Characters: Sebastian X Ciel
Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroshitsuji or any of its characters, end of story.

A/N:written for a prompt challenge over at comment_fic community. The prompt being Chocolate and 'Licking his fingers' and I totally failed on stopping my pervy fangirl brain to do what it wanted. Beta-ed by stevie_chan


Bright, blue eyes were boredly, and just maybe a bit frustrated, watching the hand which he was holding up in front of his face. The hand in question was covered in the remains of the chocolate he had been eating a few minutes ago. Twisting the hand Ciel unenthusiastically inspected the damage before he heaved a sigh.

"Sebastian," he called out and when his butler appeared in front of him, mere seconds after the name had left his lips he just simply lifted his hand towards the other, as he tried to ignore the amusement that was practically shining from the others eyes.

"Clean it," he ordered and Sebastian's usual grin, if possible, widened even more before the butler took his hand in his own. With a tired yawn Ciel decided to look out through the small window in the wagon they were currently travelling in, which, truth to be told was the sole reason for his distress. If he had been back at the mansion he would have just simply picked up an unused handkerchief from the desk and-

The young master's head snapped to the side and he glared angrily at his servant whom currently was kneeling in front of him, holding his hand in one of his and gently licking on the surface of said hand. He tried to snatch it back to safety and away from his butler's tongue, but Sebastian's grip was just too strong for him to be able to overpower him.

"Sebastian!" He warned the other, surely the man had understood that when he had requested his hand to be cleaned this wasn't quite the way he had meant it to be cleaned on. "S-se…bastian…" he tried again but it was obvious how weak his voice had become during the other's treatment.

Sebastian's tongue was sensually running up and down the surface of his hand. Sneaking out and licking just there, on the spot just between his fingers. Nipping on his knuckles...

Ciel felt his breath becoming heavy and he didn't like it at all. Neither did he like the itching feeling his servants tongue left on his hand that made his entire body tingle uncomfortable. This was silly, and very much so, but his voice failed him miserably and he simply had no strength to fight the strong grip around his hand.

Modestly he watched as Sebastian took one of his fingers into his mouth and sucked on it gently until his eyes almost fluttered close at the sensation. He was starting to get all warm and fuzzy now and he desperately tried to fight it of, in vain since when the man finally was finished with one of his fingers he simply started to suck on another one.

Panting faintly and suddenly feeling oh so very weak, Ciel momentarily gave in and leaned backwards in the seat into a more comfortable position and let the sensation wash over him.

Time seemed to flow away as Sebastian continued to lick, and before he knew it the butler was leaning back with a satisfied smile plastered all over his face, way to early for his own personal liking.

He swallowed his complaints anyway and collected himself before he simply dismissed his butler with a few words and a gesture with his hand. There was no way he was going to give Sebastian the satisfaction to know just how much he had liked it.