"Last night, 5 more people mysteriously died of heart attacks, all of them being wanted criminals. Could this be the work of Kira?" I heard as I started getting ready for school. All I could think to myself was that Kira was a criminal himself, getting rid of other criminals. I wondered if he really looked like one of them though. You know, with the angry faces and the cuts on their faces, looking pretty weird.

"Joanna, c'mon, you're going to miss the bus!" My mother yelled up to me from the bottom of the staircase. As I packed my things in my back pack and turned my television off, I couldn't help but notice a strange notebook on my bed that I haven't recognized before. It was black with strange silver lettering. I picked it up, and opened to the first page. Immediately, I noticed that this was no ordinary notebook that you could just pick up at some place like Target.

"Death Note?" I read at the top at the first page, "The human whose name is written in this note shall die?" I paused, "That's impossible! How could a notebook be used to kill people?! Is someone messing with my mind or something?"

"Joanna, hurry up!" My mother called from the bottom of the stairs again.

"Coming!" I replied. I quickly put the strange notebook in my book-bag and ran downstairs. As I slipped on my sneakers, my mom gave me a piece of buttered toast and I ate it quickly. After I did that, she gave me my water bottle for school, and I drank some of it to help wash down the toast.

"By mom, I'm leaving!" I yelled to my mom as I walked out the door.

"By sweetie, have a good day at school!" She replied.

As I walked down my driveway to my bus stop, where the bus was already there, waiting for me, all I could think about was the strange book, and I questioned its actual ability to kill people.

Once we arrived at my school, I noticed that we were the 5th bus here today, as usual. I didn't talk to my friends, or listen to music like I usually would. All I wanted to do was read more in the strange black note book. The Death Note. I thought it would be too risky to even try to do that now though, since if I was caught reading something about making someone die, I would be suspended from school for sure. I also wondered if I could trust anyone with this secret of mine.

Suddenly, everyone got up out of their seat. As I looked out the window, I noticed that all of the buses were here; it was time to get off. Of course, being slow recognizing that it was time to go, I was the last one to get off the bus. I wasn't looking when I walked off the steps of the bus, and accidentally ran into one of the most beautiful, and popular girls in my school; the captain of the cheerleading squad.

"Watch where you're going, loser!" She yelled at me as she slapped my books right out of my hand. As I reached down to get them, I heard her and her friends laughing at me as they walked away.

"Susan can be a real pain sometimes. I wouldn't worry about her." A voice spoke to me. I didn't even acknowledge the person as they helped me get my books off the ground. Only when he handed the books to me did I realize who it was, and I started blushing like crazy. It was Light Yagami; not only was he the smartest person in the school, but he was also the man of my dreams. Why would he be acknowledging me now? He never did before. What's different about me that made someone like him want to help someone like me?

"Uhh, thanks." I blushed as I took my books from his hands. I saw that he took an interest in my black notebook that was still on the ground.

"What's this?" As Light reached down to grab it, I quickly swiped it and put it in with my books. He looked at me oddly, as if wondering why I did that, and I couldn't really blame him.

"Sorry, I don't want anyone to see this book. Only for my eyes!" I chuckled as I pointed to my eyes. Light chuckled back and as I started heading for the school again, he walked with me. This only made me blush more.

"May I walk with you?" Light politely asked. I was becoming extremely red in the face now. Yesterday, Light didn't even acknowledge my existence, and today, he was helping me with my books, and wanting to walk with me.

"Umm...sure." I sheepishly replied. As we became closer to the school, I realized that Light didn't even know my name. "Oh, and by the way, my name's Joanna."

"A pleasure to meet you Joanna, my name's Light." He replied so much like a gentlemen. This only made me like him even more!

"Yeah, I know what you're name is!" I chuckled. Could it finally be that I was going to get the man of my dreams?

I thought I was on top of the world, but suddenly, that thought was shattered by none other that Susan.

She turned around and screamed to Light, "Hey Light, come here! There's no need to hang out with weirdoes!" The rest of the gang she was with laughed hysterically as I only turned even redder from embarrassment. One of her fellow cheerleaders came over and grabbed Light's wrist to bring him back. In the process, she tripped me on purpose, in order to watch me fall, along with my books. The impact was painful, and I started to tear. I could see Light looking back at me as he was brought to the popular group of people. I immediately took out the Death Note and wrote Susan's full name down, along with the girl who tripped me. I didn't really know how to use this note, or even if it was real. But I did know that if what this notebook says is true, then they will both be dying soon. For the moment, I felt a rush; I felt as if I really shouldn't have done that.

My worst fear came true. Almost 1 minute later, Susan and her friend clenched their chest in pain, as if having a heart attack. They quickly fell lifelessly to the floor, and everyone around them turned and was completely in shock. I just sat there, with a petrified look. I barely noticed that Light looked at me. He saw the notebook, with their names in it, but no one else did. From looking at the notebook, Light was shocked.

'What have I done?!' I thought to myself.

"There are...two notebooks?" Light murmured to himself.