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Summary: 23-year-old Allison Cambelle didn't have the best childhood. Being orphaned at a young age with her older brother, Nathan, caused both children to grow up fast especially in Gotham's infamous Narrows. There Nathan befriends an interesting teen that Allison falls hard for. Not even being adopted by one of Gotham's elite families could change Nathan and young Allison. She shares one steamy night with the love of her life and then he mysteriously disappears. The sky seems to fall once Nathan murders an important member of the mob and Allison finds out she is pregnant. She decides to leave Gotham for Miami where she has her daughter, Addison, and then pursues a short but successful career as a model. Four years later Allison returns to Gotham with a brother in Arkham and a three-year-old to raise on her own. What happens when that special someone from her past makes a big comeback? Can she still love him despite his changes, and when Bruce Wayne returns Allison will have to make a choice, but it won't be easy and she won't like it. Not. One. Bit.


Gotham City.

The last place Allison Eve Cambelle wanted to be.

Wayne Tower.

The reason she was questioning why she came back in the first place, but here she was, standing outside the rotating golden doors waiting for her interview.

Brushing out any nonexistent lint on her pencil skirt and button up blouse she smiled at the doorman as she entered the large skyscraper.

To Allison it had seemed like a century since she had seen the black building that towered over Gotham, in actuality it had only been four years since she had been in the dreary city.

Allison made her way to the large black marble front desk in the center of all the Wayne madness.

"Can I help you?" the receptionist asked as she cocked her head to the side seemingly annoyed.

"Oh um…yeah hi, my name is Allison Cambelle I'm here for an interview with Mr. Fredericks."

The brunette looked at the blonde standing before and immediately gave a look of disgust, "40th floor, Ms.," she paused as her eyes raked Allison one more, "Cambelle."

With furrowed eyebrows Allison replied with the only thing that came to mind, "Um, thanks?"

"Welcome," was the only reply she got as she walked towards the elevator. Truthfully Allison had received similar reactions from women, but it never ceased to piss her off.

Once the elevator arrived, Allison pushed the 40 button, wondering if maybe this was some trick button that would send her flying through the roof. Alas, the elevator climbed to 40 and stopped. The opening doors revealed a contemporary looking foyer with another front desk, all offices were mostly glass and upon walking further into the impressive floor of this large complex, she noted the extremely large conference room that could easily seat fifty.

Certainly not looking forward to meeting this receptionist Allison reluctantly made her way to the front desk. Luckily the male behind the marble counter looked more than eager to help her.

"Hello, I'm-"

"Allison Cambelle," he finished flashing her a genuine and slightly suggestive smile, "have a seat, I'll let Mr. Fredericks know you're here."

There wasn't a chance for Allison to reply as a middle-aged gentleman approached her and the receptionist.

"There'll be no need for that Mr. Brower," he turned his attention to the blonde standing unsurely before him and stuck out his hand, "hello, Ms. Cambelle, I've been expecting you. I'm Mr. Fredericks but please just call me Fredericks." Allison smiled at Fredericks and took his hand, shaking it firmly, "It's nice to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you too Ms. Cambelle, please follow me." Fredericks led her towards the back of the floor, towards the windows that overlooked the gloomy city, but Allison had to admit that from this height it had a strange beauty to it. She never really minded dark and dreary she had grown accustomed to it as a child.

Upon entering the office Fredericks took a seat behind his large and expensive desk. Allison sat in the chair across from him. "So, why is it you want to work as my assistant Ms. Cambelle?"

The forwardness of his question threw her slightly off guard, she thought they might start with something more general, but she quickly composed herself, "Well, sir, Wayne enterprises is the most successful in the city not to mention the country. I realize my resume might not seem very impressive to fill this position but-"

"Yes, you were a model for a brief time, is that correct?" Fredericks interrupted, not so much in a rude sense, but Allison hated being interrupted.

"That is correct, once I left Gotham at nineteen, I had very little money, yes, I know you must know my adoptive parents, but I really wanted to make it on my own. After everything that happened with my brother," Fredericks knowingly raised an eyebrow, "I needed to get out, I-I knew the press would've been following me around and well," Allison paused, every time she had replayed the last five years in her head she realized how screwed up her life really was. She looked at Fredericks and continued, "I found out I was pregnant and that was the last thing I needed, so after I had Addison I was approached to be a model and well…" her voice trailed off.

