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Chapter One


2002 (age 10)


I heard someone calling my name. I looked over to my alarm clock and noticed it was 3:41 AM. What the heck?

"BELLA!" I knew that voice; it only belonged to one copper haired boy. I looked over to the window and noticed the little bell ringing by the window and the can that I used to communicate with Edward with. Charlie made it for us so we could talk to each other without having to use the telephone. We put a little bell at each end of the string so we could get each other's attention. I looked over at the window and found Edward standing in front of his window shaking the can to ring the bell. I picked up the can and pulled it tight so he could hear me.

"Edward, it's 3:45 in the morning… are you crazy?" I said annoyingly… I was not my best when I had little sleep.

"Bella! I'm sorry… I just needed to talk to someone." He said sadly. Now I felt horrible for getting upset. Ever since his father died, his nightmares became worse.

"It's okay Edward, did you have another nightmare?" I asked

"Yeah" He sighed.

"It's going to be okay Edward. Do you want to talk about it?" He looked like he did not sleep at all.

"I, I had a dream that momma and you went away, just like dad." He tried not to cry out.

"I'm not going anywhere Edward. I'm right here." I smiled as he smiled back at me.

"Thank you Bella, I'm sorry to wake you." He looked sad again

"Edward, you're my best friend and you can always talk to me." He smiled once again.

"You're my best friend too and I don't know what I would do without you. Love you Bella." My heart soared… if only he knew what that did to me when he said that.

"Love you too Edward. Now get some sleep, my birthday party is tomorrow and I want you to be here before anyone else."

"Not going to be a problem Bells, I only live a few feet away from you." I laughed

"Okay, see you tomorrow. Good night Edward."

"Good night Bella, sweet dreams." I put down the can and fell back into my pillow. All I could think about at that moment was how unconditionally and irrevocably in love I was with him… he just did not know it.

2009 – Present



"5 more minutes…" I murmured. My dreams were nothing but past memories of the copper haired little boy from 7 years ago. I groaned when I remembered that today was the first day as a Junior at Forks High School, my nightmare…


"Shut up…" I groaned. I wanted to remember that dream… I needed to remember that night…

*Beep-* (CRASH)

Crap, now I have to buy a new alarm clock… again. I sat up in bed looking around my boring bedroom full of books scattered all over the place. I looked over at my window, like I do every morning and noticed Edward's curtain closed like always. Our cans string were still connected together but never used. I guess Edward just forgot to take it down all those years ago.

"Bells?" I heard a knock on my door.

"I'm up Charlie!" I yelled out.

"Okay, just making sure. You don't want to be late for your first day. I have a surprise for you, but you have to come outside for it." Charlie said.

"Kay! Be there in bit!" I hated surprises with a passion but Charlie was my dad and he hardly did anything as a surprise for me. I guess he was afraid how I would react.

I stood up from the bed and quickly got ready for another rainy day in Forks. Nothing new there…

After grabbing my book bag together, I momentarily glanced over the mirror that hung up on the wall. I hardly ever look in the mirror because I did not want to feel disappointed. Boring as usual I thought. My long brown hair was frizzy, my skin looked pale as usual and my brown eyes were dull. Nothing special. I quickly grabbed a headband to help maintain my hair. Nope, doesn't help. It's not like anyone will notice, I'm use to it by now anyways.

I made it down the stairs without any incidents so far and then made it out the door. My luck was not with me today as I slid onto the ice patch in the drive way. Charlie ran over to me to help me up.

"Thanks Charlie" I muttered. I shouldn't be embarrassed about my lack of coordination because I always hurt myself someway in the mornings and they usually escalate from there. I looked over and noticed something different in the driveway… an old red Chevy truck.

"Dad… what's that?" I pointed it out to him.

"well, its your surprise. I figured you would want to start driving to school instead of me dropping you off." Wow… my very own car…

"Thanks! I love it! I promise to take good care of it!" I gleamed

"Hmp, well, I'm glad. I bought it off Billy Black this morning. His son Jacob fixed it up so it's in working order."

"Wow, well I'll have to stop by LaPush and thank him."

"You do that, you need to start being with people Bella, you can't close off from every-"

"Dad, please. I'm fine. I have friends at school…"

"Not people you tutor Bells. I mean friends." He got me there.

"Yeah, I'll see what I can do. Maybe next you'll want me to toss pompoms around and dye my hair blonde" I mocked sarcastically.

"Bells, that's not what I meant. I just mean you need to start hanging out with people your age outside of school. Go to somebody's house and have a sleep over, play dress up-"

"Dress up? Dad, seriously? I'm 17 years old, not 7." I scoffed

"Well, just at least try Bella. That's all I'm asking" Fine…

"Fine, I'll try. No promises though." I quickly got into my car and drove off to another boring day in Forks.


The first day went on like I thought it would. Boring. The only class I looked forward towards happens to be my first class English. The rest I could do without. By the time lunch came around I was seriously ready to just get out of here. I looked around the cafeteria and noticed all the tables filled up. I was not going to eat out on the bench this year, I wanted a table! I looked around to find a safe table where I could just be ignored and left to my own thoughts while reading my book. I found a table that had mostly emo looking people and figured why not? They would probably ignore me anyways. I sat my tray down at the end of the table and sat down. Suddenly the entire group sat up and walked off. That's just great. First day of actually trying to socialize and I get ignored by the emo's. Now that's just sad…

O well, table to myself I thought. At least I can finally read my book…

"Hello, may I sit here?" I heard a small sound behind me. I turned around and found a short spiky haired girl who looked she could be 4 feet tall. Why would she want to sit by me?

