Well, I got really bored! So I was like, I want to do an AkuRoku OneShot! And this is the first thing I came up with.

If anyone who reads this has any ideas that they'd like to share with me for stories, I love you!:D



Axel looked down into Roxas' glowing blue orbs. He brushed his hand across his cheek. His soft skin was like ice against his warmth. Roxas looked at the floor, trying not to blush.

Axel pushed his chin up to look at him. He pressed his lips against Roxas' not once, but twice.

The redhead turned over on top of Roxas, dragging his tongue down his chest and then back to his neck.

The teenager grabbed and pulled at the sheets. He kept thinking. This is so wrong, yet it feels so right when we're together. It just seems so..

Axel stopped and smiled down at the riled up Roxas.

"We don't want to get carried away, do we?"

Roxas stared up at him for a moment, only to bring him down under him.

"Yes Axel. Yes we do. We want to get lost in our lust."

Axel pulled his lips down to meet his. We do want too. That's all we've ever wanted.