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Summary: Edward's family has had it with Edward's playboy ways, so they sign him up for The Bachelor in hopes of him finding the right girl. Edward just thinks of this as another chance to screw with more girls, but what he doesn't expect was to fall in love with the co-producer, Isabella Swan. Can he win her heart when he already caught so many?

Chapter 1: Family Dinner

Edward's POV

I turned off the tv and looked at the clock, 5 o'clock. I guess it's time to get ready. I quickly changed into my white button down shirt and my blue jeans. I began to tie my shoes when my phone vibrated.


"Dr. Cullen, you're needed at the hospital. There was an accident on the highway and a girl is in critical condition."

"Alright. I'm on my way."

Well I guess I'm not going to dinner. I dialed Esme's number.


"Hey Esme," I said. "I just got called into work. I won't be able to make it for dinner. Sorry."

"Oh…it's alright. Maybe next time."

"Yeah okay. Bye."

"Bye Edward."

I ran out of my house and got inside my car. I quickly drove to the hospital and went to my locker. I changed into my scrubs and went to the ER.

Alice's POV

"I can't wait until I see you," I screamed through the phone.

"Of course. Neither can I."

"Well, see you soon!"

"Okay. Can't wait. Bye Alice."

"Bye Bella!"

I hung up the phone and smiled at my fiancé, Jasper.

"What's up Ally?" he asked.

"Well you know how I always talked about my best friend from childhood, Bella? Well, she's going to come over to dinner with the family," I explained.

Jasper nodded his head. Jasper and I began dating during high school. I bumped into him, literally, in the hall and ever since I saw him we have been in love.

"I'm glad that you're going to see your friend Ally," He said, resting his head on my shoulder.

I looked at the clock. "Well we should get dress so we can pick Bella up from the airport and then we can go straight to the house."

"Alright," Jasper said, grabbing the clothes that I picked out for him.

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Jasper drove to the airport and I ran to the door, waiting for Bella. I was jumping, eager to see Bella again. Her plane landed, but I couldn't see her.

"Where is she?" I pouted. "Her plane landed already."

Jasper laughed, "Calm down Alice. I'm sure Bella will be here."

I continued to look around. I stopped when I saw Bella. I jumped higher, waving my hands in the air. "Bella! Bella!" I screamed.

She turned and laughed. She ran to me and we hugged.

"Oh My God," I screamed. "I can't believe you're here."

"I missed you so much," Bella said.

"Me too."

We broke apart to see Jasper smiling at us. "You must be Bella. Alice told me so much about you. I'm Jasper."

"It's nice to meet you Jasper," Bella took out her hand. "I'm glad someone was able to hold down Alice."


"Just kidding Alice," Bella smiled at me.

"Well we should be going," Jasper said. "We wouldn't want to be late.

I nodded my head. I looked at Bella and widened my eyes. "Bella! You're not going to wear that are you?"

She looked down to see what she was wearing. "Well you didn't expect me to wear a dress on the plane did you? I have the bag here. All I have to do is change into it."

I calmed down. "Alright. There's a bathroom over there. Go change and then I'll do your makeup and hair in the car."

"Gee thanks," Bella said. "I haven't seen you for more than ten minutes and you are already planning on Barbie Bella."

"Barbie Bella," Jasper questioned.

"She dresses me up like a Barbie," Bella answered.

"Hurry up. We don't have much time," I said, pushing her into the bathroom.

She soon came out in a light blue dress that reached her knees. It flares out on the bottom and has a v-neck.

"Aw Bella," I cried. "You look beautiful."


We reached my parents' house in 15 minutes.

"Esme and Carlisle will be so surprised when they see you," I said, clapping my hands.

"Wait you didn't tell them that I was coming over?" Bella asked.

"Of course not. But don't worry. Esme always makes more than enough food for a thousand people," I explained.

"Alright," Bella said.

We were best friends from childhood and we still are. She would always come over to our house for dinner. Esme and Carlisle always treated Bella like a second daughter. We both cried the night she had to leave. She was moving to California the summer before high school.

