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Chapter 2: Plans

Bella's POV

"What do you mean Alice?" I asked. "You want Edward to be on the show?"

"Exactly," Alice said. "You bring 15 beautiful girls and Edward is bound to find the perfect girl."

"Yeah that's a good idea," Esme agreed. "I'm tired of having Edward's 'girlfriends' over for dinner. They're not really polite."

"Because they're only after Edward's money," Rose said. "I mean Edward is a doctor after all. He does make a lot of money."

"That is true," Carlisle said. "Do you think you can have Edward on the show Bella?"

I thought about it. "I could talk to Aaron about it. I'm sure he's fine with anything really."

"Great," Alice said.

"I can call you guys when I find out," I said.

"But the show is filming in California, correct?" Jasper asked.

I nodded my head. "The show supplies the contestants with tickets though."

"Cool," Emmett said. "Edward's gonna be on TV."

I laughed at Emmett, "But it doesn't air until later on. Near the end, we have the show live."

Rose nodded her head, "So do we have to fill out a paper or something?"

"Um not really," I thought about it. "I guess I can do it myself. I just need a video tape on his actions and such during a week."

"Oh you mean like what he's looking for in a girl and what he likes and does for fun?" Alice asked.

"Pretty much," I said.

"So that's requiring Edward to know that he's going to be on the show," Alice said.

"Well yeah," I said. "What were you planning Alice? For him to just show up not knowing that he's going to be on TV?"

"Would you laugh if I said yes?" she asked meekly.

Everyone laughed.

"I guess it is a good idea to have Edward know about the show," Esme said. "Maybe he'll have time to think while he's on the plane. You know? About what he's looking for in a girl."

I nodded, "That's what we usually suggest to the bachelors and bachelorettes."

"Oh yes you're also co-producer of The Bachelorette," Alice said. "The guys on the show are hot."

Jasper looked at Alice. "Of course not as hot as you Jazzy."

Jasper laughed and kissed her on the head.

"The sooner you tell Edward, the better," I said. "You'd be surprised at how many people sign up for the show."

Carlisle nodded his head. "Well ladies, when do you plan on telling Edward about your plans on him finding the right girl?"

"How about tomorrow?" Alice suggested.

"How long are you staying Bella?" Rose asked.

"I can stay as long as I'm needed. But I just need a place to stay," I said.

"You can stay here," Esme offered.

"Thanks Esme," I said.

"So I'll call Edward to come over tomorrow?" Alice questioned.

"Sure," I said.

"Well it has to be after work," Esme said.

"What does Edward do for a living?" I asked, wondering if the time off from work will affect him.

"He's a doctor," Emmett answered.

"Like he always wanted to me," I said, smiling.

Esme nodded, "He told you?"

"Yeah, when we were kids," I said. "He always said that he would be a doctor and I would be a nurse, that way when we get married we could take care of each other."

Carlisle laughed. "Aw that's cute," Esme said.

"So Edward wanted to marry you?" Jasper asked, raising his eyebrow.

"Are you kidding me," Emmett said, waving his arms in the air. "Edward was planning his whole life with Bella. It was pretty funny."

"It really was," Alice said, thinking back to her childhood.

Rose nodded. "He always said that they were going to have two kids. One boy and one girl and a dog named after Bella."

I laughed. "Yup. He said he was going to buy a mansion for us and we would have maids to cook for us whenever we were hungry."

"But then Bella always said she wanted to cook," Esme laughed, remembering our childhood.

"You guys were always cute together," Carlisle said. "It's too bad that you had to move away. If you stayed and went to high school here, I bet Edward wouldn't be like this."

"Not really," I said sadly, looking down.

"What do you mean?" Alice asked.

"We were growing apart the summer I was leaving," I said. "He went to camp and I guess he learned a thing or two and he decided it wasn't worth being friends with me."

"What?" Rose screamed. "So that's why Edward didn't talk to us when we went to school and I thought it was because Bella left."

Alice nodded her head, "Me too. I didn't know it was because he was angry at us."

"He wasn't angry at you guys," I whispered. "He was angry at me and because you were friends with me, he didn't talk to you either. Even though Alice is his sister."

"Wow that's crazy," Jasper said. "I mean, I was friends with Edward during high school and he was always cool. But when I said that I liked Alice, he totally changed. He was suddenly cold to me."

"But then after I yelled at him he talked to us again," Alice said with a smile.

"What did Edward say to you when he broke all contact with you?" Emmett asked.

I looked down and took a deep breath. Esme put her hand on my shoulder.

"If you're not ready to say anything, it's okay. Nobody is forcing you to say what happened."

I gave Esme a small smile, "No it's okay. He said….that he doesn't hang out with geeks and that if I lose the glasses and the braces that he'd think about talking at me again. He said that he didn't even know why he started to talk it me. He said that it was only because his parents wanted him to be nice and that he was tired of pretending. And I couldn't handle that. I mean I was only twelve at the time and we were always friends. There was never a popular kid or geeky kid. It was just Bella and Edward you know? So when he said that to me, I just started to cry and he said he didn't hang out with cry babies either."

"That little bastard," Rose said, slamming her fist on the table. "When I see him again I'm going to beat the living crap out of him."

"Oh Bella," Alice said. "Why didn't you tell us? We could have talked to him together and question him."

I shook my head, "It's alright. I don't really mind. It was a long time ago and I guess what he said was true. I mean I wasn't the prettiest person so I guess what he said was the truth. I mean if he didn't say those things to me, I wouldn't have changed. I mean look at me, I look totally different from the old Bella."

"But the way that he said it. It was like he didn't care about the friendship that you guys had. Pretend of real," Jasper said. "What caused him to suddenly say that?"

"Well I notice that he hung out with other kids later on. He didn't hang out with you guys anymore. Sometimes, when I was running late I would drive past Forks High as a shortcut and I would see Edward at the back of the building," Carlisle said.

"And he would come home late. He wouldn't answer my questions and sometimes he would skip dinner," Esme said. "It looked like all the manners that I taught him all left his head."

I nodded my head, tears coming out. "But oh well. You can't change the past."

"True," Alice said. "But we can figure out what happened to Edward. I mean really. He was planning his whole life with Bella and all of a sudden he's cold to her and causing her to move away."

We all nodded our heads. I didn't really care though; it was all in the past. I sighed.

"So tomorrow," I confirmed.

We all agreed and everyone was getting ready to leave.

"Oh Bella," Alice said. "We have to go shopping."

"But Alice," I whined. "I don't want to go."

"Too bad," Alice said. "Rose are you coming with us?"

"Might as well," Rose said. "My clothes are getting too tight."

"See Bella," Alice said. "It'll be like old times when we would go to the mall and buy stuff at the stores."

"Thanks Alice, I didn't need a definition of a mall," I said. "Fine, can we meet here?"

"Sure," Alice said. "I can't wait."

"Bye guys," I said, waving at all of them.

I went up to my room after I said thanks to Esme and Carlisle for having me stay. I still can't believe Esme and Carlisle still have it. I use to be here so much that they had a room just for me. They didn't change it at all. The same bed and the same desk. The clothes were still the same, which is probably the reason why Alice wants to go shopping.

I grabbed a picture from my desk. It was a picture of a boy and a girl in a park. They were about twelve years old. They were both smiling and laughing. The girl was leaning on the boy while the boy was looking at the girl happily.

"What happened between us?" I asked myself as I traced the outline of Edward.

To Be Continued

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