Danny Phantom

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"It was really strange, she just, like, faded out of existence," Danny finished telling Tucker about the Mystery Ghost Girl.

Just then, Sam burst in, a bit out of breath. "What happened?" She panted.

Tucker face palmed. It had taken Danny twenty minutes to tell the story to him. Danny just sighed and started over.

Once he was done, Danny looked expectantly at Sam. She had her chin in her hands, and her elbows on the kitchen table, where the trio was currently seated. Sam was deep in thought.

"I think…." She began slowly. "That I've read about ghosts like the Mystery Ghost Girl…"

"Wait," Tucker interrupted before Sam could get any further. "We can't keep calling her the Mystery Ghost Girl or Mystery Ghost or Ghost Girl, or-"

"Just get to the point, Tuck," Danny said with a sigh.

"Right. We need to give her a name."
Sam rolled her eyes. "Tucker, that's-"

"A great idea!" Danny cut her off. "I was getting tired of say Mystery Ghost Girl, anyways."
Sam glared at him.

"Let's call her Ghost Dog," Tucker suggested.

"She isn't a dog," Sam pointed out.

"Well, she's searching for a dog!" Tucker pointed out defensively.

"Why don't we go into my folk's lab and see if we can search for her," Danny suggested.

"Oh, no, we aren't going into the Ghost Zone on such sort notice, no way. Right Tucker?" Sam turned to Tucker with a fresh glare.

Tucker whimpered.

Danny laughed, and held up his hands in the 'stop' motion. "I don't mean search for her in the Ghost Zone," He said, still laughing. "I mean look up files on the computer!"

Sam and Tucker let out a simultaneous 'Ooooooh'. Sam's fury dispelled immediately, and Tucker perked. Tech was, after all, his 'thing'.

The trio headed downstairs. Half an hour later, they were still in the basement.

Danny groaned. They still hadn't found anything, even after thirty minutes! It was frustrating. Apparently, Sam and Tuck thought so, too.

"Argh!" Sam cried. She looked as if she were ready to pull out her black purple-tinted hair by the roots.

Tucker let out a small cry as well. "There's nothing!" He looked as if he were going to eat his PDA. Which, trust me, was no small feat.

"Wait!" Sam said suddenly, surprising the room's other occupants. "I totally forgot! I was saying earlier, before Tucker interrupted me about names," Sam paused her to shoot a glare at the techno-geek in question, who flinched.

"Oh yea!" Danny said, his face brightening. "You were saying something about a book you'd seen!"

Sam nodded, her violet eyes bright. "Right," She confirmed Danny's statement. "You said she kept asking where her dog was. I was reading in this really good book—it's all about different kinds of ghost, and why their spirits still dwell on earth, or well, really, the Ghost Zone, and there's so many kinds, of spirits, I mean, and you'd really like it—"

"Sam," Danny warned. Tucker was holding his stomach with silent laughter.

"Sorry," Sam said quickly, her cheeks reddening. "Anyway," She cleared her throat. "I think she may not have become a ghost willingly." Sam continued to talk as she dug around in her back pack. "You said she was looking her for her dog." She produced an old, weather beaten, dog-eared, blue book from her bag. After setting it on the table, she began to flip though it. Danny and Tucker drew closer to see the fraying pages of the mysterious book. "Look at the section." Sam pointed to a page, then began to read it aloud for her friends.

"Chapter four, section three, page twenty seven. Half-Spirits.

Half-Spirits are just what they sound like. They are not fully spirits, or otherwise known as ghosts. They posses the abilities normal specters have, though to an extent.

Half-Spirits are often obsessed with an object, person place, or thing-"

"Like the Box Ghost!" Danny interrupted. Sam glared at him then continued to read, pushing her hair out of her face.

"-that has something to do with the way that they died. For instance, if a farmer died eating a steak, he would not be able to pass on completely until he finished eating that steak."

"What kind of example is that?" Sam thought aloud, pausing from her reading. Tucker grinned, with a smile full of teeth. Sam glowered. This is not my day, she thought. She cleared her throat.

"If the farmer had intentions of becoming a spirit in the after life, after completing his goal, his ghost form would become stable. If the farmer had no intentions of become a ghost, his ghost form would dissolve and he would pass on to the third stage."

"What's a stage?" Danny asked.

"The first stage is alive, second is ghost and third is beyond." Sam replied, happy that she could be of assistance.

Tucker's brow furrowed. "Well, what about these Halfers?" He asked, more confused then before. "Wouldn't they be the second stage?"

Sam shook her head. "It's Half-Spirit, and no. They're in-between stage one and two. They aren't stable, so of course it isn't a stage. Get it?" Both boys nodded. "Good." Sam drew her finger down the page, finding her spot.

"There are many ways and things that a Half-Spirit can be obsessed with. Most of the time, Half-Spirits are friendly. If you offer to help one reach its goal, it might be willing to befriend you…." Sam trailed off. "That's all that's important," She said, after scanning the rest of the chapter.

"So, you're saying this ghost girl…thing…is a Halfer?" Tucker asked, scratching the back of his neck.

"Half-Spirit." Sam responded, nodding.

"…Next time we see her, we should make friends with her," Danny said slowly. Tucker and Sam looked at him like he'd just grown an extra head. Danny just continued, still a bit slowly. "If we can become her friend, it's possible we can help her transfer into the third stage, or the second, depending on her intentions. I really don't think she's a bad ghost…."

"Halfer!" Tucker corrected.

"Half-Spirit," Sam sighed.

"Whatever," Danny said, waving his hand in the air as if to brush it away. "But I think we can help her." With that, he held out his fist in the middle of the three.

Sam put her fist in, knuckle to knuckle with Danny.

Tucker hesitated before putting his fist in too, completing the triangle.

"But…the problem is, how are we going to find her?" Sam asked.

"I think I know how," Danny said. There was a mischievous twinkle in his eye as he grinned widely at Sam, who blushed.

Tucker rolled his eyes. Clueless, he thought.

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