"If you're looking to be somebody at this school, you may not want to sit with me." I sighed. It was true.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I just moved here from California and I don't know anybody." Now I felt guilty.

"It's fine. You can sit here. I just didn't want to ruin any type of reputation you are looking here for, I'm not that very liked by my peers" I said

"I don't care what others think and I'm not looking for a 'reputation'. I see what reputation my brother has here and I don't want to be anywhere near it."

"Alright, your loss if you do not make the "power squad" by hanging out with me." I teased

"Power Squad? Please. Are they seriously calling that here? Not slutty cheering 101?" She laughed. I like her.

"Well, welcome to the outcast club, you are my first member to join. I'm Isabella Swan, but please just call me Bella" I joked. She put her things on the table to sat by me.

"I'm happy to be a member, I'm Alice Cullen by the way" Cullen? Is she his sister? No, he didn't have a sister, must be a coincidence. Cullen has to be a common name anyways. I just pushed the thought out of my head.

"So, I think we are in English together and also Government. Maybe we can start our own study group at my house sometime. It would be fun." She gleamed

"Yeah, that would be nice. I don't have any problems in English, but Government is not my favorite subject. Do you have Calculus w/ Mosbly? I thought I saw you in there."

"OH! I am! I can't believe I did not see you in there! That is so cool, what is the rest of your schedule? Be cool if we have every class"

"Well, after this I have Biology and then Gym" I shuddered. I was not looking towards Gym.

"Oh, well I don't have those. I have Gym and then Spanish. Three out of five isn't that bad."

"No, its not" My first friend… in over 7 years… why did she have to have the same last name of my last friend…

"Well, I better head on over to the Gym early. I'm still not sure where everything is. Maybe I'll see you after school?" Will i?

"Yeah, that would be neat. I'll see you later." And I was alone again.

A few minutes later I noticed a group of people at the center of the cafeteria joking around. That's when I saw him.

The coppered hair boy that I use to love 7 years ago was now tall, lean, muscular and completely out of my league. My former best friend and neighbor, Edward Cullen. He was everything I wasn't. He is beautiful, funny and popular. Quarterback of the football team and could have any girl he wanted… he did have every girl he wanted… some nights he did not close his curtain…

Why did he make me feel this way? I can't even form a complete sensible sentence infront of him. I use to be able to talk to him about everything. That was until my birthday party 7 years ago…

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard the bell ring that lunch was over. I was so caught up in my memories I did not realize I was staring at him. He looked over at me and smirked. I looked away as quickly as I could. My breath was caught in my chest, I forgot how to breathe. Why must he have this effect on me? I shouldn't be feeling this way. I looked back up and noticed Jessica Stanly all over him. My stomach fell immediately.


I walked into the Biology and all the tables were almost taken. Great… and then I noticed an empty table near the back. Score!

I settled into my spot and took everything out ready for class. I looked around and noticed people snickering at me and whispering things like "nerd" or "geek". Here goes another year of that…

Mr. Banner made the class quiet down which was next to impossible.

"Alright, Class! Quiet down! We need to be calm so we can start." No one was listening.

"SILENCE!" He yelled out. It was now quiet… impressive.

"Thank you" I sighed. "My name is Mr. Banner, I will be your biology teacher this year. We will be looking into everything what Biology is, the study of life! First thing we are going to cover is-" Mr Banner was interrupted when the classroom door opened. Great, a late student to interrupt. I looked up and noticed who it was… oh crap. No, please no. Edward.

I looked around to see where he might sit. Damn, I was the only lab table available. I should have sat by Angela when I had the chance…

"Mr. Cullen, I'm so happy you are here to join us today. Please have a seat by Ms. Swan."

Edward looked over my way and I felt like I couldn't breathe once again. He looked stunned to see me and stood there for a minute.

"Mr. Cullen, I do not have all day. Please take a seat" Oh my god, please let me die…

"Yes sir" Edward sighed. He walked over to my lab table and sat by me. He wouldn't even look at me. Was our friendship that gone he couldn't even look at me? I made sure my hair was the perfect curtain between us, I couldn't look at him. He looked almost angry.

"Okay class. First off I want you all to get to know your lab partner. I want everyone to learn something about each other and then introduce your partner to the class." No no no no no….

My face could not have gotten any redder than it was already. I hated talking in front of the class…. I hated attention.

"You have five minutes to talk and then I will go table by table."

My heart started racing and I could not breathe. I had to get out of here. I felt like I was going to be sick. I made the split decision to leave, I had to get out.

"Mr. Banner?" I called out to him. Edward's head snapped right to me looking shocked.

"Yes, Ms Swan?"

"I need to go to the nurse" I pleaded.

"Can't this wait till after class Ms. Swan?" Everyone started giggling

"No sir, please" Please for the love of god, just do this for me!

"Alright, let me get you a pass" I got up as quickly as I could; I almost thought I heard Edward murmur my name. I had to get out of here. So I did what I thought best at the time, I ran.

I ran down the hall to find an empty classroom. I closed it quickly behind me and slid down the door sobbing. Why did he have to make me feel this way? Seven years of pain and anger resurfaced and I couldn't even control it.



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