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Part 4

"Well?" snapped me out of my memory. I looked at Carlisle, shit, apparently he's expecting a response from me. Too bad I haven't listened to a word he said but from past experience I'm pretty sure I know what he wants to hear or at least I hope so.

"I'm sorry, I know I let Emmett talk me into doing stu…I mean dumb stuff. I know I shouldn't and I know I'm going to have to help pay the damages with my allowance and that I'm grounded. I'm really sorry dad," I said with tears in my eyes. Carlisle always believed me when he saw the tears, it was my secret weapon, the only Cullen who could do it thanks to my human side much to the others annoyance.

"You're not grounded," said Carlisle.

"I'm not," questioned Cade.

"No, we've been over this before haven't we?" said Carlisle.

"Yes," said Cade reluctantly knowing full well what it meant.

"You do remember what I warned last time don't you?" asked Carlisle.

I slowly nodded. Oh yeah I remembered.

"Then you know what to expect," said Carlisle.

"But dad it was just a joke you know we didn't mean anything by it," pleaded Cade.

"I've warned you and your brothers about pulling these kinds of pranks. Pranks that can get someone seriously hurt," said Carlisle.

"But nothing happened to us," said Cade.

"Your right nothing happened to you. What about if the other car had lost control? Who'd they be okay?" asked Carlisle.

"No, but they didn't," said Cade.

"That's not the point young man. The fact is those boys in the other car could've been seriously hurt no thanks to you and your brothers," said Carlisle.


"No more arguing, come here," said Carlisle as he grabbed a hold of Cade.

"Dad," said Cade as he suddenly found himself face down over Carlisle's lap.

Carlisle quickly repositioned him over his lap and bared him wanting to make sure he could see what he was doing. Cade might be a vampire but he could still get hurt and he didn't heal as quickly as his siblings.

"Dad, please I'm sorry abou…owww," cried Cade as he felt the sting of the first swat land painfully.

Carlisle was through talking he brought his hand down repeatedly over his son's backside.

"Dad please….please okay…I'm sorry…please," pleaded Cade as Carlisle continued to land painful smacks all over his butt.

Carlisle continued smacking. He heard the small gasps and sniffling coming from his son and knew he'd almost had enough. With that in mind he tipped the boy forward and brought his hand down hard on the up to know ignored sensitive under curve.

"Ow!...please…owwww!…sorry…ahhh!…" pleaded Cade as he gave up the struggle and just sobbed.

Carlisle felt Cade just give in to his sobs. With that in mind he delivered the last three and hardest smacks of all. He then began to rub circles on the boys back as he let him cry it out.

"Shhhhh it's okay I got you son," said Carlisle as he rearranged Cade's clothing and flipped him over pulling him onto his lap. Cade buried his head into his chest and held on tight as he continued to sob. He continued to mutter comforting words and rub his back comfortingly. When he heard the sobs quiet down and become nothing more but whimpers he straightened Cade out so he was looking right at him.

"I'm warning you again this doesn't happen again understand?" questioned Carlisle of the teary-eyed boy on his lap. All he got was a quick nod before the boy grabbed on to him again. Of all his children Cade was the one that needed the most comforting; it probably had something to do with him being the youngest he thought. He continued to hold Cade until he pushed away from him and quickly got up.

"I'm really sorry dad," said Cade tearfully.

"I know but next time don't let your brother's talk you into something so foolish," warned Carlisle.

"I won't I promise," said Cade.

"One can only hope," said Carlisle as he hugged his son before walking out.

Once he was alone Cade carefully laid down on his bed. He thought back to all that had happened to him in the past and how fortunate he was to be a part of this family, he could do without the sore butt but he wouldn't change it for the world. He finally had a home and a family and that was something he'd never thought he'd ever had. All he had to do was remember not to let Emmett talk him into anything anymore he thought as he reluctantly gave in to his exhaustion.

The End