Chapter 12 Memoriam

By: Zuma & RazorsLove

Twenty two year old Enforcer Captain Patrick Connely was a normal kat. About as normal as the circumstances would allow.

In the past several months Turmoil had attacked, set off a nuke sub orbital to fry all defenses with the EMP and then invaded.

The whole of the Eastern and Midwestern United States is in chaos.

Himself and the remnants of the Enforcers, all of two units, the Swatkats and a good chunk of Civilians, lived in a large fall out bunker.

To add to that entire he and along with his counter-part, Major Tempest Malloy, are the two highest ranking officers left in the Enforcers.

Major Malloy is also his fiancé and is going to make him a father.

Rick Connely is just as normal as he can get in his situation.

Life in the bunker had progressed rather comfortably in the past three weeks since Rick had found out he was going to be a Dad.

He checked up on Tempest on a regular basis and spent nearly all of his spare time with her.

When he wasn't with her he was consolidating what was left of the Enforcers: A good portion of his R&D unit, Three companies of Security Police that were just as good as infantry ,and a small detachment of Aircraft personnel that just happened to be in the building when the general evacuate took place.

It wasn't much, but it was a sizeable unit still.

Tempest, although a few weeks along with her first kitten, did take care of herself but didn't lose a step in keeping her Black Ops Unit on their toes.

If it wasn't for the weekly visits to the medic tent no one would of known she was pregnant.

The Swatkats had a rough few weeks.

T-Bone and Razor had to face the Public they swore to defend.

It wasn't pretty to say the least,as the 83rd had to restrain the " Pubilc Fourm" that had gathered not only to demand why their city was attacked and also to provide a summary trial and punishment to Megakat Cities Unofficial Guardians.

For the first time the Swatkats were happy to be in the company of the Enforcers.

The Pilot and Weapons Officer were held with their jet in a seprate part of the bunker with the 32nd and 83rd general barracks.

Slowly things began to take a semblance to life before the attack. Papers needed to be filed, training needed to be done, and just the general day to day things.

Rick sat back in his chair and yawned.

He rubbed his eyes and turned around in his chair and looked over his "office" that was also his home at the moment.

He looked over the large tent with its Spartan but comfortable furnishings.

Two desks, a large queen sized air mattress with neatly made sheets and blankets, two foot lockers and a small boombox and a few CDs.

He looked at his bed and for a moment Tempest crossed his mind.

He spun around in his chair and unlocked a drawer in his desk and pulled out a small black box and opened it up, beholding the simple gold band. He purred softly at the thought of what he was going to do.

The sound of the tent door opening made him quickly put the box back in the drawer and slide it shut.

He went back to work as Tempest stepped into the tent closing the door behind her.

She walked over quietly to her foot locker and took off her jacket, tossing it on the bed.

Letting out a deep sigh, the leopard plopped down on the bed and began to untie her boots.

" Long day, Dear?" The gray tom said as he put his pencil down and turned around in his chair.

" You have no idea Rick.", Tempest sighed.

Frowning, Rick got up from his chair and joined his mate on the bed.

"Bad?" Tempest laid back on the mattress and rubbed her tempels.

"You have no idea love, between your men and mine….we are all that's left; that and we figured out the Turmoil didn't nuke us….well not directly. That nuke was a sub-orbital it-"Tempest said before she was cut off by her mate.

"EMP she shorted us out so she could invade by nuking us directly wouldn't have done her damn bit of good." Rick continued.

"They hit us good Rick, but at least now we can try and see if this was an isolated incedent or a full scale invasion." Rick reached down and griped Tempest's paw, holding it tightly.

"Well, at least the world didn't end." Tempest giggled at Rick's comment.

"Always the realist." Tempest said softly.

"Don't you know it." With that comment Rick leaned down and kissed her gently on the cheek.

He let out a sigh and stood back up, Tempest looking up at him from the bed.

She wondered why Rick hadn't tried to advance things into a nice afternoon session.

She watched him pull open a drawer on his desk and walk back with his paw in his pocket.

She sat up, and before she could ask what he was up to he was on his knee and had taken his hat off.

She blushed slightly and watched him pull the small black box out of his jacket's cargo pocket, opening it and presenting the ring to her.

Her heart skipped a beat when he looked into her eyes and uttered those words: " Tempest , Will you marry me?"

A smile spread across her muzzle as her eyes teared up.

" Of course I will Rick." He smiled at her response as she pulled him into a hug.

They both stood up and held each other close for a while until a voice over the PA system broke the silence.

"All personnel, who are going to the Memorial Servace, please report to the basketball court in the rec center. Thank you" The somber male voice cut out with a crackle.

Rick looked at Tempest and the look of jubilation slowly left her face and it was replaced by a look of sadness.

"I take it that's what has got you so stressed." Rick said to his soon to be wife.

Tempest nodded and hugged him tight. He patted her back softly and sighed.

"I'm going Love, what about you?" Tempest nodded quietly and sat back down, putting her boots back on.

"You don't have to go to this if you don't want to…I won't blame you. I'm working up the strength to go myself." Rick said as he zipped up his jacket and started looking for his ribbons and his pistol belt.

Tempest stood up quietly and looked at her soon-to-be-husband, she grabbed her jacket off the create next to the bed.

Tempest put her jacket it on and zipped it up over her non-uniform shirt that she was wearing.

Rick pulled his boots back on and re-laced them, his mate stood in front of him waiting for him to slowly re-lace.

He stood up and walked up to her quickly, Rick took her by the waist to lead her out of the tent.

-Memoriam -

A large crowd of kats stood around a small makeshift stage that leaned up against a stone wall, a few kats had lit candles in their paws.

On the stage was the chaplain, was beginning to start the ceremony.

Rick looked to Tempest standing beside him as the pastor began a prayer for the fallen.

The ceremony lasted for hours, kats came and went with time as the ceremony went on.

Tempest and Rick stood quietly the entire time in front of the stage, they watched members from the remaining two battalions.

Rick looked down at Tempest's tired face, his paw gripped her neck gently and rubbed softly with his thumb.

She looks up at him slowly.

"Yes honey?" She says softly.

"You look tired Tempest." Rick states as he pulls her close to him. "Let's go baby you need your rest." He says softly as he nuzzles the top of her head.

"How long have we been standing here?" She questioned the grey tom that lead her away.

"A three hours maybe four." Rick replied.

Tempest yawned tiredly into Rick's shoulder as they walked back to their tent.