Fredericks looked down at what she assumed was her resume, but quickly back at her, "Are you punctual Ms. Cambelle?"

What a complete change of subject.

"As punctual as a woman with a three and a half year old can be."

He chuckled briefly, "Yes, of course, but in all seriousness if you are to be my assistant you are always on call. I'm not completely heartless, I realize you have a life, but I am a serious businessman Allison and time is money, I cannot have a late and incompetent assistant. With you, I believe having modeled know what it is like to make appointments and be on time, correct?"

"Yes, of course, sir," in truth Allison didn't like this man it was clear he was a sleazebag she could already see herself at parties and he would "innocently" put his arm around her waist, but she really needed this job.


Allison and her older brother Nathan were orphaned at a young age. Their parents were murdered while walking home from the movies one night. After their death Allison and Jason were sent off to a broken down orphanage in the Narrows. Allison was five, Jason was nine; they would remain in the orphanage for three years before they were adopted by Dornan and Janet Conwell. Dornan worked as a prosecutor and was working his way up to running for District Attorney. Both Allison and Jason believe their adoption was to shine a light on the charitable nature and to give Janet something to do.

It was clear to the Conwells that Nathan wasn't going to conform easily to high society as he spent most of his life in the Narrows, so, not knowing what else to do, they let him do what he wanted as long as he didn't get public attention for it. Allison on the other hand tried to give Janet something to work with, but she had always stuck close to her brother and would often follow him around, even when he didn't want her to. As she grew older she realized that even though the Conwells tried, they would never be able to be good parents, they were always too concerned about their imagine and well Allison didn't want to take any money from them anymore; hence the strong desire to get a stable job.

"Well then, Allison, do you mind if I call you Allison?" she shook her head, "excellent, you start tomorrow, be here at 8 sharp, you are welcome to enroll your daughter into the daycare on the third floor if you wish."

"I-I got the job?"

Fredericks nodded his head, "Yes, I think you will fit in nicely here. Now if you'll excuse me I have a conference call to get to."

She quickly stood from her chair and shook his hand in disbelief, "Thank you sir, see you tomorrow morning." She turned clutching her purse and quickly made her way out of the office aware the Frederick's eyes had fallen on her ass.


She pushed the down button on the elevator and nearly jumped when she heard a male voice.

"See you tomorrow, Ms. Cambelle."

She turned to look at the man she knew as Mr. Brower behind the desk. The ding coming from the elevator signaling it had reached her came as a relief as she gave him a smile, "Uh, yeah see ya," she stepped into the empty elevator and watched his lust filled gaze as the door closed.

"Christ, what a creep," she mumbled to herself fiddling with her purse looking for her cell phone.

Dialing Janet's number she wasn't surprised when it only rang twice before she answered. She really needed a life.

"Allison! How did it go, did you get the job?"

It always took her a deep breath before she could speak to her, "yeah I got it. How's Addy?"

"Oh! That's wonderful! I knew you would. Dornan had seen Fredericks at his annual formal and Dornan spoke highly of you."

Fuck. "Are you telling me that Dornan got me this job?" It was like she could never escape, perhaps the only place Dornan wouldn't have any connects is in the Narrows.

"Of course not, dear, you got you the job, Dornan just made sure Fredericks took a long look a your resume."

Was she expecting a "thank you"? She wasn't going to get it. "How's Addison?"

"Well she's been wonderful darling. I had Rosa give her a haircut, just a trim though don't worry. She's in the backyard in the garden right now. I'm so happy you brought her here the two of you are welcome to stay, I really wish you would take the money Dor-"

"Janet, Addison and I are just fine in the apartment I have," Allison walked out into the street and made her way towards the bus stop, "I'll be there in about an hour, I have a couple errands to run."

"Ok, please be careful and for God's sake make sure you're back here by dark, I can't believe you won't take a car Allison, it's not safe."

"I think you forget where I had grown up Janet, I'll be fine." With that she hit the end button on her phone. The bus pulled up shortly after. She often got strange looks on public buses. She certainly didn't look like she belonged on one, but no one knew who she really was anyway, sure they might have seen her centerfold somewhere but she was so much more than a pretty face. If only this people knew the kind of stuff she had been involved in.

