Danny Phantom

Danny has only recently acquired his ghost powers when this takes place. I do not own anything but my villain OC. Tell me what you think of the fight scene! I've been dying to try and write one! Thus….

Chapter One

"Well, that's one less ghost to worry about," Danny said, to no one in particular, as he landed in an alleyway. He'd just defeated and captured an annoying ghost in the Fenton Thermos.

Danny grinned. The city is one ghost safer, he thought. Hooray.

Danny Phantom ducked behind a large, empty crate and the blueish-white ring appeared around his midriff. The beam split in two, one traveling upwards and the other down. As the rings passed over his body, he transformed back into his normal self, Danny Fenton. Seconds later, Danny Fenton had completely replaced Danny Phantom.

Danny began to walk along the street, his backpack swinging, whistling a tune. Possibly, today, he'd be able to get all his schoolwork done. Unfortunately, that wasn't really an option, seeing as a crisp wisp of blue fog came out of Danny's mouth just then. It was his ghost sense.

Aw, come on, this is the worst time for a ghost attack! He complained mentally. He ducked into a new alleyway, and let the rings transform him from Fenton to Phantom.


For the fourth time that day.

Sighing, Danny shot up in the air, his hands glowing with green ecto-blasts. He was ready for anything….anything, that is, but to be shot with a orange ecto-blast from behind.

"Augh!" He cried as he began to fall. He quickly stopped himself from being a scrambled egg on the sidewalk. Danny shuddered at the mental image, before spinning to where the enemy had attacked.

A ghost floated there. She glowed orange, and had long, flowing hair all the way to her knees. Her eyes burned a strange pink, and her aura was red. She wore mascara, and it was running in thick streams down her cheeks as if she'd been crying. When she spoke, Danny expected it to be small and shaky, but it was anything but.

"Where is he?" She screeched.

Danny didn't answer her question, for two reasons. One, he had no idea who or what she was talking about, and two, he wanted to use some witty banter.

"Jeez, ever heard of a little thing called make-up remover?" He called tauntingly.

"I asked you where he is!" She cried, her voice rising three or so octaves.

"If you get any more high pitched, I may need some ear plugs," Danny said conversationally.

"JUST TELL ME WHERE HE IS!!!!" And just when I thought her voice couldn't get higher, it got higher, Danny thought, covering his ears with his hands. Below on the streets, several windowpanes shattered, alerting the pedestrians to the danger. As if on cue, they all started running and screaming as more things such as mirrors and coffee mugs from the small café near by shattered in a millions shards. Soon the ground was littered with glass and other sharp objects as such.

"Who's this 'he' you keep talking about? Is he your make-up stylist? 'Cause if he is, you need a new stylist!"

"WHERE….IS….MY….DOG??!?!!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?" She commanded.

"Your dog?" Danny asked, dumbstruck. He couldn't think of any banter to go against that.

The mystery ghost didn't respond. She just let out a high-pitched yell of fury, and tossed orange ecto-stars at Danny.

Danny quickly dodged each one, and then fired some ecto-blasts at the mystery ghost, who brought up an orange ghost shield to protect herself.

Then, shrieking, she let her shield fall, and shot at Danny. The Mystery Ghost went so fast she was reduced to a red and orange streak.
She flew in tight circles around Danny, confusing him, but Danny wasn't about to let her get him. He fired blasts of energy at her, and missed again and again. He continued to shoot.

She's fast, Danny thought as he fired yet another bolt of energy at her. I bet she's going to lung at me any moment.

Danny was right. Only a matter of seconds after that thought, the Ghost Girl lunged at him from behind. They began to fall as gravity took effect.

Both Danny and the Ghost Girl smashed right into one of the only remaining windows on the street. It shattered, and the halfa and ghost landed on the ground inside the small coffee shop. The man who had been tending the counter yelled, and fled, his dishtowel discarded.

Danny pushed the ghost girl off of himself, then tried to stand. He promptly fell back onto his back, hissing with pain.

When the window shattered, the glass shards had flown in because of the direction of the impact. They now littered the floor, and Danny had landed right in the middle of them.

He lay there for several moments, withering in pain, before he remembered, Ghost powers! Duh!

Danny swiftly went intangible, and sighed with relief with the glass stopped sticking into his back. He righted himself, and surveyed the area. Where had the ghost girl gone? It wasn't that hard to spot her. When Danny shoved her off of himself, she had landed on the tables and chairs. She was sitting on a smashed in table, who's legs had given out, and chairs were toppled all around the crash site. She appeared to be unconscious. As Danny watched, she blinked her eyes open, looked confused for a moment, then spotted Danny, and asked, quite calmly, "Would you happen to know where my dog is?"

When Danny shook his head no, she got angry, and fast. She bolted up, and tossed…what seemed to be flaming dog bones at Danny.

Danny willed himself intangible, just in time. The flaming dog bones passed harmlessly through the halfa.

"BUT YOU MUST KNOW WHERE HE IS!!!!!" The ghost girl shrieked.

"I-" Danny started to say, but before he got any further, the ghost girl began to shimmer and twist, as if she could only be seen in a certain lighting, and the lighting was changing.

Danny pulled out his Thermos. He aimed it at her, and pressed the button on the side, holding it down, charging it for the shoot.

But before it got enough power to pull her in, she vanished. Danny lowered his thermos in confusion. She'd been right there, only two moments ago.

He felt a soft wind coming from behind him, from the shattered window. A soft voice reached his ears, as if it were riding on the wind.

I haaaavveeee tooo finnnd hiiiiimm….

Danny shook his head, and shot upwards, fazing through the roof. Floating above the buildings, the wind played gently with his hair.

Now, that was weird…. Danny thought, shaking his head again, as he shot towards home.

Yah, I'm gonna got it off there! This was gonna be a one-shot, but then I got so many more ideas….so it's going to be a several-shot. Two or three, maybe five-shot. Depends on if I get any ideas from my wonderful reviewers! Tell me what you think, and don't be afraid to criticize, point out spelling and grammar mistakes, and don't forget ideas are always welcome!

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