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Last Time:

The boy studied the older man, looking for something. Snape didn't know what he was looking for, but he must have found it.

"My uncle." Was all the boy said before his eyes dimmed and he looked away in shame.

Chapter Two:

Harry refused to meet his professor's eyes. Shame and humiliation were welling up inside him. He was supposed to be the savior of the wizarding world, yet he was beaten by a muggle. A large, obese muggle, but a muggle none the less. He didn't even know why he trusted the man before him. He had heard the false promises before. The promise to help him, to save him from Vernon. He should have kept his mouth shut, but he couldn't. Snape had had this look in his eyes, like he actually cared. Harry glanced up when the bed creaked from an added weight.

"We should get you to a healer, Harry." The darker man murmured gently. Harry eyed him warily. Snape only sighed. "I can take you to Poppy, how is that?" the man said, knowing that Harry need a healer he could trust.

"I…I suppose that's okay." Harry said back, softly. Snape nodded.

"I can floo us there, but I'd feel better if I carried you." Harry tensed.

"No. No, I'll walk to the floo." The boy said back defiantly. Snape drew in a breath for patience.

"Alright." Snape stood and watched over Harry as he shifted and put his feet on the floor. Harry stood, and then had to catch himself as the world tilted violently. He gasped as he began to fall, only to be caught by Snape. This pulled another, pain filled gasp from the boy as his ribs shifted. Suddenly, Harry couldn't breathe. "Foolish boy!" Snape scolded. "Now I must carry you!" the man carefully picked up Harry bridal style and rushed to his floo. With a shout of "Hogwarts Hospital Wing" the two whooshed through the floo system and came stumbling out into the Hospital Wing. "Poppy!" Snape shouted as he placed Harry on a bed quickly. There was a distant crash followed by rushed footsteps.

"Severus? What's-"Poppy gasped in shock at the sight before her. "What has happened?" she demanded as she began diagnostic spells. One produced a scroll with all of Harry's injuries. She quickly scanned it, her face shifting into horror. "I'll need you to gather potions for me, Severus." She then handed the list to him, and set about fixing what she could.

Snape looked at the list, and blinked. It didn't register at first, that Harry Potter had all these injuries. Broken ribs, a punctured lung, bruised kidneys, multiple lacerations on his back and thighs, and infected cuts on his stomach and chest. 'How had the boy not felt these things?' Then he noticed the blood loss and malnutrition. "Severus! Potions!" Poppy's voice snapped him out of his daze and he rushed to the cabinet. He pulled potion after potion. One for pain, one for broken bones, one for infections, and so on. Snape hurried back to Poppy with the potions. The two began to feed Harry the potions, the boy having had fallen unconscious during the healing.

"I should show this parchment to Albus. Surely, with this, the Headmaster will let Harry stay somewhere else." Snape stopped Poppy before she could leave.

"We should make a copy, and give that to him. Just in case." Poppy eyed Snape.

"Do you really think that is necessary, Severus?" Snape just nodded as he watched over Harry. Poppy sighed then made the copy. She handed the original to Snape and hurried out of the hospital wing. Snape sat beside Harry's bedside.

"Let's hope that Albus is a better man than I think he is, Harry." He murmured.

It wasn't twenty minutes later that, Albus came in, followed by a furious Poppy Pomfrey.

"Ah, Severus, my boy, how are you?" the man said, his eyes twinkling. Severus merely nodded to the man. Albus turned to the still unconscious boy and gave a sad nod. "It is unfortunate that he must be returned to his relatives." He said, in a parody of a grandfather's voice. Severus stood quickly.

"You're joking aren't you, Headmaster? The boy could have been killed!" Severus snapped. He carefully grasped the portkey in his pocket. The older man looked at Snape.

"It's the only place he is safe from Voldemort, Severus. Surely you know this?"

"But who is to keep him safe from the muggles!" spate Snape in response. Poppy quickly brought attention to herself, as Snape drew closer to Harry.

"What about the Weasleys? Or Headquarters? He would be safe either of those places, Albus!" Before the man could respond, Snape grasped Harry's arm and activated is portkey with a whispered, "Home." The two were whisked away just as Albus reached to grab hold of Snape. The man gave a frustrated huff before spinning around and leaving the hospital wing.

However, Poppy heard his parting words.

"I'll have my weapon back and Snape's head in a jar!" Poppy couldn't help but wish to never see the two escaped boys, if only so that Albus never found them.