Its common knowledge among the Purebloods that when a witch or wizard reaches 16, they come into their inheritance from any creature blood in you family. Whether or not, that creature blood was Vampire, Elf, Veela, or even Leprechaun. Even half-bloods knew that if either of their parents were or had creature blood they would likely inherit that creature blood. However, people tend to take advantage of this being common knowledge. They don't talk about it, considering they assume those who need to know, know.

Too bad no one thought to tell one Harry James Potter. After all, he's the Boy-Who-Lived, he should already know all of this. However, Harry was raised, sort of, by his muggle Aunt and Uncle. No one had ever warned Harry about the creature blood within the Potter line.

This brings the story to July 30th just before midnight. In a small bedroom in a perfectly normal house on Private Drive, Harry Potter watches the clock. It's almost his birthday. He glances at the empty cage in the corner. His first gift and familiar was gone. Forever. His Uncle Vernon had killed her. Hedwig. His precious owl was dead. Ever since he arrived home that summer, Uncle Vernon had taken sadistic pleasure in slowly destroying all that Harry owned. The only things he had left were the album from Hagrid, his Firebolt, and his invisibility cloak. The former two items were wrapped in his cloak and hidden under his bed.

Harry turned slowly onto his side. Wincing as he felt a rib shift. Uncle Vernon had beaten him just that afternoon for not finishing his chores. It was hard to do manual labor with a broken ankle and his body feeling like one massive bruise. As for where that left Harry, it wasn't pleasant. Harry stopped listing his injuries as it only made him focus on them, which only made him hurt. His only hope is that the Order came looking for him, since he hadn't sent a letter in four days.

Then the clock blinked its little red numbers at him, showing that it was officially midnight, and his birthday.

Then a numbing sensation flowed over his body. Every ache and strain and burning pain in his body faded away until it was nothing. Harry blinked in confusion. For a split second Harry was relieved. And that's when he pitched forward to hang over the edge of his bed and began to vomit. Blood. Harry gasped and heaved and vomited more and more blood, until he was in tears. The strain began to make its self known in his throat. Harry finally stopped vomiting and gave a sob of relief. The blood pooled around his bedside table, the bed it's self, and seemed to spill out further in the room. The clock now read 12:35 am.

'What's going on?' he thought. He stared at the blood in object horror and then he knew no more.


"BOY! HOW DARE YOU!" the roar of Vernon Dursley woke Harry the next morning. He lunched him self backward and scrambled into a corner to make him self as small as possible. Vernon advanced towards him as the boy trembled. "How dare you bleed all over our nice, normal house! Spilling your freakish blood all over our decent home!" Vernon yanked Harry from the corner of his bed and shook the boy. Harry wrapped his hands around Vernon's meaty wrist and gave a soft cry in pain and fear. "I'll teach you to try and infect us!" Then Vernon raised his other hand, made a fist and began to swing at Harry, only to freeze like a statue. Harry cracked an eye open. 'When did I close my eyes?' And saw the Weasley twins. Fred had Vernon's fist in his hand and his back to Harry, while George had his wand trained on the large man beside Harry.

"Don't you dare touch him you filthy muggle. Now let him down." Fred said in a low voice. Vernon let go of Harry, and the raven haired teen stumbled into George. Harry's body shivered at the sound, but not in fear. It was in pleasure. Harry looked up at George.

"George, what's going on?" Harry whispered. George looked down at him and gave him a small smile.

"We're here to take you home, Harry." He said softly. Harry felt himself leaning closer to George and blinked in surprise. George wrapped an arm around Harry and pulled him against his chest. "Where does it hurt?" Harry stared in confusion and then realized that there was blood everywhere and that he was still covered in bruises. But he didn't feel any pain.

"No where. I…I feel numb." He murmured. George turned to Fred after nodding.

"Let's go, Forge." Fred stepped closer to Vernon and pulled his wand from his sleeve and held it at Vernon's throat.

"If you so much as think of hurting Harry ever again, I'll kill you!" he growled. "And this isn't over." Fred turned quickly towards Harry. "Let's go." Harry panicked slightly.

"Wait! My cloak and broom!" Harry moved towards the bed but was stopped by George who tightened his hold. He tilted his head at Fred, who then reached under the bed and pulled out the items Harry wanted. Harry watched in surprise.

"Time to go, Harry!" George said in a slightly forced cheerful voice. Harry just nodded. Then twins apperated him and his meager belongings away.

Harry gasped slightly at the feeling of being sucked through a straw. He stumbled slightly, only to be pulled flush against George. George chuckled and then left him into a bridal hold and carried the emerald eyed boy though the twins' apartment. Harry looked around amazed. Fred followed them into the bedroom. Harry saw the large double king sized bed with its dark blue sheets and gold and navy comforter. George placed Harry on the bed and began to pull his shirt off.

"Wait, w-what are you d-doing?" he exclaimed. Fred had already walked into the bathroom to retrieve some healing potions. George gave Harry a bland look.

"Your clothes need to come off so that we can heal you." Harry trembled slightly. Being this close to the red-head was making his blood sing for some reason. Something was telling him to get closer. And the boy smelt divine. "Harry?" the raven haired boy realized he had zoned out. He blinked and locked eyes with George. And just stared. 'When did he get so handsome? Since when am I gay!' Harry thought. He shook his head. Fred came out of the bathroom with an armful of potions.

"Harry?" said boy shivered as Fred's voice washed over him. Something else in Harry called to Fred. Harry could feel something reaching out from Fred and tugging at him. It felt like it was tugging on his magic. "Harry, mate, are you alright?" Fred asked. Harry felt something in him snap at the word mate and launched himself off the bed and across the room. Fred and George started at his reaction. They shared a look and tried to get closer to the emerald eyed boy. However, Harry pushed himself back into the wall. He began to panic.

"Mate?" George tried. Harry shuddered and felt his magic begin to rise to the surface. 'What's going on? What's wrong with me?' Harry's magic reached out, almost questioningly. 'I just want to be left alone! I don't want this! Please!' His magic flowed to the surface and suddenly he was gone. George and Fred leaped forward only to land on the floor. "Where could he be, Forge?" Fred shook his head.

"I don't know, Gred." The twins stood and looked around the room. "I knew something bad was happening to him. Just never thought it would get as bad as it was." Fred slumped onto the bed. George sat beside him and wrapped his arms around his twin. Fred leaned into his brother and sighed.

"We'll find him and protect him Forge, I promise." George mumbled softly. Fred nodded.


Harry appeared in a sunny garden, in a patch of petunias. He stumbled and fell to his knees, and then he lay sprawled out on the ground. He tried to catch his breath, but his ribs and shifted with his landing and he couldn't seem to get it under control. He distantly heard a door slam open and quick foot steps. A pair of black boot incased feet stopped in front of his face. He just continued to gasp for breath.

"Potter! What are you doing in my garden? How did you get here?" a furious, familiar voice snapped at him. Harry shuddered.

"I….I don't know…sir…" He gasped. Snape scowled down at the prone figure, until the injuries set in. The last thing Harry remembered was Snape gently lifting him and him telling him, "It'll be alright Potter."


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