purred into the night. The stars sparkled. The wind slightly blew. A perfect romance scene. But back in the Ice age, there was one lonely tiger wandering through the darkness, wondering what to do with himself.

The bushes raddled and Diego looked alert. Maybe a late night snack will get his mind off the lions. As he pounced onto his pray, he realized it was a carnivore. Not just a carnivore, a saber toothed tiger!

"Diego?" A female voice asked "Is that you?"

"Do I… know you?"

"Typical Diego. Can't even remember his own best friend." She teased

"Nikki?!" Diego instantly got off and studied his old best friend. He could tell she got much stronger. And her fur got darker. Yet, her crystal blue eyes where still exactly the same.

"I haven't seen you since we where cubs! Wow, you look amazing." Nikki blushed which made Diego blush. He coughed to clear his throat "Um. You look different is all"

They began to talk and laugh and talk some more. As the two sabers got deeper and deeper into conversation, Diego realized something. Kiara was absolutely right. Everyone deserves love.