Three buses later, Allison finally reached her destination.

Arkham Asylum.

The bus driver looked at her curiously as she stepped off the bus, but she simply glared at him as she walked to the first of many security stations.

The guard, as everyone else, had already prejudged her, "Are you lost Miss?"

"No, I'm here for a visit."

The guard cocked his head to the side, "And whom might you be visiting?"

"Nathan Cambelle, he's my brother."

Already expecting him to ask, Allison pulled out her ID to prove her relationship. He looked over it for a while, probably still in disbelief before handing it back to her.

"Alright Ms. Cambelle, put this where it's visible," he handed her a visitor's badge, "the guard right through the front doors will take you."

"Thank you," she smiled, at least he wasn't treating her like a piece of meat.

The guard was waiting for her as expected. Once he searched her purse he led her through tightly secured doors down the where the holding cells were.

Allison could feel her adrenaline pumping. It had been a long time since she had seen her brother. She left shortly after his sentencing, she wondering if he was different. Sure he was going to look a little older, maybe a lot older after having been here, but she was particularly nervous how he would react to her fleeing Gotham. He would see it as running away, but she hoped after she explained he would understand.

When the guard finally stopped she almost bumped into him, "We'll let you have 15 minutes with him. He's still considered a moderate risk, so someone will be close by watching. Hit the red button, or scream, if you need help."

It took a lot for Allison not to completely scream at the guard but she settled for a sarcastic smile before walking into the cell.

"Well, well, well, if it ain't my little sister. You're all grown up kiddo."

Her eyes gazed over his. He did look older, paler, but surprisingly stronger, not weaker. He was probably at least 6'2" but it was hard to tell since he was sitting on his bed.

"That tends to happen in four years."

Nathan looked hurt, angry, and perhaps he had the right. He knew very little of why she hadn't come, for all he knew she had just decided not to visit.

"Are you married now? You look like you're doing something fancy, business, politics?"

"No, I just got done with an interview."

"Fuck the small talk Allie, where the fuck were you? You just ditch us like that? I thought you had more balls then that, always tryin' to hang with the big kids, but ya' couldn't take it."

"Fuck you Nate! I just got back to Gotham last week, I left after everything happened. You were convicted of 1st degree murder Nathan!-"

"On the count of insanity," he cut in with a smirk. Dornan had worked up the insanity mumbo jumbo to bail him out of life in prison, this way he at least had a chance of getting out one day. Dornan had not interest in Nathan getting out, but it looked better for him if his murderous adoptive son was driven to murder from trauma as a child rather than the fact that he didn't give a shit about what he had done on contrary he was quite proud.

"It doesn't mean you're getting out of here anytime soon."

"I think I might be getting out of here sooner then you think, Al."

She scoffed at him, he had always been cocky, especially during High School when he started pursuing all the females in his class. He never dated long, he just humped and dumped and of course that just made him more desirable to the teenage girls. Who would be the one to whip Nathan Cambelle, no one; that's who.

"Where did you go?" he asked after a moment of awkward silence.

"Miami, after I…" she stopped, he didn't know about Addison, "well I guess I should start by telling you that you weren't the major reason I left, there were a lot of reasons."

"Let me guess, you wanted to get away from Janet and Dornan, and you were mourning the loss of your biggest crush."

Chills went across Allison's skin; they were going to bring him up.

Nathan was quick to notice her reaction, "you know you really need to get over it. He was fucked up, Al, I don't think he was capable of loving someone let alone someone like you. He didn't think of you that way."

He was mocking her, obviously maturing wasn't one of the things doctors at Arkham focused on.

"I was pregnant, Nathan." That wiped the smug look right off his face.

"What?! With who?! Whoever fucking knocked you up, I swear to god I'll fucking rip their throat out, Allison, how could you be so fucking dumb?"

"Be so fucking dumb?! Nathan it was him you know the one who would never go there with me. Your best friend, the 'love' of my life; Jack Napier."

Nathan leaned back against the wall looking flabbergasted, "Well fuck," he finally said dumbfounded.

Allison was starting the think it would've been a better idea to stay in Miami.

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