Frostbite, chapter 1


I clicked my cell phone shut, digesting the new information Jeremy had given me. I ran through it all again, I think from the shock. Former Pack members Joey and Dennis Stillwell would be meeting Clay and I at the airport in Anchorage. I'd never actually met either of them, but I have answered the phone at Stonehaven when they've called. They both seemed decent enough. For the next bit, Daniel Santos' uncle was living with them. Well, not with them, in the same house, but in the same general area and they were friends. To hear Jeremy tell it, Michael Santos was never anything like his nephew. Following up on that, Michael was married. And had a daughter. And that daughter was a werewolf.

That last part was where my brain put up the "STOP" sign. As far as any of us had previously known, I'd been the only female werewolf to survive, Bauer notwithstanding. Apparently she was only two years younger than me, and she was bitten when she was eleven. How anyone could hide their existence like that for so long, hide their identity as a werewolf from the Pack, was baffling to me. I just couldn't wrap my head around it.

Would she be like Bauer was? Think I was jealous of her, because I wasn't the only girl in town anymore? Or would she be manipulative like her cousin? All of these questions buzzed in my head. That I didn't know the answers was driving me insane.

Suddenly my phone vibrated in my hand.


"Hey, darling." I couldn't hold back a tiny smile at Clay's familiar drawl.

"Hey, Clay. Did Jeremy talk to you too?"

"I just hung up with him." The tone of Clay's voice said he was just as unsure about this new information as I was. I couldn't decide if that was comforting or not.

"So what do you think?"

"I think it's a good thing we're headed that way."

"Yeah. What do you thin she'll be like? Daniel's cousin?"

He grunted a verbal equivalent to a shrug. "Dunno. I never met Michael Santos. No idea what he'd raise a kid to be like."

We talked a little more, and Clay's flight would get there about twenty minutes after mine was scheduled to, weather permitting. The call came through on the intercom telling the passengers headed to Anchorage to board the plane. I said good-bye to Clayton and headed for my seat.

As the jet began to speed down the runway, I decided that I'd find out soon enough what this new she-wolf was like. One thing was certain, the circumstances this time around were a hell of a lot better than last time.

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