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The Littlest Cullen

Here I was lying in bed looking at the ceiling thinking over what had gotten me into this predicament to begin with. It had all started simple enough, helping Emmett with a prank; a prank involving cars, the highway, and paint. Now here I was confined to my room until Carlisle came home because Esme had claimed she was too upset to deal with us. At least I wasn't alone in my misery, Emmett was also in his room, and so was Jasper who'd also helped out. Edward had come close to joining us before he declared that he wasn't stupid and that surely we would get caught. We had all scoffed at Edward and Emmett had gone as far as to call him "spineless Eddie" and a "momma's boy". So here I was looking at the ceiling waiting for Carlisle to come home. But despite the fact that I was in deep I wouldn't change it for the world. I'd been all alone and being taken in by the Cullen's was the best thing that had ever happened to me. I rested my head back and thought about the first time I'd meet a Cullen.


It was dark and cold, it was so cold I could see my breath in little puffs of air in front of me but I didn't care I adjusted the hood over my head and kept walking. I could hear all the sounds around me, sure it was creepy out here in the middle of nowhere but I had to keep moving. That's when I heard what sounded oddly like a growl come from my left, I quickly turned and was sure I saw someone there watching me. I closed my eyes hoping it was my imagination when I heard what sounded like a purr, I opened my eyes and whatever had been there was gone but the purring got louder and then I was blinded by the headlights of a car. I watched as it slowed down and pulled up next to me. The driver rolled the window down and spoke to me.

"It's kind of late for you to be out here all alone isn't it?" he asked.

"I guess," I replied.

"Can I give you a ride?" he asked smiling at me.

End of Flashback…

Edward had been the first Cullen that I had met all those years ago on that highway.