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Another Detective

Chapter 1

Message sent 1:00p.m. Number unknown.

'Hi, what are you doing right now?'

Message sent 1:04p.m. Number unknown.

'Something personal that would lead way to my identity if I told you. Why are you sending a message? It was a mistake to give you a phone number.'

Message sent 1:05p.m. Number unknown.

'…Smile is mean.'

Message sent 1:08p.m. Number unknown.

'What do you want, L?'

Message sent 1:11p.m. Number unknown.

'I was bored. Smile makes me smile. :)'

Message sent 1:45p.m. Number unknown.

'Did you need help with the Japan serial rapist case?'

Message sent 1:46p.m. Number unknown.

'It took you a while to respond, did your girlfriend catch you texting? And no I do not need your help.'

Message sent 1:50p.m. Number unknown.

'Why are you so desperate for information on my personal life? Why don't you want my help, the last case we did together was fun.'

Message sent 1:53p.m. Number unknown.

'Justice needs no assistance, drop the subject.'

Message sent 2:01p.m. Number unknown.

'Fine, what would you like to have a conversation about then?'

Message sent 2:04p.m. Number unknown.

'What does Smile look like?'

Message sent 2:07p.m. Number unknown.

'Attractive, women often throw themselves at me. Every day I get phone numbers in plenty.'

Message sent 2:10p.m. Number unknown.


Message sent 2:18p.m. Number unknown.

'no…how do you look L?'

Message sent 2:20p.m. Number unknown.

'Messy and people often call me ugly'.

Message sent 2:20p.m. Number unknown.

'aw…poor detective'

Message sent 2:30p.m. Number unknown.

'At least I have an excuse for not having a girlfriend'

Message sent 2:35p.m. Number unknown.

'I have never found someone intelligent enough!'

Message sent 2:38p.m. Number unknown.

'Is Smile shallow towards ugly people?'

Message sent 2:40p.m. Number unknown.

'Are you mobile-flirting L?'

Message sent 2:43p.m. Number unknown.

'You decide'.

Message sent 3:00p.m. Number known.

'Guess what L? You're in me.

Message sent 3:04p.m. Number unknown.


Message sent 3:08p.m. Number unknown.

'smi-L-e. but in person it would be the other way around.

Message sent 3:04p.m. Number unknown.


"Stop texting and bring up the phone to my desk."

Raito groaned slightly at the teacher's unreasonableness but decided against saying 'Do you realize I'm one of the world's greatest detectives named Smile and I need to finish my conversation with the world's other greatest detective, L'.

Turning off the phone and wiping the memory on every part of the phone with a few clicks, Raito readied himself to give up Smile's phone.

"He looks like he is blushing do you think he was talking to a girlfriend."

"Don't think he has one."

"I hope he doesn't."

The incompetent teacher smiled as Raito sat down the phone. Within the next few minutes the bell signaled the end of the school day so Raito decided to head home. Remembering a stop he had to make before going home, Raito walked the opposite direction of the school.

Windows climbed up the two-story building in a very western contemporary styled office building. Looking up towards the top, Raito saw Beyond standing on the balcony with a jar of dripping strawberry jam.

A few years ago, when the BB LA case occurred, Raito under the alias 'Smile' saved Beyond from having to go to prison. Now, Beyond served as Smile's proxy. Since the case he had received a slight make over, so he looked less like the murder he once was. He had shorter but still spiky black hair, with red streaks and contacts that made his red eyes appear green. The look of a rebellious teenager was completely with piercings on his lip and ears.

Raito went into the building and towards the balcony that Beyond stood on. "She does not have much longer to live B but there's still no reason to kill her", he whispered.

Beyond was startled but showed no reaction. "I know Raito…but you of all people understand what it is like to have these eyes. To see 'Kame Akira' and know in two hours she will die."

"I understand, the world is red but you must understand the value of life, the power of justice".

"You've been talking to him again?"

"Just texting him."

"You still do not want me to tell you how he looks?"

Slipping from the standard Japanese they had been speaking into Danish, Raito replied. "If I wanted you to tell me, I would have asked."

Beyond replied in the same language, "You're getting better at the Danish accent."

Raito said thanks in French, "merci."

"Your obsessed with him, what about his name?" Beyond said allowing himself to use a teasing sing song voice when he said obsessed.

"The reason I came was to ask if you could arrange away to destroy a phone that got token from me by a teacher".

"Which phone?"

"The blue English one," Raito replied.


"Thanks Beyond."

"Can I throw the jam jar at the office building across from us?"




"You're no fun."

Raito yawned and walked out of the building, careful not to stay to for an extended period of time and careful not to make the route or day he visited routine.

The walk home was longer than usual, he missed texting L. The detective would not work together on any more cases if he kept being unresponsive.

Raito's mind drifted back, as he walked, to the conversation between him and L. It sounded like L was flirting with him over the phone! He found that hilarious since it was so improbable. Thinking about L and his relationship was quite awkward; two detectives that are best friends with each other but have never even seen each other. Maybe the next case they worked on L would reveal himself, Raito did not want to lose the silent game.

After arriving home his sister pulled him off to help her with homework and he complied.

I know.
You know.
Tell me,
tell me how to be,
tell me you know me
I know it's not real,
it's just fantasy.