The alarm clock sounds, a buzzing chainsaw cutting into the peaceful dreams of sleep of Joe currish.

Joe bleary eyed looks at the time, it is now quarter after 8:oo am. Jumping out of bed he realizes he has overslept again. The issue of over sleeping wasn't as serious as it used to be. The matter of being late for work was resolved centuries ago. By a Dr. Thomas Urale, an Astro physicist in quantum physics.

He was the inventor of who first made time travel possible. It was a revolutionary breakthrough, at last.

Like all new voyages into the unknown, this was not without it's complications. Early testing resulted in the brashness of volunteers who went too far back. Researchers concluded that the further back they went , the shorter their life expectancy. There were some who thought the laws of the universe didn't apply to them, so they would do something ridiculous like go to B.C era, only to collapse on their arrival at the other side.

This was common knowledge today. Joe was fifteen minutes late so he could take the risk.