Chapter1- Girls and Beer

Written by, RazorsLove & Zuma

"Chug it!" Yelled the Light Grey Tom from across the small round table, at his counterpart.

The Younger Tom across from him held his beer bottle high while tilting his own head back.

AS soon as the bottle was empty he slammed the empty bottle on the table, burped as he fell back onto the cold floor of the bar.

The grey tom leaned over the table to look at the tom.

"Privet First Class Ryan." He said as he took a brief pause "Are you okay?" he chuckled.

PFC Ryan looked up somewhat dazed, as he started to get off the floor and back into his seat.

"Yes Captain Connely." Ryan replied with slurred words.

Cpt. Patrick Connely was the commanding officer of the 32nd Enforcer Fighter Squadron along with Research and Development. He was young of course, youngest captain in the Enforcers; he wasn't much older than PFC Ryan that sat across from him. Patrick was proud of his squadron but his pride kept from admitting it in front of his troops that he was soft hearted.

In the Past three years his job had become extremely easy for him, there was the occasional Katnapping and his speed chases across the city. Now he usually sat in his office and did mountains of paper work, waiting for something to happen.

See a few years ago, every villain; Dark kat, Dr. Viper, Turmoil, Hard Drive every one of them had disappeared off the face of the earth.

Every once and awhile the swatkats would fly over head, or passed Commander Ferals office window.

Connely sighed deeply thinking about it all, PFC Ryan looked at him with a questioning look on his face.

"Captain?" Ryan questioned.

Patrick looked up from the dirty bar floor and up to Ryan.

"Captain are you okay? You kind of spaced out." He said quietly.

"I'm fine Ryan." Patrick replied softly as he took a drink of his beer.

Ryan put his head on the table holding onto the empty beer bottle in front of him, a few seconds later PFC Ryan had passed out.

Patrick rolled his eyes and lifted Ryan's head off the table, drool ran out of the corner of his mouth.

He put his head back down on the table gently, and chugged the rest of his beer quickly.

"That's how you do it Privet." Patrick chuckled softly as he got up and stumbled over to the bar.

He sat down next to a light brown she-kat; she didn't notice him until she turned around jumped slightly.

Patrick watched her jump as she spotted him next to her, his eyebrow raised slightly.

He looked to the bartender and ordered another beer, as it was put on the bar in front of him, the she-kat looked over his causal look and the enforcer hat turned the wrong way on his head.

Patrick looked at her from out of the corner of his eyes, she had a bit of interest hinted on her face.

He took a long drink from his beer, afterwards he looked at her.

"Do you see anything you like?" Patrick questioned her.

She looked up at him as she turned her whole body towards him.

Her low cut shirt that shoved off most of her cleavage was unappealing in most cases, but he was too drunk to really care.

The tight thigh high skirt clung to her legs, his eyes drifted over them.

"Do you see anything you like?" she questioned him back.

He looked up at her and grinned widely at her.

"Maybe." Patrick replied.

He shifted in his seat as he took another drink of beer, Patrick shuddered lightly.

"I'm Emily Pawson." She spoke softly.

Patrick looked at her as he put his beer back on the bar.

He cleared his throat before he spoke back to her, his words would be slurred.

"Patrick Connely or just Rick." He responded back to her, his words slurred a bit.

"I was watching you and your friend." Emily added, as she looked over at Ryan still passed out at the table.

Patrick looked over as well, he noticed Ryan's hand was still clutching the beer bottle on the table.

"He doesn't know how to hold his beer…yet." Patrick replied as he looked back to Emily.

A flirty giggle escaped Emily's lips as she took a slip of her martini.

Patrick looked at her as she did, putting the beer bottle to his lips noticing she was flirting with him.

Over the next half an hour they flirted with each other, he bought her another drink.

That was until a large, burly black tom came up behind him, a low growl came from the tom.

Emily looked over at him and smiled at the tom, Patrick turned as well.

"Hey hun." She said sweetly.

Patrick looked at her out of the corner of his eyes, his mouth twitched slightly.

"Who the hell is this Emily?" he questioned her angrily.

"He's a friend Thomas." She replied softly and calmly.

Thomas's eyes shifted between her and Patrick.

"Oh really, you where flirting with this mother fucker." He growled loudly at her.

"Look Pal we weren't doing anything." Patrick said as he started to stand up.

Suddenly a large black fist impacted with Patrick's eye socket.

Patrick hissed loudly, and tackled Thomas to the ground.

Thomas hit the floor with a loud thud, Patrick kidney punched him as he growled lowly.

Thomas kicked Patrick off, rick hit the bar hard enough it knocked the breath out of him.

The black tom got up off the ground quickly, and rushed him.

Patrick tried to move out of the way, but the barstool got in his way.

Thomas's body impacted with his, the tom punched him in the stomach repeatedly.

Patrick managed to get him off with kneeing Thomas in the crotch, Thomas stumbled backwards.

Patrick caught his breath quickly and rushed the tom.

Patrick right hooked Thomas in the side of the head then kneed him in the stomach quickly.

Before he could react, Patrick round house kicked Thomas knocking him out.

The tom hit the floor with a loud thud, unfortunately a few patrolling officers stepped into the bar and looked at Patrick.

Patrick knew he was in for it now, when this reached Commander Feral he was going to be in some serious shit with the large brown tom.

The officers talked to the witnesses, unfortunately even though he wasn't the person who threw the first punch, he was still getting arrested.

Patrick spent the rest of his night in an Enforcer jail cell.

"Next Morning"

Patrick jumped out of his cot at the sound of the cell door opening.

PFC Ryan looked down at him as he walked into the cell.

"Captain Connely." He said quietly.

"PFC Ryan." Patrick replied back.

He squinted, his right eye, his left was swollen shut; the light hurt his eye and he had a pounding headache.

"Captain, you made bail, and Commander Feral wants to see you in his office in two hours." Ryan continued.

Patrick groaned loudly, but the two hours gave him enough time to get back to his apartment.

PFC Ryan lead him out of Enforcer Head Quarters, Patrick's Apartment was within walking distance of the Head Quarters.

When he actually was able to get back to his apartment, he had only an hour and a half to take a shower, dressed into his uniform, eat and back to Head Quarters.

He walked though his dirty apartment, and to the bathroom to get ready.