She put him out

like a burnin' end
of an midnight

The clear and beautiful voice rang like the softest of bells through Konoha. The birds stopped in their night song, demons and humans stopped alike to to listen. Even the drunkard on the street corner, shared a silent tear with the sad song and tone.

She broke his heart.

He spent his whole life
trying to forget.

The constant blood thirst had for once been quenched inside of Gaara. The sand demon inside of him was quiet, not even a whisper; nothing. Shukaku was for once content and listening.

We watch him drink
his pain away
a little of the time.

Walking down the streets; the beautiful girl sang a song from long ago; that she knew as a breath. Even the drunkard at the street corner fell a tear when she passed him by and he heard her song.

But he never could get
drunk enough
to get her out of his mind.
Until the night.

He jumped from roof to roof, searching for the person whom possessed the voice. Closing the gape, he jumped down and ran across the streets. The girl was a beauty, with the same blood red hair as his, and cerulean eyes.

He put the bottle to his had
and pulled the trigger.

She smiled sadly at him, there weren't pity in those eyes. Only the knowledge of the pain he went through. The sorrow he possessed – they both possessed.

And finally drank
Away her memory.

She approached him and he stepped back; she was acting strange.

Life is short,
But this time it was Bigger.

She backed him against a wall, and without warning or indication she hugged him. One arm around his neck another around his back. It was a loose embrace, one he could wiggle out off, if he wanted to.

Then the strength
he had to get up
Off his knees.

He wasn't attacking; the sand wasn't defending him; they both were comforted from the odd singing girl.

We found him

with his face down.

Tears were trailing down her cheeks; she was crying – for his pain, for her own pain. For their pain – a pain she knew oh so well herself.

With a note that said
I love her to I die.

Gaara felt the tears on his back and pulled her off and looked her in the eyes, and through her he saw her; all she was, all she had been; all she would be; all the pain, all the sorrow, all the joy and happiness; and he saw himself in her.

And when we
buried him
beneath the willow,
The angel sang
a whiskey lullaby.

As the song took it's silent note, the silence stretched across them only broken by the birds that slowly began their nightly song.

"What's your name?" Gaara asked.

"Kaia," she replied quietly. "What's your name?"


Song:Whiskey Lullaby.

Artist:Brad Paisley.

I made this while listening to the song. It's an old story now, I created it back in 2010. Three years ago, so I suppose it's not that long of a time, nevertheless. I've grown a lot since that time, so this is the Reddit version. The little plot that's in there, is still very much there, however, I've changed quite a bit about it. Thanks to those whom review and read this story.

I do not own Naruto, nor do I make any profit from this story.