"BELLA!!! Is that you?" a loud voice screamed.

She turned around just as Emmett hugged her.

"I…ca-can't breathe," she chocked out.

"Oops," Emmett let go of Bella. "My bad."

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Bella Swan," Rosalie said.

Bella turned around and smiled. "Rose!"

They hugged. "I can't believe you're here!" Rose said.

"I know," Bella said. "It's nice to see you all again."

"Let's go inside guys," Jasper said. "It's getting cold."

We all entered the house.

Bella's POV

It felt good to be with my friends again. Me, Rose and Alice were best buds. We did everything together. I missed those days.

I walked into the house first. Esme gasped.

"Oh Bella dear," she said, hugging me. "We all missed you."

I returned the hug. "I missed you too Esme."

"And what about us mom?" Emmett asked, entering the house.

"Oh I missed all of you guys," Esme said. "You guys haven't been home in so long."

"I know mom," Alice said. "I promise to visit more often."

Esme nodded. "Well Edward just called to tell me that he can't make it to the dinner. He has to work again."

"Oh okay," Alice said, walking into the living room.

We all entered the living room, catching up with each other. We haven't seen each other for at least twelve years.

"Kids! Dinner," Esme yelled from the kitchen.

"Oh boy!" Emmett said, jumping up from the couch. "I'm really hungry."

We all sat down at the table, smelling the aroma of the food.

"It smells really good Esme," I complimented taking a seat.

"Why thank you," Esme said.

"Can we eat yet mom," Emmett whined.

"Not yet," Esme said. "We're waiting for Carlisle."

"But I'm hungry and the food smells so good."

Rose smacked him on the head. "Just wait Emmett."

He pouted and looked down.

"Well, it seems that we have a full house," Carlisle said, entering the dining room. He looked around, nodding at his son and smiling at his daughter. He looked at me and smiled. "Bella, it's nice to see you again."

I blushed, "It's nice to see you too Carlisle."

"Now can we eat?" Emmett impatiently asked.

"Yes," Esme said. "Now we can eat."

"Hey Jasper can you pass me the mash potatoes?" Rose asked, finishing the rest of the food on the plate.

Jasper passed the mash potatoes to Rose, watching his sister as she grabbed three full spoonfuls.

"Hey Rose are you sure you're going to finish that?" I asked.

Rose looked at me. "What do you mean? Of course I can finish it."

I raised my eyebrow. "But you usually don't eat that much…" Alice said.

Rose huffed and crossed her arms. "Is my eating a lot a problem?"

"Of course not," Carlisle said. "It's good that you have a hearty appetite." Carlisle continued; bring his doctor thoughts to the table.

"And the food is great," Emmett said, grabbing more food.

I laughed. "You bet. This is great."

"So Bella," Carlisle said. "What do you do for a living?"

I turned to look at him, "I'm co-producer of the show The Bachelor."

"Really?" Carlisle said. "That's very interesting. You know Esme watches that show all the time. Now I have a reason to watch it."

Esme laughed lightly. "Oh please Carlisle. I'm sure you watch it too. I mean all those beautiful women."

Carlisle smiled, "Ahh yes. The women are quite beautiful on the show, but I have the most beautiful woman sitting right next to me."

Esme blushed.

"Eww can you guys not flirt in front of us?" Emmett said. "I'm trying to eat."

"Way to ruin the moment Emmett," Rose said, smacking him on the head.

"Ow," Emmett said. "That hurt Rosie."

"Good, it was suppose to," she said, continuing to eat.

"How did you get the job of co-producer?" Jasper asked.

"My older brother, Aaron, is the producer of the show and I helped him with it."

"Wow," Jasper said.

"So Bella," Alice said. "Does that mean you can pick the new bachelor for the show?"

I took a sip of water, "Yeah. Why, you have a bachelor?"

Alice grinned, "You bet. Edward."

To Be Continued

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